Budget crawl

Budget crawl

The Budget crawl is defined as the limit of pages that Google has set to explore on a website for its referencing. During the exploration, the search engine tries to

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate

Bounce Rateis the rate at which users access a page on your website and leave it shortly after without taking any further action. Reflected as a percentage, this statistic is

blog (1)


A blog is a type of website or part of a website where content is presented in chronological order, usually with newer content appearing first, followed by older content. Blog

Black hat

Black hat SEO 

Black hat SEO also called “black hat SEO” refers to all practices that go against the instructions for optimizing websites for search engines. Typically, the goal of these strategies is

Black Box

Black box

A Black Box is a complex computer program whose inputs and outputs can be observed, but whose internal processes are not accessible due to their confidential nature. In the world



Bingbot is a web crawler that explores and indexes web pages since its launch in October 2010 by Microsoft. The data thus created feeds Bing, the search engine founded by



Bing, sometimes also called Bing Search, is a search engine developed by Microsoft, accessible by visiting Bing.com. It facilitates a standard web search, as well as specialized searches for images,



A backlink “Return link” is a link placed on a page of a Web site A to redirect to a page ofa W eb siteIt B.is considered as a backlink



Baidu is a leading multinational technology company based in China, specializing in Internet and artificial intelligence (AI) related businesses. The company is behind the first search engine in China with


The acronym B2C simply stands for Business-to-Consumer, which is a business model referring to the relationship between a company and end consumers. To be more precise, it is a system



The acronym B2B simply stands for Business-to-Business which is a business model that focuses on the sale of products and services from one company to another. The selling company, through


Banner Blindness

Banner Blindness is a term that explains the tendency of people to ignore banner ads they encounter on websites and elsewhere. It is a behavior that results from the limited