Why and how to develop personal branding ?

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hi, this is alex. Today we’re going to see together why and how to develop personal branding?
So, why is personal branding important. In fact, the reason is quite simple,
the reason, it’s quite simple in the end, is that globally, we always
always tend to feel much closer to a person than to a
company. A company is a little bit disembodied, and in the end, it’s a lot more
disembodied and in the end, it can create a kind of mistrust. Whereas
when you have a person, and if possible if the person is known, then in this case, well
then in this case, well there is a kind of link that will be created. For example, imagine, a
comedian who is known or an actor or a soccer player or a character
sports character in a general way. It creates
trust, it creates a link, it creates an interaction that is really interesting to exploit
to exploit afterwards. So, today, and in general
effectively, we are under an air that is the air of the influencers. So, the
definition I give, influencers are creators of content so it can be video
can be video or blog content that have earned the trust of their
the trust of their audiences. Indeed, there, we really have several
terms that it is really important to grasp. Content creation, when you are an
you are an influencer, it is extremely important. The better your content is, the more
quality, the more you do it with consistency and over time, the more you will have
you’re going to have a chance of creating an audience that’s going to be important to a
niche. And above all, you will succeed in creating a link of trust.
Finally, it will be you, the influencer, who will give
elements, advice, elements to your audience. And so, you will
potentially help them, entertain them and therefore, you will become
in quotes, a person close to your audience.
And that can be interesting especially from a business point of view. Because
the audience that can be targeted by the influencers in a more or less
by influencers in a more or less voluntary way, can be interesting
especially for companies. Because indeed, some products
or certain services can be more favorable to the audience concerned. And
insofar as these influencers have the trust of their audiences,
well, if these influencers present your brand or
introduce your brand or your start-up, in short, introduce your company to this audience
relevant audience and that can be a really good marketing element
marketing element.
Especially since, when you’re a company, building an audience is something you have to do
the audience is something that is relatively complicated. It can take
time and I always tend to say that
that before offering a service on a product,
you have to create your audience. This is something that is
it’s something that is essential because it takes time, because it’s
energy, and overall, you have to give before you receive afterwards
So how do you develop your personal branding? So for that, there are
several methods, let’s say several ways of doing it. The one that seems
perhaps the most obvious at the moment, is to have a strategy, therefore a “Social
strategy, i.e. a “Social Profile”, i.e. to have a profile on social
a profile on social networks such as instagram / facebook / twitter / snapchat
And so on these social networks, you will
simply share, either your activities or what you like. In short,
create content to make sure that actually, you start
to have an audience. What I advise you to do
is to do “cross-promotions” on social networks.
This simply means that when you are for example on
instagram, don’t hesitate to say to your audience :
i also have an account on facebook, I also have an account on twitter I also have
i also have an account on snapchat and do the same thing on the others. It allows you to
to not put all your eggs in one basket. And so, it’s
much more relevant because sometimes there can be changes in
sometimes there can be changes in the social networks.
So don’t be dependent on one social network.
In any case, it’s something I don’t recommend at all. Another way
way to develop your personal branding, which is really different for the time
personal branding, it’s going to be writing a book
to gain authority. This is especially true for example, if
you’re a figure in I don’t know me in the ‘b to b’, you’re a professional and you want to
professional and you want to get some kind of
expert status. Finally, when you have the opportunity to acquire a
book, and moreover if your book is a reference, it’s really a good way to gain authority
finally gain some authority. Another way to do this is to
to have a blog and to regularly publish quality content on it
quality content. Really, this is something that is
extremely useful. And a counterpart to that as well,
you can actually write guest posts. So, it’s just
actually write articles on other websites
well other than your own earlier. And so, this will allow you to actually
to be known on other sites and by another type of
audience that is not yours. Then, another element that you can do is
do is actually animate a channel on YouTube. Now, it all depends on
whether or not you’re comfortable with video.
But overall, in terms of confidence, YouTube is really an interesting tool and one that I
a tool that is interesting and that I highly recommend.
Then, building lasting relationships. So the objective is really the same,
if you say to yourself, I want to develop my personal branding, really, start from the
first of all, it will take time. And above all, you’re going to have to
and above all, you’re going to have to establish a relationship of trust, and just like in real life,
well, that’s the kind of thing that takes time.
So here is what you should do, really get started on something in any case with a view to the long term
so yes, it’s a bit like what I just said
to what I just said, the results are not immediate
immediate. Especially, if you are a bit like me
that is, Mr. Dupont or Mr. Everybody.
If you are not already known for, I don’t know, if you are an actor or something like that, it’s different
something like that, it’s different if you’re a high-level athlete. It’s a little bit
different, but if you’re like me and you’re not necessarily known, well, it’s going to
take time. So don’t expect to see
results in two days. The only key and by the way it’s the key that I would have
time to repeat regularly for business in general, is to be consistent
being consistent. If you do it right, if you provide
quality content, then either quality videos or particularly well written
particularly well-written, well-written articles if you’re doing photos, if you’re a
photographer and you make
great shots in the end. Putting in the work and consistency,
it will pay off, it just won’t happen right away.
Then actually, when you start to get a small audience, what you can do is
what you can do is actually make associations with other influencers
other influencers. Because it will allow you to
grow your audience. In fact it will make both of them
in fact, it will mutually increase both audiences. So your own audience and
the audience of the other influencer you decide to partner with.
So that’s it, I just finished for this video. I hope that you will have more, that
i hope it has interested you. Indeed, personal branding,
it’s important simply because we tend to have more confidence in people than in ourselves
people rather than in companies as such
companies. So it’s a really good marketing tool.
Today, we’re really in the air of influencers so if you ever
have a brand that is new, you’re going to have to really succeed in creating a
brand image. Influencers can help you with that
help you. Because they not only have an audience
and they have the trust of their audience.
So that’s a really good criteria. Globally, be present also on
social networks. If you have the opportunity to do a book, do it.
If you have a block, write regularly.
Also think about lived articles. Same thing, a youtube channel, it’s something powerful, so think about it
powerful thing, so think about doing that. It’s really an element that’s
interesting. Don’t expect to see results right away but
but with hard work and consistency, it will pay off. On those good words, see you soon
for the next part.

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