Exact Match Domain

An Exact Match Domain or EMD is a URL that consists of the keyword or combination of keywords for which the website in question is supposed to be optimized. This

error 521

Error 521

Error 521 is essentially a Cloudflare-based message that usually occurs when the WordPress website server is unable to establish a connection with Cloudflare. ”Error 521 Web Server is Down” appears

error 410

Error 410

The 410 error is a response message of the HTTP protocol. Its appearance on a Web page indicates to the visitor that the resource he wanted to access is no

error 404

Error 404

The HTTP 404 error , more commonly known as a “404 error” is a response from a website’s server that means that the resource sought at the URL provided by

error 400

Error 400

The400 error, also known as “HTTP 400 error” or “400 Bad Request error” is a status code in the HTTP protocol that means that the request sent by the user



In SEO, the acronym EAT simply stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. It can be translated into French by competence, authority and reliability / trust, which represent the three criteria

error 421


The 421 error or “HTTP 421 error” is a status code in the HTTP protocol that means that a request has been routed to a server that is not capable

error 502

Error 502

The 502 Bad Gateway error represents an HTTP status code indicating that a web server got an incorrect response from the originating server. This type of error, which is displayed

error 503

Error 503

When a request to a web browser fails, the web server often displays an “HTTP 503 error” to locate the user. This message assumes that there is an HTTP 503

error 504

Error 504

The HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout error code indicates that the servers handling requests for a website are having problems communicating with each other. In other words, the main server responsible