The biggest mistakes in SEO

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Hi, it’s Alex, today we’re going to see together what are the biggest
mistakes that can be made in SEO.
So, one of the biggest mistakes from my point of view that we can make
when we start in SEO, is the fact of having an approach that will be
way too aggressive. When I talk about an aggressive approach in fact, it is often
close to what we can call blackhat SEO. I will have the opportunity
to do more videos on the subject to explain in more detail what
what it is. But in summary, there are two main typologies in SEO. There is on one side
one side is whitehat and the other side is blackhat. The whitehat, it will be with
people who will respect the guidelines or rules that are proposed by google and therefore
proposed by Google and therefore, there is no risk of penalties.
Then on the other side, there are people who do blackhat
in other words, who try to increase their traffic by having
practices that are not at all tolerated by Google. The blackhat
globally, so I’m talking about little tricks, it goes even further than that
it’s a real field in itself, there is a real expertise with
people who do blackhat at a high level.
But you should know that it’s an activity that from a legal point of view
legal point of view, which is not problematic, let’s add legal.
On the other hand, there is a kind of sword of Damocles that will be on your
website and therefore on your business. Because finally you will succeed
to get more backlinks or you will succeed in getting more
traffic. Precisely with techniques that are not
will not be accepted by Google. My feeling about this is
personally and for my agency, Twaino, I only implement SEO campaigns that are
campaigns that are Whitehat for a reason that is quite simple,
is that finally, Google always catches up
people who are doing blackhat. It’s a matter of days, weeks, months or years
years depending on the complexity. But at some
but at some point it’s not going to hold up. Algorithms are getting smarter and smarter
intelligent. Therefore, it is not, from my point of view anyway, a good approach to have a
good approach, to have a purely blackhat approach for a website
a website. And if you’re a client and you want
results in SEO, all the people who are going to tell you that
you that they are able to get results immediately with SEO, beware because most of the time, the immediate results
most of the time, the immediate results except in rare situations in the rare
most of the time it will be blackhat.
So indeed, SEO in a general way, it is something that must be in a logic of medium to long term.
And globally, if you have a
website, really consider your website or your blog as a
business. Therefore, have a long-term logic
term logic. If your idea is to make
a lot of money quickly,
you’re not necessarily going to respect the rules of Google and therefore
you’re not going to respect the rules of Google and therefore, at some point, it won’t hold.
So, it’s much more interesting to do things correctly and to have
a visibility, a long term vision. Because, if you want to have a business that is going to last, this is what I wish you
what I wish you. So should we totally proscribe the
blackhat SEO? So my answer to that is no.
Why, because even if I personally, I do not do blackhat SEO, it’s
do not do blackhat SEO, it is always interesting to see the techniques that
techniques that can be used by people who are doing black hat to potentially
potentially be inspired by them and try to transform and adapt them to
whitehat SEO. So overall, it’s a good perspective
because often blackhat, the people who do blackhat are
experts in their field. And therefore, in any case those who do
and therefore, at least those who do it well, they are real experts and so there is really a possibility to capitalize on their knowledge. And then
to return these processes to the whitehat. So, another
so, another mistake that can be made, and in fact, it can be
quite similar to what people who do blackhat SEO can do
people who do SEO blackhat, is to propose content
of bad quality. The content of poor quality and
especially in quantities, it worked a few years ago,
now it clearly does not work at all. So there are
updates from google especially with google panda. And
globally, if you have content that is thin content, it’s called thin
thin content, it is not appreciated by google and
it’s not used by users either.
So really try if you have pages that are really too massive or
content that is of poor quality or poor, globally try, to go up in
power. Or at least, write more words
go into more detail, in short, to make quality articles.
At the moment, quality is much more important than
than anything else in the end. So, think user experience, think quality
it’s very important. For example, one of the methods that
used to be to do, for example, automatic translations via google translate
for example, one of the methods that could be practiced before was to do automatic translations via google translate, in particular with plugins. For example, there are some articles in French that you can translate into English,
there are articles in French that you could make, and automatically it
can be translated into other languages. So, the problem with that is that
probably, the translations are often with google translate well
now it’s improved. But overall it’s not of an exceptional quality
first of all. And secondly, so if
you have pages that are basically very thin so with less than 300 words, and
and you translate that into other languages,
it’s also going to be considered as thin content or
thin content. Therefore, really try to offer content that is going to be of quality.
So in conclusion, there are two factors that are very important to rank
in google. The first element is content, “content is king”. This is the case
and globally then SEO in general can evolve
a lot but it has been tried since the beginning a kind of constant
with google. If you make quality content and if this content is useful to the readers your content will
if you make quality content and if this content is useful to readers your content will rank well so it’s both reassuring.
Because there hasn’t been any big changes in relation to that. And you should know
that if you ever want to put your money where your mouth is on something
quality it will work for you. Another thing is backlinks,
so that’s part of the other important factor. From
from my point of view, this factor of backlinks in the future is probably going to
at least on me it’s my feeling and my hypothesis, I think that this factor will
factor is going to lead to a little bit less importance. And that the content will
even more important because in fact the backing is when third party sites put
third party sites are putting in URLs from your
your own site. The more you have the more positive it is. The
problem with that is that right now, there’s a real parallel market of
quotation marks of buying and selling backlinks. And in the end, it distorts the
“game, it distorts the game with Google. Therefore I think that backlinks
will still be an important factor in the future. But it’s going to be
decrease compared to the importance that it doesn’t have
currently. So that’s it for this
video. It was a quick video. I’ll have the opportunity to do a lot more,
including really focusing on SEO per se. But really,
between blackhat SEO, whitehat SEO, I’ve made my choice.
After that, it’s up to you to see what you want to do with your website.
But if you have a business logic and therefore long-term logic,
whitehat SEO is a very good way to do it and it’s the best way to do it
best way to do it in fact. Because with blackhat SEO, at some point
you’re bound to get caught by the patrol and so
google will penalize you, it’s just a matter of time. Another element, the
content, make sure you have quality content because at the moment
and in the future it will be strengthened. We can no longer at the moment
we can no longer have tons of pages where there is content that is
extremely poor content that is not very useful for users. And
potentially not structured correctly.
In short, from an SEO Onpage point of view, we are not on something correct. So overall, put
to make sure that your content is of very good quality.
see you soon

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