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hello today I am going to present you my content strategy and
here we go, so in fact the content strategy
it’s basically what I want to show you in this video is how
how I plan things typically on the website I’m going to create
so we’re going to create a website but it’s always interesting to think about
even before creating a website what kind of content
we’re going to be able to put on it and so for that I’m just going to share with you
simply share with you because I plan to do my business in a
main way and let’s centralize it will be oriented around the is you
okay that just means one thing is that the core of what I’m going to put on my site will be
i’m going to put on my site is going to be to leave it to the only
lessio will not really in fact what I will do and what I would like to
also indicate with you is that there for example what I am doing with you is not really
with you is not really content is so high what I am doing with you finally is
i’m doing with you is more related to the
business creation
a second thing also a second thing in the creation
of company there is a doubt aspect which is that to make the creation of sites
you can also put the fact for example to make a business
on line of agreement thus created its company
website creation up and there I like is under online business
ok then what I’m going to what’s
interesting in this is going to be the online marketing aspects and basically what I’m
and basically what I’m showing you here is the way to say
approximate so the way I see it at the moment so it will be
perhaps once again there is a strong chance that it will be brought to
evolve but you understand that in fact at the beginning so I have a kind of
niche so that’s going to be there is you which globally is going to regroup also other
topics such as online marketing which will include other topics around the creation of
around the creation of websites and online business which will group together
other things that will be the creation of business
ok so the core is you but at no time am I going to stop myself from
online marketing, website creation, online business creation, in other words, and I prefer
business creation in other words and I prefer to tell you
right now what I’m going to do is exactly what you shouldn’t do
do in fact why because typically here in fact
when you want to do things properly
we always start with a niche, okay, so here we’ll typically say that the niche would be there too, a
niche would be there too, a niche that is much bigger
or a market that is a little bit bigger, it’s clearly online marketing
something that is even bigger than the mark and online marketing
it’s going to be the creation of websites and online business and the thing that’s
even bigger is going to be business creation in general so
you’re going to tell me why you know you’re making a
why are you going to make a mistake well actually I consider that
it’s not really a mistake simply because what I’m going to do in the next few years
going to do in the next few years videos is that typically I’m going to
create a website is an online business in front of you okay
typically it’s this part here so and the thing is that actually to
get an online business and fada content creation and sio ébats in
any case I’m going to have to create a business I’m going to have to
business and I’m going to have to have some knowledge of online
i’m going to have to create content is so high so in fact my idea I know
i don’t know if we can talk about strategy because I don’t really like the
i don’t really like the theme strategy when we talk about start-up know that I’m going to
i know that I’m going to try to optimize things that I might not have
i’m going to try to optimize things that I might not have shown you, like for example, how to create a company
company, showing you that my business model is
business model showing you how to make a website
giving you tips on how to market online, is this something that
was that something that was necessary the answer is clearly no then
you’re going to tell me why are you doing this, I’m doing this
simply because it’s something I should have done in any case
i should have done for example the fact of creating a web site
in any case to be able to create my agency or
business & see you in any case I should have created a website at some point
website so rather than not doing anything with this content
this content well this content there I will try to maximize it from
i’m going to try to maximize it from the start and why is it that finally it can be
interesting it can be interesting because for example
i’ll try to maximize it from the start and why it can be interesting because, for example, the acid right now I’m walking down the street
and I say to no one are you interested in this and if oh well
if oh well there is very little chance that the person answers yes because
first of all there is very little chance that the person knows what it is
the and if I say yes these terraces and referencing in
google it allows to be well ranked at once
it speaks a little more but there and so high strictly speaking it’s not very
speaking in the end and so the idea is that I’m going to try as much as possible to
to reach a large audience, not because I want to reach a large audience, but simply because
audience that is large but simply because my business creation
creation of online marketing websites etc are audiences that are much
wider and that I can touch in a direct way by having so much the company
so in fact my strategy was clearly reversed compared to what is done
to what is done let’s say to the usual to the usual is what
i would advise you if you’re ever starting a business
most of the time don’t do what I do in fact simply because
if you do it well sometimes it can work like this
can fail royally is actually what you have to do in the absolute beginning
it’s actually to start knowing the opposite process than what I’m going to do
for example, normally you have to start on a night in the first instance and if you
for example and ifo and after the you grow on balls
when you have reached ten years the whole of your audience of your
audience sorry about that problem there in that case you can grow on
on online marketing when these reaches online marketing
you can grow on website creation and online business and once it’s done here and
once it’s done here and there basically if new on business creation
you have a logic where you start small and then you grow
normally that’s a pretty good approach because you’re actually getting
authority quickly on a place on a market or on a very specific niche and then
specific niche and after this authority you can have a growth thanks to that
growth. What I do is that I have a different
different approach but in fact the idea again for me is to really try to optimize
really to try to optimize as much as possible the content that I do is
typically game could be for example to make a blog where I talk only about s there is
okay that’s something I could do or a website where I only talk about
i could make a website where I only talk about the cia and try to make this website become
the french reference in russia in the d’accord the thing is that in fact what
what will be a bit of a pity is that I would deprive myself of all the potential
potential content that I will create in any case by making my site and so
the idea is simply to maximize what I do not only
because it’s going to help a lot more people but also for example the
people who will be interested in the is you in any case they will be interested in
be interested in online marketing issues and in all cases they will be interested in
case they will be interested in website creation and business
and so basically my goal is to make sure that
is to make sure that at some point, for example, depending on us, people will be able to
depending on us people will locate themselves for example there are already people who will
located here and they will they are simply between quotation marks in the
discovery how is it done to create a
website a company okay and potentially will maybe they will
see a but content that is going to be here is so not little by little will say ah
well I’ve already seen this person there talking about creating a business
it’s interesting and when this same person can be at some point it
will happen on the creation of websites or online business
maybe if we go and see my content that will be here
and little by little the same thing for the until hop they will arrive
on the content that will be linked to the content and ifo then another way to
is to try to have a kind of funnel vision so the
visions I’ll have the opportunity to go into a little more detail on
but basically I didn’t necessarily produce this
but I’m going to talk about it anyway, so there on
the end of the tunnel, that’s when people are going to buy your product in the
the top of the funnel, the next ones are often the moment when
finally at the bottom people will end up on your site
because you’ve given them information, so it could be an article, it could be a video
article it can be a video it can be whatever you want so there
it’s really the first part of the funnel is typically there in the
the idea is really to try to create as much content as possible on these
to create as much content as possible on these issues
as quickly as possible, so here is the information in the first part of the
the second part of the tunnel is to make sure that these
people there become lidd so in other words for example there are
people are complete strangers, quotation marks, or they know me
not necessarily where they’ve seen a video of me or they’ve seen a content an article
and it’s okay the second part so it’s turning people into leads
that means what it simply means that typically the people who
who helped the training and some of them I’m going to offer them for example some
content for example a free ebook or for example
for example joining my mailing list or that kind of thing and
typically that’s people who are going to be even more interesting to me and
interesting to me and then they’re poking around
at the bottom of the tunnel validate it’s going to be to get those leads at the end
ba which is a local conversion so potentially they buy a goal
product or service where something is typically agreed upon when you
the more you have a more important information at the beginning
the more you have an ability to obviously reach a number of people who are going to be at different
be at different levels in the advancement of, for example, their
creation of companies or creation of business but it allows us to touch
let’s say to our audience which is going to be much larger here so to the extent
i had to create my company and badji thing
it was finally interesting to be able from the start
to be able to materialize this content is to make the thing much more interactive
more interactive and then the other aspect in my inverted comma
quotation marks my content strategy is the fact that here you see to the extent that I’m going to create
to the extent that I’m going to create I’m going to give you information on creating
business on website creation on online marketing and on
all of this in fact it allows me to do one thing in a global way that is going to be to
to increase my authority in fact, so the authority
you have to understand as authority of websites or authority of people
who has quotation marks of influence, that would be a big word perhaps because
at the moment for my case in any case I prefer to tell you that I am not
i’m not an influencer at all, but in any case I have the conviction that
in any case I have the conviction that by creating good quality content by
by sharing things that will be important for people and help people in a way that
and help people in a way that will help my brand’s authority
the authority of my website will be stronger in fact objectively I tell you
my personal authority I don’t care I’m not at all someone who is going to be in
i’m not someone who’s going to be in a mode where I want to be popular or anything but overall
understand that the authority given to this person must necessarily be much more
important in fact because it will be much more known etc etc
so the idea is really there in terms of my content strategy
here again and I prefer to tell you that I am at the beginning of the entrepreneurial path
entrepreneurial path, so for this company in any case
the objective is to do this at first, then of course
is it going to evolve it’s quite possible
for example the theme of the elements on which I’m going to adjust my content
content or I’ll do things in a slightly different way
once again, when we start, nothing is set in stone
it’s going to evolve, it’s going to fluctuate according to what people are interested in
depending on what people are interested in, and also depending on the feedback you give me
well, my content will also be brought back to evolve constantly, so there you go
i hope you’ll enjoy this video and that you’ll be able to get things out of it
things for you for your business and for the future and in any case we’ll see you soon for a
see you soon for a next video

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