Link Diversity Definition

Link diversity is about getting links from a variety of sources (e.g., blogs, news sites, social media platforms), using a variety of anchor texts (long tail, exact match, brand name,

duplicate content

Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to blocks of text that are either completely identical to each other (exact duplicates) or similar with minor differences, also known as near-duplicates. In SEO, duplicate content



DuckDuckGo, abbreviated as DDG, is an alternative search engine to Google. Unlike the latter, its particularity is the protection of privacy and the display of the same search results to



De-indexing is an SEO practice that allows to indicate to search engines the removal or disrepute of certain pages. This can be content that is deemed to be of low



In its simplest form, a datacenter is a building composed of computer equipment installed together to process and store digital data. The search engine Google also has its own datacenters

Request for reexamination

Reconsideration Requests

When a website is subject to a manual action or security issues, the reconsideration or consideration request is a step that allows it to end the penalty or security issue.

link disclaimer

Link Disavow

Link disavowal is an operation that consists in asking Google to ignore certain backlinks when determining the PageRank. Google has created for this purpose, a tool in the Google Console



Disallow is a directive that webmasters use to manage search engine crawlers. The main purpose of this directive is to tell these bots in a Robots.txt file not to crawl



DUST or Different URLs with Similar Text is when multiple URLs on a site link to a page on the same site. This is often content that is accessible from



Dofollow links are an HTML language used to help search engines track the various links on your website. When a link that points to your website is accompanied by a