Why is AB testing important?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today, we’re going to see together, why AB testing is important.
So first of all, AB testing, what is it? In fact, the idea is quite
simple. When you have a website, do not assume that it is
set in stone. It must be something that must be
dynamic and should therefore lead to change regularly, to be modified
regularly. So the objective of AB testing is finally to be able to
compare, for example, two pages with an identical product and try to see
finally which page will allow you to have the most leads or the most sales
lead or the most sales. So finally AB testing is the fact of
different texts, different images, different videos, for example
different videos. And these tests will allow you to see finally, well
what the best results are and according to these best results, well
finally it’s going to try to iterate on these good results to make sure that
that they become even better and so on.
So that’s why AB testing is an interesting approach because
ultimately, it’s always a kind of process improvement. So
continuous improvement of your website, your pages
and so on. So on the other hand, there are
conditions for it to work. First of all, there must be
there is absolutely volume. There’s no point in doing AB testing
if nobody comes to your website. And you have absolutely no traffic.
There’s no point in doing it, especially since the problem is that if you
do AB testing and there are not many people,
then you risk making active conclusions which
that are not at all the right ones. So volume is something
important. Another point is time
you are going to make changes, leave a week, two weeks, three weeks depending on what you
weeks, depending on what you set out to do, to see if the results are
relevant or not. And don’t make changes for example every day
because if you make changes every day, well, in the end you’re not going to be able to really compare what you’re doing with what you’re doing
you’re not really going to be able to compare what works and what doesn’t
i agree. So for that there are several tools for
aB testing. And in particular a tool that is interesting
called SumoMe which is a wordpress plugin. And so, thanks to this, you will
be able to do AB testing for emails, especially for
email popups. So you will be able for example, to adjust the text and images
for your popups and therefore to conclude what works best,
you will have statistics. And you will be able to
actually compare the different versions that you have proposed and therefore
delete what doesn’t work, and keep what works best.
Try to improve it even more. You also have in SumoMe, by the way, it’s the same thing with crazy Egg, so
the same thing with crazy Egg, so the second tool,
a feature called Heat map. And so with Heat Map, if you don’t
what it is, in an extremely simple way, in fact your
website you will be able to activate this
Heat map. And so you will see this website with different types of
from red to green to transparent. And in fact, it will
simply mean that when you have red areas
it means that users are clicking a lot on this type of buttons or often
buttons or often navigate to this type of place earlier than others in fact.
And this is interesting because it will allow you to see
what the user’s path is and therefore, well, you’ll be able to adjust your content and
you’ll be able to adjust your content and your website
according to that. Then there are two other tools that can be
interesting, so Qualaroo which allows you to do user feedbacks and optimizer which
feedback and optimizer which allows you to optimize your website
optimization solution. So, it’s also useful for
aB testing. So, AB testing is something that is important
because your website is not set in stone.
It is constantly evolving and for that, well, there are tools that exist
to help you analyze what works and what does not work so well
well. In any case, regularly modify
its text, regularly modify its images or its videos,
is something that should be natural
and that you should consider as normal from the start. AB testing is about
to improve your performance and therefore your sales and your turnover
really something that works extremely well and that will therefore help you
of business for the future. See you soon!

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