The 5 main steps to create a website

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Today, I’m going to show you the five main steps to create your website.
Let’s go… Actually creating a website is pretty simple. It’s a bit like
as if you decided to create your restaurant, to create a restaurant in the first place, you need
first of all, you need to have a land, right. That’s step number
one. The ground in terms of website, it is
what we’re going to call, the hosting. OK. Then, step number 2, it will be the
the fact of simply having a sort of mailbox. The mailbox
the mailbox, in terms of website, is called the domain name. So
it is equivalent to www.lenomdevotreentreprise .com .co
.fr etc… Okay! Once we have the land, once
once we have the domain name, we’ll have to decide on the architect
decide on the architect who will build us
our website. The architect, in terms of web site
it’s step number 3, it’s what we’ll call the CMS. The CMS
stands for “Content Management System”.
The CMS is basically what will allow you to
to avoid coding your website. So it allows you to create
content such as articles for example, in short, to create a website without going through
without going through the code… Right, OK! Then the 4th step
it will be related to the theme. In fact, a theme is quite simple, you see at
you see at the moment your website… Well it exists, the architecture let’s say and
present, the problem is that your website
it is a bit rustic in fact, so it is not very
beautiful to look at and therefore users will not necessarily appreciate the design of
your website. So in fact the theme is simply
something that will allow you to customize your website and therefore
allow it to be much more pleasant for users to go to your website
your website. Typically when you have a restaurant
and you have an interior that is much nicer, it is
much more pleasant. Okay, so the theme is exactly
the same thing. Then the last step… Hop! It will be
the “content”, in other words the creation of content on your website
so, for example, it can be blog articles
it can be, in short, content, substance that you will put in your
your website. Okay. This is really an element that
is extremely important. For example, if we take the restaurant metaphor
typically it’s going to be the food that you serve to your customers
Okay… So this part, it will be really (x2) important the part
the “content” part. Then, so now you have a website, very good… The problem is
is that this website, in the end, you don’t create a restaurant, to create a restaurant, you create a
restaurant, you create a restaurant so that people come to this restaurant and buy
and buy your products, consume what you do etc, etc…
Okay. So the idea with a website is exactly the same!
So here it will be the equivalent of a road, let’s say! And there will be, let’s say
people, this road is both the internet in a general way but it is also
and so typically validated it is to make sure that the people who are going to be on
that people who are going to be on Google or who are going to be on the internet in a general
in a general way come to your site
that, on the internet, it’s called traffic, you can also write it traffic with 2
f in English. So here it is, traffic is important knowing that in fact there are
people who are going to go there but a bit like in a restaurant
sometimes you can just look at the menu outside and not necessarily
buy the dish or the dinner offered in the restaurant
Well, typically if you walk away or if you enter the element actually
that they talk about on the websites when you buy something, it’s called
called conversion. And so obviously, as you can imagine, the low target is going to be
you can imagine, the goal is to optimize this level of
to optimize this level of conversion, right! So here it is, basically
the five main steps are here, so it goes through
hosting, then the domain name, then the CMS
Then the theme is obviously the content
so my objective in the videos I’m going to give you, is to try to give you the maximum
try to give you the maximum number of shortcuts and especially try to give you the maximum
best practices to create a website that will be extremely efficient and effective
website that will be extremely efficient and that will work very quickly
for you… Okay. And for that, my orientation will be
an orientation that will be
turned around the SEO. So maybe you’ll say to me
“it’s a bit strange why is he talking about SEO?”. So first of all
first of all I’m going to present to you in an extremely generic way what it is
what SEO is. Globally when you have a website
this website, well, globally there will be content on it and this content will
be referenced in other words it will be ranked in google and therefore there will be for
example when you type a search there will be the result number 1
number 2, page 1, 2, 3, 4. The SEO,
globally will allow you
increase your place in the
ranking to try to be the number 1 result when someone searches for content that is
person searches for content that is related to what you do
Okay! Overall, why am I talking to you about SEO right now?
right now? I’m talking about SEO, right now, simply because in fact
in order to improve its referencing, well in fact, from the beginning when creating
creation of websites, you will have to be aware that the different
that the different choices you will make, for example, in terms of
the hosting, the domain name (not too much), but the CMS
the theme, the content, all that in fact, it will directly impact the traffic that will come to your
directly the traffic that will come to your website.
Okay. So SEO issues that will immediately impact the
number of people who will come to your site and therefore in the end also the
number of conversions you’re going to be able to make. Right. And that’s why I’m talking about
you about SEO right away, because in fact in the different videos I’m going to
videos I’m going to show you, well typically I’ll always have this SEO issue in mind
this SEO issue in mind. Why? For example in terms of
of hosting! Hosting, there are many!
Ok. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different
websites where you can host your site. The problem with that is that in fact, the
actually, not all webhosts are equal so there are some that are
so there are some that will be more or less efficient, there are some that will be more
or less good. In short, overall, we will have to make choices
and behind each of these steps, you will have to make choices and
and tend towards the solution that will obviously be the most adapted to your needs
for example, in terms of hosting. In terms of hosting, having an
approach is interesting, simply because for example
one of the criteria that will be one of the most important when you choose your hosting
choose your hosting it will be the fact that your website
is able to load extremely fast. So what does that mean? It means
mean that for example, here, when you have your man, so on google and that
your website and in for example results number 1 or 2 and that this person there
finally clicks what she does is that she
they go from google, so this part here, to your website
and well typically, the passage between the two will require a loading of
your content so it’s your hosting that will
send the information to the browser of the person who is
interested in your website. Right. And the thing is
typically if it’s too slow, well people just aren’t going to come
to your site at all. Right. It’s exactly
like when you’re in a restaurant and you finally
finally you ordered a pizza and finally instead of arriving
within half an hour or 15 minutes
well, it finally arrives three days later. Well, it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say
three days, but overall, you understand that the slower it is
the less likely it is that people will come to your website
your website. So, typically this is part of the problems that will be
sEO issues at the beginning but that will be really hyper
relevant to take into account at the beginning, because typically, here, if you take
you take for example, a hosting, which is potentially, not necessarily of good
good quality, the problem with that is that in the end, everything you do afterwards will be
you are going to do afterwards, will be impacted by a bad hosting, for
for example, here, if you take a hosting that
loads your website in 15 seconds, well even if you do all the
if you do all the steps after extremely well, the problem is that
no one is going to come to your site,
because of that, so here is just an example to give you
you the intuition of the approach I’m going to have and I’ll try to give you
always give you an SEO look in the different moments to create
different moments to create your website.
Okay! Same thing, in terms of the domain name.
Typically, the domain name… So I think that globally a lot of people
i think that globally a lot of people are very concerned about the domain name, should it be
the “.fr” the “.com” “.co” etc…
Objectively, I prefer to tell you right away, the impact in the end, well it
is quite minimal in fact. On the other hand, obviously, in terms of domain names
there are things that we’ll have to pay attention to, in particular
for example, if your domain name has a history,
if your domain name has a history, we’ll have to check what has been done before
what was there before on this site? Why? Because in fact when you
buy this domain name, maybe before, if there was a site
if there was a site that was already using this domain name
well, you’ll just have to see if it was more or less legal in fact what
that was doing everything simply because if it is not the case it means that
that Google will typically penalize this domain name and therefore you risk
in quotation marks, to pay a little bit for it
so, it’s something that can be a bit dangerous, if you
if you don’t check your domain name because sometimes you can be impacted by
something that is not your responsibility at all, but that’s how it is,
so, you’ll have to check beforehand with the domain name. At the level of the CMS, so
the content management system, it’s the same thing
i will have the opportunity to make comparative videos between the different
CMS that exist. However, you should know that, depending on your
need, well finally you do not
necessarily use the same type of CMS. Basically, for example, the CMS that
i’m going to use to build my site in front of you, it will typically be wordpress.
It’s extremely powerful, I’ll have the opportunity to make dedicated videos
to explain to you why it’s a good CMS
for what I’m going to do. On the other hand, there are people, for example
who will prefer WIX, simply because it will be more adapted to their
uses. In fact, with the choice of the CMS, it will be
important simply because you’ll have to define
what you want to do with your website, and what are the perspectives you
perspectives you want to give to your website.
Depending on that, it will determine your choice of CMS. Okay! Then at the level of the
theme, there are many (x4) themes on the internet.
Okay. There are thousands of them and the thing is that it’s the same, there are
so many that sometimes, you can be a bit lost.
It’s the same, for the themes, I’m going to advise you precisely 2 that
work very well, that I had the opportunity to test, they are themes
that are performing well. Afterwards, of course, you can do what you
you want. A theme is not the most important thing because you can change it
you can change it, after all, it’s better to avoid changing it because it
it can, somewhat destructure your whole website.
But overall, it’s not the most important element, let’s say.
After that it participates…
to the elements that will make your website pleasant for
the user. So, as far as the theme is concerned, try, then
just a little parenthesis. Take a theme that is popular enough, okay
popular, okay, and I don’t say popular just so it’s popular
to be popular. I don’t say popular at all! In fact, it’s better to take
a theme that is going to be “relatively” popular or “fairly” popular simply because
simply because when you want to make changes
well finally if it’s a theme that nobody uses, in terms of support
no one is going to help you you’re going to find very little content on the
internet or on youtube or on blogs
in relation to this particular theme. So the theme, I’m going to advise you
i’m going to advise you 2 afterwards, it’s up to you. Finally, the last aspect, it will be related to
the “content” or in other words the content in French.
So, for the time being, I’m really going to have the opportunity to deal with this
i’ll really have the opportunity to deal with this subject, at length, in depth and at length. Simply because there is actually
a lot of things to say. And typically, SEO and content creation
i’ll get to talk about it in more detail but it should always go
always go hand in hand. And again, to use the restaurant analogy
restaurant analogy, the content is really going to be what you’re going to
and again, to use the restaurant analogy, the content is really going to be what you’re going to serve to people and so typically if the food is not necessarily very good, well that
that’s not going to make them want to continue with you actually. So, the creation of
content, the quality of the content, it’s going to be very important to do it
properly. Knowing that, of course, the idea is to satisfy the users and also
will be to satisfy the users and also because the users will be satisfied
be satisfied Google will say “oh boy” this is really
really good content. Therefore, I will push this website up.
For example, to go from the second place in google to the first place.
Okay, so there you go, typically those are the 5 big steps to create a website!
In fact, the objective is to show you
the different steps. I’m going to make a lot of videos where I’ll
i will give you a lot of content. I will try to really maximize the value
added value for you. I’m also going to make sure that I give you as many
i’m also going to try to give you as many tips as possible and especially give you a lot of shortcuts. Here, basically, behind
this simple little drawing with the little house etc…
Behind, of course, as you can imagine
well, it’s much more complex and you have to dig a little deeper into the subjects. So
typically, I’ve really given you here, a kind of overview
on the different steps to create a website.
But of course, each of these steps will have to be dug in depth
Ok ! after, from my point of view, the best way to do it, is to show you concretely how to do it
also to show you concretely how to do it ! Ok. So, what I’m going to do
propose to you is that I will concretely set up a
business in front of you in fact. So, I will create a website from scratch so
if you’ve never built a website objectively, if you reproduce the same actions I’m going to do
the same actions that I’m going to do and well typically you’re going to be able to
create your website that’s going to be extremely effective from the start
Okay! So this is really an element that will
really give you a lot of added value, at least I think so!
So, my business that I’m going to set up in front of you, it will be a
business that will be oriented around this part, in fact, around SEO
in fact, around SEO. OK and so, typically on the different
well, I’m going to talk to you about SEO
on a fairly regular basis actually. And the business that I’m going to build, it’s going to be
sEO oriented, let’s say the core of it will be SEO and I’ll expand on
potentially other types of information like for example
showing you how to create a website. So objectively,
you’re really going to be able to see, the different steps through the videos that
videos that I’m going to show you and I think that it can really help you
and I think it can really help you a lot. So there you go, I hope you like this video,
i hope you’ve enjoyed this first video and in any case, we’ll see you soon
for the rest of the adventure…

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