A keywordis a term or set of words that a user enters in the search field of a search engine in order to find a specific content . 0,16% of

Keyword stuffing

Keywords Stuffing

Keywords Stuffing is a practice that consists in overloading the content of a web page with keywords. More precisely, it is an optimization technique for SEO designed around the idea

Keyword Rank

Keyword Rank

Literally, the term Keyword Rank means the ranking for keywords. More precisely, it is an SEO concept that refers to the rank that your website or web page occupies in

keyword funnel

Keyword Funnel

The keyword funnel reports on the keywords you are targeting and that correspond to the needs expressed by Internet users at each level of their customer journey In a recent

Keyword Competition

Keywords Competition

The expression Keyword competition refers to the competition that exists between several sites because of their ambition to position themselves on the same keyword. Because it is the keywords that

Keyword cannibalization

Keywords Cannibalization

The expression Keywords Cannibalization or Cannibalization of keywords is used to designate the competition which can exist between several pages or links of the same Internet site. This competition occurs

Keyword analysis

Keywords Analysis

The keyword analysis or Keywords analysis is a work that consists in determining the relevance of the keywords that you already use or that you want to use on your

Keyword density

Keyword density

The keyword density is the number of times a keyword is cited in a content or on a web page divided by the total number of words on the page.


Key Performance Indicator

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a numerical element, a measurable value that must be determined before launching a marketing project. It is a marker that allows you to evaluate


Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity is the distance between two words in a sentence. In SEO, the proximity of keywords is the difference between the combinations of words that make up the target