How to create a sales funnel to improve your performance?

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Hi, this is Alex. Today I’m going to show you how to create a sales funnel
to improve your performance, especially your sales performance.
So first of all, effectively, a marketing endpoint, the objective is
is to make sure that it’s a tool that will allow you to improve
your conversion. Indeed, when there is someone who will come, so a
visitor who will come to your website, in fact there is little chance that this person will convert
convert from the start.
So, it’s a bit like if your visitor says no, I don’t want to buy your service or your product
to buy your service or product.
Don’t think of it as a definite or absolute no.
Think of it more as a kind of no, not now. That’s right,
when a customer doesn’t buy at first, it’s simply because well
in the end, maybe he doesn’t know you well enough. And that well, it
wasn’t enough to read a blog post for example or to see the content you
the content that you propose. Therefore the objective is to make sure that you
to create a kind of trust with your audience
especially with the objective of getting the emails. Once you have obtained
the emails, you will be able to do what is called email automation
automation which will allow you to contact the visitors directly
and actually try to convince them.
Ok knowing that once you have succeeded in convincing them,
you’re going to transform the leads into customers. It will be much easier
easier to do what we call upsell or downsell
or in other words, succeed in selling additional services on top of what
what you proposed at the beginning. So this is a good way to
so it’s a good way to improve your income, so a tunnel in account and marketing, it looks like this.
At the beginning, we have the visitors, so these visitors go to your blog
your blog, hence the importance of having a very high quality blog with
quality blog with content to attract these new visitors
visitors. And therefore, people who do not necessarily know you on your site
and therefore allow you to be known by them. Once
these visitors have consumed your content or in any case have looked at your
your different pages and that these pages have been of quality,
finally you will be able to offer these visitors
for example an ebook or to subscribe to your newsletter. And as a result, these
visitors will finally become leads. The objective is really a kind of
of good exchanges, well it’s an exchange of good process.
You ask, well you offer free content anyway like
for example an ebook and in exchange well you get the e-mail of these
visitors who have become leads. Once you have these emails, you will
you will be able to contact these leads regularly, in particular offering them
your service and therefore by dint of time and trust,
the objective is to transform these leads into customers who will therefore
who will subscribe to your service or who will buy your product or sometimes
indeed, when you’re familiar with the jargon of funnels, you may have seen
you may have had the opportunity to see Tofu, Mofu, Bofu, so it’s top of the funnel,
Middle of the funnel and Bottom on the funnel,
so it’s just here for example
we are on the top of the funnel. So with the visitors, the elite is the
middle of the funnel and customers is Bottom of the funnel, so Bottom of the funnel ok.
How to get the emails? For that, there are several tools.
I have the three tools that I recommend in this presentation, it is
sumoMe which is an add-on or a plugin that is integrated on wordpress
integrated on wordpress. You can also use MailChimp which
is free, well these three tools are free just that there is a certain limit.
Mailchimp is also quite powerful and Hello Bar too which will allow you to
that will allow you to capture emails quite easily. Once you have these
emails, you will be able to enter into what is called e-mail
automation, in other words you will be able to sequence the sending of e-mails
to these leads, and therefore you can plan on the communications, you will be able to
communications, you will be able to do with these leads.
So this is something that is quite powerful and in particular that will help you
to convert your leads into customers. So the different automation tools, there is Drip,
there is Infusion Soft and mailchimp. So mailchimp is the only one that is
free up to a certain limit. The other two are paid knowing that
Drip and infusion soft are really very powerful but are
paid. Drip is much simpler than infusion Soft. Infusion Soft
allows you to go into much more detail about the sequences but it’s not
but it’s not necessarily very easy to learn at first
easy to get used to at first. On the other hand, it’s really effective
for that. The real good way to have
success with your funnels is to keep it simple at the beginning. Don’t go
all over the place. Make a funnel at the beginning that works well and that will allow you to
that will allow you to convert because sometimes you can
sometimes you can get in and have quite a few degrees of complexity with the
funnels. The problem is that the more complex it is, the more difficult it is to maintain and sometimes the
and sometimes the less it works. So keep it simple, that’s the
so keep it simple, that’s the best way to do it, at least initially.
If you’re a beginner, keep it simple. Don’t go off in all
don’t go all over the place. So that’s it, I’m done with this video, I hope you’re
interested. Sales funnels, this is something that is absolutely
essential. It’s really going to allow you to get your visitors in the first place.
These visitors, you’re going to turn them into leads by getting their e-mail
thanks to e-mail automation, you will succeed in making sure that these leads
become customers. All this is what will contribute to
obviously contribute to the increase of your sales, the increase of your
revenue for your website. So it’s really important to
master the functioning of this funnel and I forgot to mention it in the
i forgot to mention it in my presentation,
a funnel, it’s also what we can call a funnel so
sales funnel for example. So here we are, see you soon for the next part!

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