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Blog Listing: 1156+ Guest Posts [FR/EN]

How about a list of French blogs that accept guest posts? It could save you a lot of time and energy in your research, couldn’t it?

Just like you, I wanted to find blogs to write guest blogging posts in order to increase my traffic, improve my site’s authority, and my online reputation. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a good list to make my search easier, so I decided to create a very practical one just for you.

In fact, in addition to being a very time consuming task, searching for blogs that correspond to your theme and that accept guest articles is not an easy task. For this reason, I took the time to list and categorize as many blogs as I could find during my research that are open to guest blogging. Here they are, just for you!

Les meilleurs blogs francophone pour publier vos articles invités !

Blog Listing: Guest Posts

In this video, I explain how to use the blog listing to effectively contact the owners in order to get guest posts:

How were these types of blogs found?

In order to identify these 144 blogs, I had the opportunity to implement the tactics and tricks I discussed in my article on guest blogging. That said, it’s important to go over a few things so that you can easily decipher the blog rankings I’ve done. This will allow you to be more efficient and effective in using this list.

Methodology for ranking the blogs

Indeed, the ranking of these different blogs is based on three factors namely:

  • The category of the blog;
  • The Domain Authority of the site;
  • The number of monthly visitors of the website.

As far as categories are concerned, there are 17 with blogs dedicated exclusively or partially to themes such as :

To refine this first classification by categories, I used the Domain Autority or DA of each blog. It was determined with the Link Explorer tool from Moz. com and as mentioned in my article on guest posts: “The Domain Autority is a parameter that allows you to understand the perceived quality of the site. Basically, it’s a score from 0 to 100, and the higher it is, the more likely the site in question is to be a reference in its industry.”

Domain authority sur Moz

Finally, I added the number of monthly visitors to the ranking which was not used in the ranking criteria since it was not available for all the blogs listed. Nevertheless, I kept the ones that were found so that you can do your own analysis.

Aperçu du trafic chez Similar Web

To determine this number, I simply used Similarweb without using data from another tool since there were quite large variations, which could negatively impact the results.

Test sur Similar Web

Note: The various data collected are as of the time this article was written. Therefore, since these statistics are dynamic, they are likely to change in the following days, weeks or months.

How do I get in touch with these blogs?

In order to ensure that you are successful in contacting the blogger in question, I invite you to consult my “masterpiece” article on guest posting.

In fact, always assume that just because they accept guest posts doesn’t mean you should neglect the quality of your proposal. Remember that these websites are likely to be solicited by many other bloggers, so you need to stand out to have a chance of having your article published.

That said, it’s crucial to note that the blogs on this list include:

  • Blogs that have explicitly stated that they receive guest posts and have therefore listed guidelines to follow: For this reason, it is worthwhile to first find out if the blog of your choice has issued rules to follow before making your submissions.
  • Blogs that have published guest posts: Although these blogs have not stated that they receive guest posts, they have published guest posts. This shows that they are likely to accept other interesting proposals from you.

Having guidelines for guest posting on a given blog is a real time saver for you and the blogger. To do this, systematically look for the presence of these rules or guidelines on each selected blog in this list.

To this extent, keep in mind that not all these blogs use the same terminologies to designate guest posts or guest bloggers. Therefore, in addition to the name of the blogs in Google, use expressions such as :

  • Guest post ;
  • Guest author ;
  • Contributor ;
  • Experts ;
  • Guest column ;
  • Etc..

Try several combinations such as:

  • Twaino.com + {Guest Article}
  • Twaino.com + {Guest Author}
  • Etc…

The list is not exhaustive!

This list is by no means exhaustive, despite my determination to make it so. That’s why I’m committed to updating it regularly in order to cover as many categories as possible and to allow all bloggers to build up a well-stocked notebook for their various guest blogging campaigns.

To that extent, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to add your blog or any other blog that accepts guest posts. By the way, if you have any additional information to make this list as complete as possible, please send it. I will be happy to study them and add them accordingly.

List of blogs to publish your guest articles

You can use the guest article platform to find the type of blog you are looking for.

Guest Posts Digital Marketing + SEO

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Blogdumoderateur.com 85 1,50M
Semrush.com 82 351K
Webrankinfo.com 77 535K
Meltwater.com 75 945K
E-marketing.fr 70 484K
Webmarketing-com.com 57 263K
Ryte.com 57 927K
Marketing-professionnel.fr 55
Petitweb.fr 55
Sarbacane.com 53 57K
Conseilsmarketing.com 51 253K
Oncrawl.com 51 12K
Leptidigital.fr 49 257K
Hubspot.fr 48 192K
Livementor.co/ 48 118K
Arobasenet.com 48 195K
Journalducm.com 48 315K
Comarketing-news.fr 48
Ecrirepourleweb.com 47 57K
Emarketinglicious.fr 46 87K
Seomix.fr 46 63K
Matthieu-tranvan.fr 43
Miss-seo-girl.com 41
Notuxedo.com 41 141K
C-marketing.eu 40 119K
Blogueur-pro.net 39
Audreytips.com 38 79K
Mylittlebigweb.com 38
Hivency.com 38 94K
Badsender.com 38
Boulevardduweb.com 36
Trucsdeblogueuse.com 36
Digitiz.fr 36 87K
Traficmania.com 35
I-marketingpro.com 35
Blog-web-marketing.fr 34
Contentologue.com 31 151K
Supermarketer.com 30
Blogbyyourself.com 30
Thomascubel.com 30
Blogbooster.fr 30 125K
Social-media-for-you.com 30
Marketing-Benevolent.com 28 20k
Bloggingenchanteur.com 27
Vivez-bloguez.com 26
Banana-content.com 25
Ujustdoit.com 24
Develink.com 24
Blog-business-smart.com/ 23
Punchify.me (offers search and guest post writing) 20
Twaino.com (I’m here!) 17
Emilie-mahaux.com 17
Formation-express.com 14
Blogueurlibre.fr 13

Guest articles Business and entrepreneurship

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
En.shopify.com 95 56M
Lewebpedagogique.com 72 1,3M
Maddyness.com 66 306K
Coder.com 55 1,2M
Wizishop.fr 53 63K
Ecommerce-nation.fr 45 88K
Esprit-riche.com 44 114K
Agiliste.fr 39 53K
Squid-impact.fr 39
Euklide.com 36
Webentrepreneurdebutant.fr 34
Lemarketeurfrancais.com 33
La-webeuse.com 32
Bourseensemble.com 28
Pab-patrimoine.fr 23
Posetadem.com 22
Cotelangues.com 13

Guest articles Web design

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Blog-en.orson.io 95 56M
Blogduwebdesign.com 72 1,3M
Designmeunsite.com 66 306K
Kategriss.com 55 1,2M
Borntobeonline.fr 53 63K
Lesptitstutos.fr 45 88K

Guest articles Blogs News, media and publications

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Lemonde.fr 93 77M
Elsevier.com 91 39M
Journaldunet.com 89 3M
Presse-citron.net 85 5,4M
Frenchweb.fr 80 412K
Influencia.net 61 76K
Neozone.org 52 460K
Leblogducommunicant2-0.com 50
Bernieshoot.fr 44
L-internet-easy.com 28
Littleballeblanche.com 28
Hypegallery.fr 26
ambientecafe.fr 23

Guest articles Technology

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Apptamin.com 51 111K
Huehd.com 50
Pme-web.com 39 111K
243tech.com 17

Guest articles Finance

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Postjorion.wordpress.com 35
Accrodubudget.com 32
Laboursealongterme.com 23
Manage-my-money-better.com 21

Guest articles Legal

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Legipermis.com 55 727K
Blog.droit-et-photographie.com 43

Guest posts Travel and Tourism Blogs

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Yourworldtour.com 53 208K
Retourdumonde.fr 37
Roadcalls.com 35 87K
Lesvadrouilleurs.net 35
Occhiodilucie.com 31
Voyagemexico.com 28
Globetrotterretired.com 19

Guest articles Wellness, Relationship and Personal Development

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Habitudes-zen.net 40 51K
Leblogdesrapportshumains.fr 39
Penserchanger.com 36
Motivate yourself.com 35
Lepetitcoach.com 28
Question-de-vie.com 26
Les-livres-du-bien-etre.com 25
Revolutionpositive.fr 22
Believe-in-me.com 20
Not-of-stress.com 20
CrazyAutonomy.com 20
Vivre-ses-emotions.fr 19
Conseils-relationnel.com 19
Zonemagique.fr 15

Guest articles Health blogs

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Dur-a-avaler.com 43 114K
Vitaality.fr 31
Stimulme.com 28

Guest articles Sports & Fitness

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Fitnessmith.com 29

Guest articles Home, Family & Garden

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
My-garden-in-carre.com 37 64K
Mamansorganise.com 36
Insidea.fr 18
Avantages-familles.ch 10

Guest articles Employment and Education

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Seolius.university 38
Hiring interview 25
Etud-sup.fr 18

Guest articles Fashion

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Eole.co 18

Guest articles Arts and Entertainment

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Blog-le-dessin.com 36
Leblogduneprovinciale.com 29

Guest articles Hobbies & Leisure

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Mosalingua.com 95 56M
Nikonpassion.com 72 1,3M
Clementinelamandarine.com 66 306K
Lemonde-des-plantes.com 55 1,2M
Untrekunefille.fr 53 63K
Aerobernie.com 45 88K
Colormylife.fr 44 114K
Goldlineorpaillage.fr 27 5.1 K

Guest articles Gastronomy

URL Domain Authority Number of monthly visitors
Thinneryouth.org 36
Goutetnature.com 34
Lacuisinedemonsieuretmadametoutlemonde.com 14


Guest blogging or guest posting is a completely free and very effective way to get online visibility. However, its implementation is not often easy especially because of the search for suitable blogs which sometimes ends up in an unsuccessful search. If you were in this situation, this list is likely to help you by saving you a lot of time. That said, in order for the blogs on this list to accept your proposals, it is important to follow good practices. Also, keep in mind that this directory is far from being exhaustive and will be updated regularly. So come back often to enrich your notebook. Afterwards, if you have any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me to make this list as complete as possible

On that note, I’ll see you soon and enjoy other tips and advice published on my blog!

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