What are the best ways to monetize your blog?

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Hi, this is Alex. Today we’re going to see together which are the best methods to
methods to monetize your blog. So, one of the first methods
is what we’ll call affiliate marketing or performance
marketing. The idea is quite simple. In fact, if you
have a blog and already have an audience but not necessarily any products, you will be able to
you will be able to put links within your blog that will lead to platforms where
platforms where visitors can buy products.
When these visitors buy, well if they buy a product,
you will receive a small commission and therefore money in this
this way. Affiliate platforms, here I have noted 3. There are many
others. I have taken into account in particular: clickbank
CJ Affiliate and Amazon. The percentage of affiliation will really depend on the type of products
on the type of products. And so there are some products where finally
you can earn everything, not bad. And others where finally, it will be
practically nothing. So it can also be interesting to look at the amount
if you ever want to monetize your blog with
your blog with affiliation. Another method that I don’t necessarily recommend
especially at the beginning, is advertising. Indeed, advertising
finally it pays extremely little and is done, it is really necessary to have a
volume to start having important incomes with advertising
advertising. So if you ever start a blog, you can put a little bit of
a little bit of advertising if you want to but overall don’t expect to become a millionaire with
become a millionaire with advertising
at the very beginning anyway, it’s extremely compromised. So it
advertising works very well when you have websites with several million people
millions of people who connect, then it’s really worth it.
Before that, it’s very very complicated so finally when you start
a blog, what I recommend is to try as soon as possible to collect emails
try to collect emails as soon as possible. Why? In fact there is an expression
on the internet in fact we sometimes say, the money is in the list. Indeed
so the list I mean the list of e-mails. In fact, it’s going to be a very good way
be a very good way, finally, to contact people by e-mail and to be able to
people and therefore be able to offer them a product or a service that you have made
you have made. It can be for example an e-book or an online course and
finally well the e-mail. It’s a very good tool to convert so finally
is something that is going to be very important and that you can do, implement
you can do it, put it in place quickly. So what I would advise you to do
is that when you start a blog, don’t be too aggressive in terms of the
too aggressive in terms of monetization. Indeed, at the beginning,
the objective is really to build your audience.
Once you have this audience, once people trust you and you have
trust you and you’ve managed to create a loyal audience from that point on
loyal audience from that point on, you can potentially offer them
products or services. But when it’s, when they don’t know you, it’s
but when it’s, when they don’t know you, it’s quite complicated to be able to convert on the one hand. And then in
it requires, it’s something that requires time at the level of
behavior of users and visitors, conversions at the first visit, that exists but it’s
conversions on the first visit, it exists but it’s something that
it exists but it’s something that’s not very common in fact. So you have to create trust and therefore create
and that’s why in the rest of my videos,
i also have the opportunity to tell you regularly that content for me is
the key. It’s something that is absolutely essential simply because it
it’s something that is absolutely essential simply because it’s going to be the element that will first of all allow you to have visibility,
to attract people who didn’t necessarily know you before and
so they will come to our website.
And in addition, if your content is particularly good and well finally,
you will be able to get their emails and why not afterwards to offer
why not succeed in offering a service or a product and thus succeed in converting
to convert them. So for this, the content is
absolutely essential. Another element is actually the
feedbacks. When you want to
create a new product or a new service, before you even do anything, ask your audience for their
do anything, ask your audience what their
ask them what their problems are. How can you help them.
It sounds trivial but it’s essential. It will really allow you to finally
notice what the underlying trends are, what the real problems are that your
problems your audience is facing and consequently you will be able to offer a service that will
to propose a service that will help them and therefore meet their needs.
So for example, when I decided to create my agency Twaino,
the objective was in fact to respond typically to this problem with
people who create for example a blog or who have a website or companies who have a website
who have a website too. The problem is that having a website is good
but the real issue and what is difficult to do
is to get traffic. So finally, it is really this question of
of traffic which is an extremely problematic point especially when you have a blog at the very
blog at the very beginning to get it off the ground
well, it’s difficult. So finally for that, in addition to my SEO missions that I offer to my clients, I have to
sEO missions that I offer to my clients, I will also create an
also create an online course. So regarding SEO, in order to help either
bloggers, or entrepreneurs, or companies, in general to increase their
to increase their visibility thanks to google, especially thanks to
the teaching of SEO. So I’m going to propose an online course with SEO at its core to really help
the heart of SEO to really help the audience that follows me to have better results thanks to
better results thanks to SEO and thus increase their visibility on
So that’s it, I’m done for this video. I hope you’ll find it
interested. So the monetization process, you
you’ve seen. So, I only took 3 of them, but there are many more.
i will have the opportunity to make other videos to go into detail on other types of monetization
monetization. For now, I’ve really only focused on
this one. But you should know that affiliate marketing is something that is
extremely good, extremely effective. If you ever start to have a blog
with traffic and a good audience, especially a well-targeted audience, it can be interesting to
if you start to have a blog with traffic and a good audience, especially a well-targeted audience, it can be interesting to offer products adapted to that audience. And
so you can make a very good living with affiliate marketing. The
advertising in a second time, it really depends on the size of your traffic
size of your traffic. If you don’t have a lot of people on your
site, I would advise against advertising because you’re not going to make anything from it
in the end you’re going to make almost nothing from advertising. So it’s
a very good logic when you start to have huge blogs but at the beginning
it’s not necessarily what you should recommend.
The main point is that in any case, if you want to monetize your blog at some point
monetize your site you will have to create a blog, create quality content that will
quality content that will allow you to have a loyal audience.
This loyal audience, you will be able to obtain their emails and little by little
and little by little, by contacting them again, by giving them quality content, you will
potentially convert them into customers, for example by offering an e-book or by proposing
e-book for example or by offering a free short, it can be free at first and paid
it can be free at first and then paid. In short, there are different methods
but in any case, creating an audience is something that is
crucial. And that’s why, from my point of view when you start a blog
you shouldn’t necessarily think about monetizing
immediately. On the other hand, try from the beginning to get e-mails, that’s something that can be important and that can be
that is something that can be important and that will allow you to generate
income in the future. See you soon for the rest!

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