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Video Transcript:

Hello, today I’m going to show you my business creation project and in particular the different sources of income that I anticipate for my business. Let’s go, here we go! So in fact the idea is quite simple… For the sources of income, at the moment, I’m considering 2, no sorry I’m not considering 3, the first source of income I’m considering will be linked to SEO and to be much more precise the idea is that I’m going to do SEO consulting, it will really be the activity I want to focus on for the business I’m going to create. Okay! Knowing that finally this SEO activity, said like that it’s a bit vague so we’ll try to be a bit more precise, so typically there will be a part that will be linked to SEO audit, another part that will be linked to SEO optimization and finally a last part that will be linked to content creation. Ok! Knowing that, then for the blow, in the creation of content, in fact to be a little more precise, there will be several sections, but let’s say that basically … Even three sections, there will be for example the creation of content, so typically the writing of the content, so it’s everything that was to have words on an article, so in English we would call it the wording, so the fact of describing an article, there you go. Then there are things that will be linked… Hop! To the images […] are linked to the images. And finally, the last part will be linked to videos. Okay. So there you have it, knowing that the goal is to really make this first source of revenue, let’s say the most important source in fact. The other elements I’ll give you later if I ever manage to make money from it, that’s fine, but my main idea is really to develop this activity first Then, the second source of income […] the second source of income would be linked to passive income and in fact, in terms of passive income, the two elements I want to develop will be, first of all, my channel on youtube because typically, when you create content on youtube, google will pay you according to the views that your videos will have. So typically, so again it will be really passive income. Objectively, I prefer to tell you right now, do I intend to become a Youtuber? Objectively, the answer is no! Just, maybe youtube can be something that’s going to allow me to have some additional income. I agree! Then, the second source will be linked to affiliation and typically, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, the idea was quite simple, in the sense that with my content, that I will create for example on youtube. Well, I’m going to make some suggestions about some products that I’m going to use on a personal basis. Okay! And insofar as I am going to use them on a personal basis and I will consider that they will be very interesting and useful tools, well, what I will be able to do is propose links that people will be able to visit and if they buy via the link that I propose, I will get a commission thanks to that! So, affiliation doesn’t necessarily have a very good reputation. Simply because we often have the impression that people put links just to get their commissions and they don’t care about the products they will promote. In fact, for me the way I’m going to do it, it’s going to be a little bit different! It’s going to be completely different. The idea is really to try to maximize the value for everyone. I’m going to use services or products personally to build my business, and typically, if you’re interested, I might as well promote those products. Because they’re quality products that I can certify. Right! So that creates value. Why does it create value? Simply because I send a customer to a potential software company or other company that will have a new customer thanks to me. The new customer will be happy because I will try to negotiate in the affiliation the fact of having promotional codes, which they would not have if they did not use my code. And for me, it’s advantageous, because if the transaction is done, I’ll get a commission thanks to that. So, on the same principle as Youtube, the affiliation, objectively, it might be a bit marginal, even very marginal in my sources of income but it can still be something that can be interesting. Okay! The other element The other element that can be interesting to develop will be related to training! Basically, the idea is quite simple in fact, there is content that I will offer for free, especially on my YouTube channel. There is also a part of content, so objectively and I prefer to tell you from the start, at the moment I have not yet defined exactly how I will partition the thing! But overall, there is information I think that can be interesting to know for professionals and typically for example I think there are trainings that can be really add value from an SEO point of view so especially with SEO professionals I think there are many things on which and I can really add value. So there you go… There’s also other types of ideas that I can have in terms of training, typically on Pinterest, I think there’s a lot of content that would be interesting to use in training. So there you go. Right now, that’s really how I’m thinking about structuring the thing! Maybe there will be a PDF part too or E-book. It’s possible! So here it is… Basically, this is the way I see things right now! Of course, this is the beginning so I’m going to start creating my business, creating my website in the next few videos, so you’ll be able to follow this in a concrete way. In fact, I thought that it could be interesting for you to see at first how I envisage the sources of income. Try to do it on your side too, simply because it will allow you to understand a little better where you want to go Again, don’t think of it as something that’s going to be completely set in stone! It’s clearly going to be something that’s going to evolve. We are talking about business! In business, it can happen regularly, to do what we call pivoting your business and so typically if there are things that work better than others. Well, it’s possible that I orient my business more towards what works rather than what doesn’t! Of course! So there you go! This is really a view before action, before customer feedback, before market feedback, before anything else. This is the first approach, in relation to my business model! Right! Knowing that, as you have seen, the element where I would absolutely try to put the package, it will be really sure the side quotation mark SEO consulting. So there are a lot of things, especially a lot of content, that I can use and a lot of skills that I can use. There, for example at this level I will see. For example, I think that at the moment something could be developed at this level! It may seem strange to put SEO and images, but in fact my idea that clearly deserves to be validated by the market is that in SEO, there are issues that are important in particular, it is called backlinks. So, if you don’t like it, don’t worry, I’ll do a lot of videos on the subject. But basically, getting backlinks in SEO is not necessarily very simple. Right! And it’s often a kind of grail, so the goal is to have as many backlinks as possible so links that will point. Links, URLs that are on third party sites that will point to your website. Right ! And typically, one of the levers that can be extremely powerful to do this is to make infographics. And contrary to what you can see in this video with drawings and schematics rather approximate say. I have a good skill let’s say to create beautiful infographics. So I know that seeing this might be hard to believe, but in fact in real life, I will have the opportunity to show you how I make my infographics. In any case, I think it can be a real good lever to make a direct correlation between infographics and SEO because often in fact infographics are a real (x3) good way to get backlinks quite easily. So that’s something that I’m going to be able to develop and that’s in a corner of my mind, and I think that it can be something to develop concretely. So there you go, as I told you before, this will really be my first source of income, and on the side but I’m going to develop other types of sources of income. Which will be related to all this. Okay, so there you go! Again, it’s a vision at a “T” moment, before I’ve even started, before I’ve got any customer feedback. But I thought it would be interesting to share this with you, simply because you’re in the shoes of an entrepreneur, of someone who is going to launch a business. I don’t know if it will work, I don’t know if it will fail. In any case, you’re like that in quotes on the entrepreneurial side. Right! With the potential doubts that this can generate and especially the point I would like to stress is that don’t be afraid at any time to open doors. What I mean by that is that if you start a business and you have an extremely precise idea of what you want to do and at no time do you consider opening the doors to other things. Well, actually, it’s going to be complicated. A business, globally, is made of fluctuations, it’s made of evolution and between what you plan at the beginning when you create a company and what happens in reality, there is a kind of gap that is relatively abysmal. So, right from the start, showing you this, it allows you to see that I have a core business, a case of activity that I’m going to work on. Nevertheless, potentially I open perspectives on other things too. And in fact what I’m going to do is exactly what you see here, I’m just going to plant some seeds, a little bit on the left and right on SEO consulting, on passive income with my youtube channel or with affiliation, with training. In short, I’m going to try things and these things there are things that will work, there are things that will fail, and once again we will iterate obviously on what will work. So that’s it, I’m done with this video, I hope you enjoyed it, I hope it was something that helped you, if you’re ever thinking about starting a business and soon!

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