Analytics is a term that simply refers to the analysis of data with the purpose of gaining valuable information. In SEO, it refers to all the methods that allow you



The term algorithm can be defined as a set of instructions designed to solve a given type of problem. At Google, algorithms are a system set up to search for

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML


AJAX is the acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which means ”Javascript asynchronous and XML” in French. It is a method of communication between server and client that promotes the

above the fold

Above the fold

Above the fold refers to the part of a web page that is displayed directly to Internet users without them having to scroll down the page While it was possible



In SEO, Allow is a directive that allows to manage the crawlers sent by search engines such as Google and Bing. Its main function is to tell these bots that


Autocomplete or autosuggest

Autocomplete autocomplete, also known as “auto-suggest” or “autocomplete”, is a search feature that automatically provides suggestions to complete the word or phrase a user enters in a text box. It


Domain Authority

Authority is the ability of a website to rank high in search results when a query is made. This ability is usually due to domain authority, page authority and link

Authority Site

Authority SITE

An authority website is a website that is considered an “authoritative” site. They usually have a reputation for being accurate and trustworthy. An authority website usually has a large number


Algorithm Change

Algorithm Change is an update to Google’s algorithm that is characterized by the addition of a new ranking signal. These updates help refine search results and provide relevant answers to