How to succeed in your SEO strategy thanks to content marketing?

SEO is an essential element for a successful web marketing campaign. The development of a good SEO strategy is done in several ways, content marketing is one of them. Of course, Internet users are the main targets of companies, but this does not mean that you should neglect the algorithms of search engines, especially those of Google. In order to generate sustainable traffic on your website, you need to combine your SEO strategy with content marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is based on a strategy of creating and distributing informative, reliable and attractive content to prospects. The first objective of content marketing is to increase traffic to the company’s website, and then to turn visitors into consumers.

Created through storytelling techniques, content allows both to make useful information available to target visitors and to produce a positive impact in terms of numbers. The company positions itself as an expert in its field and builds a lasting relationship with its targets.

Content in all its forms (editorial, video, audio, visual)

There are various types of content to implement your content strategy. Here is a list of the most used

Blog posts

These are probably the most popular types of digital content. Quality blog posts are a perfect tool to showcase your expertise. For an impactful blog post, you should choose a catchy title, adapt your content to different media, make sure your text is airy and easily readable by your targets. Create a text rich in vocabulary, treating the theme in its entirety


Integrating video content into your content marketing strategy is a must for brands from different industries. Videos bring more clarity. They naturally capture the attention of prospects. Previously, only large companies could afford them. Today, companies of all sizes have access to video content production.

Visual formats

When it comes to digital communication, there is no more dynamic way to convey a message to prospects than through images and infographics. These formats attract more easily the attention of Internet users, because the ease of reading is not negligible. Also, the information displayed in visual formats is more impactful. Internet users are more inclined to share them.

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Visual formats have a positive impact on the visibility of your brand. Shares will improve the traffic on your site. Then, the infographics on your website can also be shared by other blogs or related websites. This will considerably optimize the natural referencing of your website.


Originally, podcasts are audio formats obtained from recorded radio programs. They are increasingly adopted by companies to reach their targets. Very practical and very attractive, podcasts allow Internet users to understand more easily the activities of the company. Depending on the targets you want to reach, you can create a podcast of different lengths for each category of prospect.

The webinar

A participatory content, the webinar has become a trendy practice in content marketing. It is also video content, but it is live. You have the opportunity to offer several tools to the Internet users who follow you during your live. There are two types of webinars discovery webinars and the demonstration webinars

Discovery webinars allow you to showcase your expertise in order to raise awareness and reach prospects. Demonstration webinars are more about converting prospects into customers

What are the advantages of content marketing?

A company cannot and will not be able to do without content marketing. In an era where digitalization is booming, developing one’s e-reputation becomes essential. But why should you deploy a content marketing strategy?

Improve the visibility of your brand

Remember that every day, your prospects and customers are searching for information on Google. Publishing relevant content on a regular basis via your website optimizes the natural referencing of your website. Thus, the creation of interesting content that responds to specific issues contributes to the improvement of your visibility and allows your company’s website to be ranked among the best

Nevertheless, in order for your content to attract the attention of your targets, you must offer various types of content. Indeed, it is advisable not to focus only on the commercial aspect, i.e. contents that only praise your products or services. Instead, focus on informative content to solve a specific problem or simply to entertain them

An economical solution

Content marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising. Very small businesses often have a very limited budget. They can’t afford certain marketing campaigns, such as emailing or online advertising. On the other hand, the rise of social networks has made these types of advertising campaigns lose their effectiveness little by little. In addition, your blog posts will remain visible for life, whereas traditional advertising is conditioned by your financial means.

Attract more potential customers

Content marketing is a great tool for generating leads. If your content interests prospects, they will pay more attention to your brand and its products/services. Over time, they will trust you and be willing to convert

What is content marketing used for? (inbound marketing, outbound marketing)

Content marketing and inbound marketing

Content marketing is a component of inbound marketing. The two strategies are complementary. All the techniques grouped together in inbound marketing aim to attract prospects and then convert them into customers.Inbound marketing is characterized by a more global approach, composed of all the methods integrated in the marketing-sales process. It intervenes from the first contact with the prospect until the renewal of his buying process.

Content marketing amplifies the work of inbound marketing. Indeed, a good inbound marketing strategy cannot be separated from attractive and punchy content that intervenes during the entire buying process of the prospects. However, combining the two strategies can be quite a complex task. That’s why companies often call upon a communication agency to accompany them in this task

Content marketing and outbound marketing

Outbound marketing includes many techniques such as emailing, retargeting, advertising, etc. In order to guarantee the success of these techniques, a good content strategy is essential. Content marketing thus plays an essential role in the outbound marketing strategy

The place of content marketing in SEO

What is SEO?

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization defines all the techniques implemented so that a site can be positioned in the first results of search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …). A website is well referenced when it is located in the first pages of search results (for a specific query). The set of practices in an SEO strategy depends on several criteria

  • On-page optimization

On-page optimization aims to improve the textual content of a website’s pages. It includes several components: tags, URLs, content, internal linking

  • Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization encompasses all the practices concerning the environment of a website and the different links added in the content, redirecting readers to a page. This technique includes backlinks or external links inserted on link anchors

  • User experience

Google takes into consideration the user experience. Several elements are put under the microscope so that the site can be well optimized. Search engines take into account the ergonomics of the site, analyze the bounce rate, quantify the conversion rate and map the “Experience map” or user path

SEO and content marketing

A company produces content primarily to communicate with prospects. That said, generating an editorial line strengthens the natural referencing of its website. Indeed, Google examines a wide range of criteria to rank a site: site loading speed, ergonomics on the media, https certificate..

For a specific keyword belonging to your industry, the search giant must find it on all your pages. The use of a lexical field rich in vocabulary related to your activity contributes enormously in the quality of the editorial content of your pages. Content marketing allows you to work on this.

How to set up a content strategy for your company?

Choose your team

The first step is the selection of your editorial team. A question arises: should you outsource or internalize the development of your content marketing strategy? Your choice will largely depend on the estimated budget and the needs of your brand. If you have a qualified team, all the better. If you don’t have a team, you should use a service provider (a whole team or a web marketing agency).

Define your editorial line

Once you have identified the needs of your targets, choose the tone and form that you will adopt to address your audience. Your editorial line must reflect your brand’s image while defining your company’s personality. For a successful content strategy, don’t forget that everything you do will be oriented to your persona’s identity.

Choose the distribution channels

Several types of distribution channels exist to relay your content. Depending on the profiles of your targets and your company, you have several options at your disposal.

  • The blog
  • Social platforms
  • The white paper
  • Guest blogging,
  • E-mail, etc

Set up an editorial schedule

An editorial calendar makes it easier for your team to create and distribute content. Your editorial calendar outlines the topic to be covered, the distribution channel and the timing of publication. This way, your team will have a reference point to keep in line with your objectives and your editorial line.

Take stock of and monitor your content marketing strategy

Exploit Google’s tools

Google offers many tools to improve your SEO strategy and help you develop your content marketing.

  • Google Analytics to get data on your traffic and your website performance
  • Google Search Console: to improve your SEO by providing you with numerous data such as the progression of your visibility for a keyword.
  • Google Ads: to analyze the impact of your paid campaigns on Google. You will be informed of your CPC or (Cost Per Click) and your ROAS (Return On Ad Spent).

Use the performance indicators (KPI)

The KPI or Key Indicator Performance, is a tool to analyze the progress of your content marketing but also to define the points of improvement. The KPI is linked to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) objectives. For content marketing, start with smaller objectives. Then, increase the number of objectives as you progress. For example, you can start by measuring your awareness, sales, lead generation, engagement, loyalty, etc

The rise of digitalization has led companies to deploy all the techniques to develop their brand, acquire new customers, while putting consumers at the center of their thoughts. To do this, they must have an optimal referencing to be visible to prospects. Content marketing is a must have to achieve this goal. In case you want to further improve your SEO, you can benefit from the support of a SEO specialist like Twaino

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