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hi this is alex today i’m going to show you
show you my word counter which is both
both free and online
so if you go to so like we
quote so twin to the point as and
you type counter draw from them drawn
words with an s you will come across
this page and so that is my word counter
my word counter my word counter at the level
of the operation it is rather simple there
there will be two nails there will be on a side
word and character counter and on the
on the other side page counter on the part
word and character counter
the objective of eelv is quite simple
that you will take your text for example
for example we will say this one I make
copy it and in this box here
i will paste the text
and you see automatically just the
number of words and the number of
characters that will be displayed
automatically so insofar as
this is the most important information
it is both here it will also be
in bar it will also be the tooth
detail we will find other
information, notably the number of
sentences the number of paragraph the time
reading time and speaking time so that
can be elements that can be
interesting to add if you have a blog
have a blog, the reading time is something that
something that readers like
well in fact and potentially another
element the density of the keywords
effectively if you do sii
or even if you’re writing in general it can be
in a general way it can be
interesting to focus on certain
to concentrate on certain keywords and therefore
therefore thanks to this little box
here you can finally see
the words that come up the most often
and therefore this will also avoid you to do
optimization sweat or soda
keyword optimization so the density
is something that is quite
interesting to use so
so this is the first way to use
the tool so really extremely simple
you take your text you copy and then
you paste it directly into the tool and
we have a quick answer second way
to proceed
it’s the web page counter in fact
there the other way to do it is to
take a url and paste it here
and then press count so for example
for example if you go to my blog
so you wentao point coop slash blog we
take this article here so for example
example how to launch your website its
budget so we’re going to launch it so
you see we’re going to have so my article
with the different elements
so obviously I could copy
the whole thing and paste it into
the only thing is that
in the end it’s still much
easier to take up the url
here come and copy this url and then
come and copy this url and then the collar is there and then we press
on count so there you see
automatically the whole text so
which is present here will be carried over
in this box
ok so if we open a little more you
see we have all the text that is here and
so we have the number of words the number of
characters that will be displayed with
obviously as before the same types of
same types of information paragraph level
paragraph level, reading time, speaking time
the density again with
lenny keywords for example me that if
the term site and websites general nerves
come back really often the term
content as well so here it can
also allows me to have an interesting vision
interesting vision on the level of the density of
another element is the fact that you
see when we use the url it will
really take the whole text and
especially the text that will be for example
for example here in the menu or the sub menu
so like me what I recommend
really is when you use
the url is something that is
extremely practical appeared to me
wanted to have a quick but not very
but not very precise finally not what you see
here we have information so phone
this is all my menu so we can have some margins of error
have some margins of error depending on
depending on your menu of the different
so that’s why I advise you
i really advise you to do this
really if you want to have a quick
but not necessarily accurate to the word
to the word saying okay
below, so I have the opportunity to
to go into a little more detail about
the functioning of the tool with the different
different modalities you can
i also had the opportunity to send it is
a menu where they the different elements
what are the expectations in relation to the
number of words according to the
different types of media for example
what are the rules in relation to
facebook vs. twitter vs
in relation to linkedin in relation to the number
of words In short, I will also take the opportunity to
indicate the different other tools
that can be used to count
the number of words for example microsoft
word or google docs so online an
interesting tool though
indeed it can happen that we
to count the number of words on other types of
other types of platforms and so
in this part I’ll show you how to do it
how to do it, so that’s it for this video
finished for this video, I hope that you’ll be interested
interested and don’t hesitate
so feel free to go to my ultimate it’s
everything and our points like and so the url
it’s going to be a storyteller drawn from words
with an s go to soon pollet.

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