Why and how to collect feedback from your customers?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today, we’re going to see together why and how to collect
feedbacks from your customers. So first of all, what is customer feedback?
In general terms, it’s an information or a comment that will be given to you
given to you by one of your customers who has bought either one of your products or one of your
or one of your services. Why is it important? It is hyper
important because finally, it is what will give you elements to improve your product or
to improve your product or your service in order to satisfy
obviously thereafter to satisfy future customers.
Even if you have an online business, it is absolutely essential
to make feedbacks with your customers. So objectively, do it too.
How to get customer feedback? Well, there are several ways to do this.
One of the easiest ways is to send an e-mail with a form that you will ask your customers to fill out
form that you will ask your customers to
complete. This is the first way. Another way to do it, you can
use tools like Survey Monkey that will allow you to actually
to make feedbacks, to make forms to complete a feedback
to complete a feedback. Then, if you want to have something
something a little more qualitative, you can talk directly to your customers.
If you ever have a physical store, if it’s not the case, you can also phone them to access
you can also phone them to get access, to get the maximum
information. Another way of doing that is interesting is the
customer service. If you have a customer service department, you will see what problems
different problems that your customers may have had and therefore you can really use
you can really use customer service as a really good lever
to improve your service and your product in general.
Finally, on your website, you can also set up a Chatbot system
in automatic or semi-automatic mode. Where you will be able to
collect feedbacks. Because indeed, between what we can have in mind
in mind when you are an entrepreneur, you can say to yourself
the customer needs such and such and such, but in reality, what is more important
but in reality, what is more important is not to have a vague idea
vague idea. It’s to ask the customer concretely what he needs
customers what they need and finally a feedback allows to do that and to have a
that and get feedback. For example, if you are starting a business
creation of a new service, one of the ways to do this is to start with a
is to start with what we call a minimum Valuable product
or a Minimum Valuable Features. So the objective is, as you create your product
of your product, as you create your service, you’ll be going back and forth with
back and forth with customers to see what they think about it
very quickly. This is something that is interesting because in fact
the evolution of your service or your product will depend on the feedback
on the feedback you get from your customers. And so, this will avoid you, for example
wasting a lot of time trying to develop services that are not
services that ultimately are not of interest to anyone. So before
permanent feedback when creating your product or service, it’s something
service, it’s something extremely interesting. So
the final objective is obviously to make your customers happy.
Indeed, that’s the main idea
with the feedback, to improve your product, your image, your service and consequently
and consequently create a brand image that will be quite strong
especially since, obviously, when you have customers who like your products, the
your products, the word-of-mouth system works extremely well
well. And your customers practically become your ambassadors so it’s
so it’s an interesting thing to go towards. And the feedback allows you to
to satisfy future customers.
Should we be afraid of negative feedbacks? Well, sometimes
when you have a website or when you have a company, you can say to yourself, well, I don’t
because I am so afraid of the reaction of my customers, that I don’t know what
i don’t know what, I don’t really want to know.
That’s not a good thing at all, but you should know that when you
to get feedback, really have in mind logics that are going to be
logic that’s going to be with high volume. Don’t make decisions based on
don’t make decisions based on one person’s opinion or very very marginal opinions in the end.
Simply because if you don’t, it’s going to lead you to dead ends or even to market mistakes
even market mistakes. So overall, try to capture
volumes, to have several people, for example, who have filled out your forms.
And from the moment you have these visions a little more
you can make decisions that will be all the more interesting
will be all the more interesting. Another element, don’t offer discounts
or gifts to your customers so that they can fill out forms, feedbacks, simply because
feedbacks, simply because otherwise, the opinions will be
completely distorted and therefore you will have a completely biased vision of your product
of your product or service.

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