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Hi, this is Alex. Today, we’re going to see together
the preliminary version of my website, so I had the opportunity
the opportunity in a previous video to show you a bit of the creative process.
Here I had the opportunity to review this content with marina so my partner and
and we made some changes. We also established some rules
for the fonts or the fonts for the website.
This is what I’m going to show you now. So here we are always
on illustrator and so it allows me to actually make a projection of what I want to
projection of what I want to find on my website without going through
without going through the code for the moment. One of the mistakes I made before
when I was creating websites, is that I tended to directly
jump on wordpress, and try to do things directly from the wordpress
from the wordpress platform. That works,
the only thing is, actually one of the risks with that is that you’re going to
back and forth all the time and that’s not necessarily the best thing because eventually
optimal because finally, for example, the definition of the colors, the size of the
the font size, these are all elements that should be fixed in the first instance
and then applied to your entire site.
Sometimes, there can be some
exceptions. In short, when you do
this work of projection as I have done here, it allows me to really
see the whole coherence of my site.
So here for example, between the video I shot last time and this one,
there have been quite a few changes that have been made. So in particular
there was a change in the font.
The font or the font in English for the text is a font so I
noted them here. So the text, it will be called Dosis and the for
the title it will be called Gudea. So to choose that, I had then,
mariane had the opportunity to look into the matter
the time of an evening. The only constraint I put on her in relation to
the choice of the font, it was necessary that this font be available on
google. Google makes certain fonts available and when they are
finally, it’s much more practical. Because it means
that finally we will be able to find it on the different tools,
different supports of Google which is extremely practical.
Knowing that the other element that justifies a choice of font from Google,
is the fact that typically my theme which Avada, you see there if I go on, so
there is the site, so If I go to dashboard and then
i go to theme option, Avada and
then theme option, you’ll have a part called typography.
And in fact, this typography part, it’s important, you see I didn’t
i didn’t make the changes directly in front of you, I made them yesterday with
mariana and you see typically here I have directly indicated the good
font. Ok so this is for the body so the
so this is for the body, so the current text and the same thing for the titles or subtitles. And
so you see typically here, it is Gudea. This is important to do
and try to set it up quickly, correctly because otherwise you
otherwise you might end up with a lot of different fonts, a lot of different fonts
and finally it’s not really coherent. So this is a change that
so it’s an important change to make, at least from a visual point of view, and
so it’s an important change to make, at least from a visual point of view, and for me you see fonts, there are many.
And so, there are elements that are
proposed by Avada and there are others that are called Google web
fonts. So this is typically the only constraint that
i put near mariana. So I said here, there are Google fonts that are
proposed by Google. If you type in Google font website you will
come across this site. And so this site makes available all the
typographies, all the fonts that are proposed by Google.
So it’s really practical, I really advise you to use it because if you ever
you take a typeface or a font that is a bit exotic, you have the possibility on
exotic, you have the possibility on Avada typically to add the files
files. The only thing is that sometimes it doesn’t always work extremely well.
So sometimes it works, sometimes there can be bugs and so it’s a
a bit of a shame. Knowing that in terms of Google fonts, there are still many.
So there is a lot to choose from and moreover it’s
fonts so typographies that are free. So
it has everything to please. It works everywhere so it’s
optimal. So there have been changes at that level and the
other changes are on different types of colors
actually on my previous version. There was something that
there was something that was missing from my point of view, a little bit of pep and differentiation in terms of
it was not necessarily easy to read. And so
i asked Marianna to review it. For my part, what I did
what I did as well, is that I added some of the images that didn’t exist
images that didn’t exist. And that typically, it is things that I created and that I added
created and that I added in order to make the site a little more attractive
more attractive. So typically, all these are things that I created, so
things that I created, so drawings that I created one by one.
So this work, so I do it with mariana. Well, Mariana reviewed what I had done
i had done. So on this part, I simply
followed the pages that are going to be the most important ones so SEO agency,
service, blog training, free audit. And I also created other pages
on illustrator to really see what it could give.
So that typically with mariana we reviewed that one yesterday. And so, tonight I’m going to
i’m going to go over the rest with her tonight because there are some things there typically,
it is me who made. There are perhaps elements which would need
to be improved. So there is the same principle on the different elements.
So, I’ll have to add some text. Even if it’s not the longest and most problematic
problem, but on each element, I created original visuals to try and
original visuals to try to differentiate myself with my site
differentiate myself with my site.
So there you have it, then actually, this is services. So the different
services I’m going to offer, natural referencing, precise audit,
web writing, that typically, it will be
computer graphics. There will also be a training part. So online training and conferences
typically I plan to do these types of
types of modules, with this type of video and this type of information. So I’m going to
so I’m really going to push that training aspect. For me, it’s an
for me, it’s an element that I think is important. There will also be a small part
conferences and finally, as far as the blog is concerned, for the moment, it’s really
anecdotal too. But I think I’ll structure it this way. So to
namely, the fact of having here,
a banner where you can navigate much more easily.
So maybe it will evolve but I think it will look like this
look like this.
Typically, I would also have to add a sort of breadcrumb trail
that will make navigation easier. And overall, I think it will be structured in a way that
i think it’s going to be structured in this way on the blog. And then,
and finally, the free audit part. So it will be a contact form.
I’ll have to work on this part to add a more precise text about the audit
i’ll have to work on it a little bit to add a more precise text about the audit.
So there you go, so this part here, it’s really starting to take shape now
now. I’m starting to have a little more in mind where I want the
site to move towards. So I think that even this first homepage
or homepage, it really looks good. So I’m going to
so I’m going to actually start integrating all of that in the next video.
So there you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, I hope you’ve found it interesting
i hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it’s of interest to you. Of course, when you plan to create a website, there are many
a website, there are really two possibilities. Either
you throw yourself into the creation of the site, or try to take a step back to try to
step back to try to really project what you want to do on your website, the image
your website, the image you want to give off. The
first method, it seems to be much faster but in fact in reality, taking a
reality, taking a step back,
it’s much more powerful because it allows you to have a much more global
a much more global vision, much more important.
And finally, you lose a little more time at first, but I can assure you that afterwards, you will
i can assure you that afterwards, you will gain a lot of time.
So that’s why it’s the way, the methodology that I have
presented in this video. See you soon for the rest!

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