Why Facebook live is a powerful marketing tool?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today, I’m going to show you why Facebook live is
an extremely powerful marketing tool. So, how do you use
Facebook live as a marketing tool? Indeed, if you have to do
events or product or service demonstrations in your business, or if you want to teach or
demonstrations, or you want to teach or share something in a general way, Facebook lite will really
something in a general way, Facebook lite will really allow you to have
much more visibility than a classic video posted in a normal way
let’s say. One of the advantages is that it will allow you to
to have and create a real proximity with your audience. In particular, you will be able to
you will be able to answer their questions as you go along. So, there is
a figure that was given by a VP of facebook and which announces that
video will represent 84% of content by 2020. So, obviously
you understand how colossal the stakes are and how all the
all the giants of the web, namely facebook, youtube and twitter, have become aware of it
and therefore absolutely want to push users to create live video content
create live video content. That’s why, finally understanding that there is a
competition among the players, it allows you to know that finally,
when you have created live content and facebook is really going to have
tend to push you and to put forward
your content more than other types of content. So it’s something
something that is important. Another element, indeed when you are going to have to
to make videos, it’s much more conducive to interaction and
to interactions and comments precisely because it is sitting in
live. So in general, Facebook live has a Reach that is
important much more important than a classic video, let’s say. And it can be
also a very good way to differentiate yourself from the competition
the competition. And so, it can allow you to develop your
image and create a real relationship of trust with your
audience. And Facebook live is also a very good tool
if you sell a product or training, for example,
it’s a very good tool for conversion.
So one of the things to know with Facebook live is that
the longer you stay, the more likely you are to get views so
so it’s not at all interesting to make very short videos
short videos. The longer the better
the better. Knowing that, what works very well of course, when we do a live, it is
especially everything that is Q and A, so question and answer. Because,
typically, the format is conducive to comments, interactions, likes, shares
shares, in short, it’s a very good way to create a real interaction with your
audience. Especially since, when we are live,
we can have questions directly asked by the people who watch the video and by
people who watch the video and therefore, you can create a real link of proximity with a personal
link with a personal approach by saying, for example, at certain moments, answering
certain moments, by answering directly to a person, by mentioning their name
mentioning his name directly in the video, it’s an approach that is therefore
much better, much more personal. So in order to maximize success for,
and increase the engagement for your facebook live, of course, try
anyway, try to propose in any case, to warn in advance
your audience to say that you are indeed going to be live by
giving the time, and the theme you will deal with. This
seems obvious, but it’s something that’s important, or simply because it allows
that it allows everyone, everyone to organize themselves and therefore, well, it
also allows you to have a little more visibility in relation to
this content creation. So there you have it, not everyone is likely to be
available all the time. And when you have the possibility to prevent before, well,
it’s much more interesting. So that’s it, I’m done
for this video, so you see Facebook live is really a marketing tool
marketing tool that’s really important to consider right now, especially if you’re
if you are doing events, if you are doing trainings for example
and you want to sell online training.
It can be something interesting to do
sessions in order to answer the problems or questions that your potential customers may have
questions that your potential customers may have. And this creation of
interaction and this proximity with the audience, it’s really a marketing asset
marketing asset, so if you’re ever interested and if you’re ever motivated to
you are motivated to make videos, I really advise you to use the facebook live as a real marketing tool
facebook live as a real and extremely powerful marketing tool. See you soon
soon for the rest.

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