Crawler or Robot

A web crawler or robot (also called “crawlers”, “indexing robots”, or “web spiders”) is an automated program that methodically navigates the web for the sole purpose of indexing web pages

Content spinning

Content Spinning

Content Spinning is a writing technique that consists in producing new editorial content in an automated way from an existing original content by using a software. Content spinning is a

cold emailing

Cold emailing

Cold emailing is an email prospecting strategy that consists of sending an email to a potential customer with whom you have no prior connection. This person may not know your



Also known as ” data clustering/partitioning” , clustering is an organization strategy that consists of partitioning a heterogeneous data set into homogeneous subsets. Each subset is obtained by grouping elements



Cloaking is a Black Hat optimization technique that consists in preparing different contents for the same query. As soon as the request is solicited, a first answer, well optimized, is


Camel Case

The English term Camel Case, > or > in French, is a notation that consists of writing sequences of words with the first letter of each word capitalized. But the



Caffeine is a program launched by Google in 2010 to update its web indexing and crawling system to meet the needs and development of the web. It significantly expands Google’s

Canonical tag or canonical URL

Canonical tag or Canonical URL

A canonical tag (rel = canonical) is a piece of HTML code that helps Google rank a specific page from a set of similar or duplicate pages. Generally, all websites,

SEO contest

SEO Contest

An SEO contest is a prize-giving activity that pits search engine optimization professionals against each other. The challenge is to achieve a higher ranking in search results for a specific

Conversion Rate (1)

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of people who have completed a desired action out of the total number of people who have visited the site. This rate is a