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Hi, this is Alex. Today I’m going to show you my different results
after one month of launching. So I launched my business so Twaino so
sEO agency for a month now. So I’m going to show you
what I have done. What are my different results along the way
okay. So first thing, I’m going to show you my website. Well
obviously in a month of time, I’ve had the opportunity to make a lot of videos to
videos to show you my website now, it’s starting to look better
a better look let’s say. So there you go, my content is starting to be
a bit more structured. It’s structured let’s say. We are on a
site that is not yet perfect. There are still some sections that clearly need to be
clearly need to be seen. But for the moment, we have something that
that is running quite well, that works quite well.
So, overall, after one month, we are on something that is not perfect but is correct
not perfect but it’s correct. This part of the training, for the time being, I’ll have to start
i’m going to have to start creating this part. So create content on this
content on this training part, which is not the case at all.
So in fact, in the different videos I’ve shown you
it’s also this aspect of creating a website.
I have the opportunity to show you how to set up
the different social networks. And what I’ve done as well, one of the
interesting thing is that after one month, I managed to acquire two customers
acquire two customers. I was able to acquire these customers on Facebook.
I think I’m going to make a little video to explain to you how
i think I’m going to make a little video to explain how it happened, but I already have two clients.
And most of my time I’m finally investing in this part
blog. So in this blog part, as you can see, I
i’m starting to get some content. I have just under 20 articles.
So here we are, we are starting to see something interesting
knowing that the idea for me was really to learn the different videos that I could make
videos that I’ve done. And then to convert them into visuals. So
these are visuals that I was able to make and convert them into articles.
So there you go, these are articles that are more or less long. There are some
articles that are extremely long like for example this one here, 60 good questions to ask yourself for your business plan
questions to ask yourself for your business plan.
We are on an article that is extremely dense. So it took
a lot of time to write. But it’s going to be, it’s efforts that will
pay off over time, with SEO. There is no, well I’ll show you my
figures in a moment. But overall, here’s what I’m doing
is that I’m investing in the future, okay
the future. So by creating quality content that will
to rank in the next few weeks slash months,
next few months earlier.
So here it is, these contents for the moment, I haven’t communicated much on the
social media, so all my videos are uploaded on youtube, on my
youtube channel. But for the moment of course,
when we start the youtube channel, there is absolutely nobody finally
so it’s normal. Besides, it seems that there
at the beginning, I must have two
subscribers on my channel.
That’s it, so I’m at two subscribers, so there’s no crowd for the moment anyway
at least for the moment. And so in terms of videos,
i’m starting to have some that are private, so they’re not
not visible yet. In fact, all the videos,
you see that there is a blue part like that, it’s that it’s currently
available. And the part where it’s not, well, these are things that I’ll have to change and improve
i’m going to have to change and improve and
i’m going to have to change and improve and then integrate into my blog. So there you go, I don’t know how many videos I have
i don’t know how many videos I have. I must have maybe, I don’t know, a good fifteen
videos. I think maybe twenty or so that are available at the moment.
So that’s what I’ve done in terms of communication for the moment, I’ve done
i haven’t really communicated much. I only communicated my first video
first video, which is, these are
the five steps to create a website. So, I have the opportunity to put this
video and this article both on facebook and on linkedin with a video
which is also available on youtube. So here it is globally, I put this on
my wall, so it’s personal. So on the personal profile, I had some
shares. I am, it seems to me, a little less than ten
shares of likes too. So overall, it’s starting to happen little by little
i updated my profile as well.
My linkedin profile to present Twaino. So this is my
page actually. So this is my Twaino page on linkedin, so as you can see
i’m really at the very beginning. Here is the rest of the social
social networks, I haven’t done much on pinterest, on twitter on
facebook. On facebook yes, I shared but on instagram, twitter and pinterest,
i was relatively inactive. So in concrete terms, after a little more than a month, I’ve
month, I’m on Twaino, I’m going to present you my numbers
i’m going to show you my numbers. So you see, we are at the very
the very beginning. Here I am on this website, you can see that most of the time
so you see, I’m on this website, so most of the time when there’s people,
it can potentially even be my own connections, so it’s to tell you
so I can tell you that there aren’t many people. There are not many people,
in a short period of time, I’m the one who connects to it and so Google Analytics
considers that it is a connection or else how is it that there are
few people. It is in fact, when I do tests
for example from my phone or in unknown to see what is the result
on a site, well on my site. Or it can be sometimes too, I can ask for mariana’s
phone of mariana to see what it gives from her phone.
So there you have it, we’re not talking about very, very important things on a traffic that
is huge at the beginning. If this is your case, don’t worry. It’s normal, at the beginning
the first six months, it will be relatively deserted. So
we’re not going to have anything that’s going to be phenomenal at all.
So there is a little more visibility when I published on
social networks. There is a little, a little turn of
little peaks, but overall, we are on the order of not much, almost nothing
not much, almost nothing. So let’s say here we are and here you see the
page that has the most visibility so far. This is my homepage, so
my home page. I also have a little bit of visibility on the
the blog but otherwise we are globally on something that is
small, or even non-existent at the moment. So
i really wanted to show you what an agency looks like
i really wanted to show you what an agency looks like, if you launch your business, you
business, you launch your website, don’t be surprised the first weeks, first months
don’t be surprised in the first weeks, first months. That’s the hardest part
i agree. So you have to stay the course, be consistent. At this point I have created a little less than
20 articles that are about 2000 words or more depending. But overall,
you have to stay the course, you have to keep creating content and over the next six months, let’s say, we’re going to start
over the next six months, we’ll start to get visibility thanks to SEO
and referencing. Don’t lose out. You may
think it’s slow. It’s true that it can seem long. The thing is that
with Twaino, I started with a domain name that is not necessarily historical and
i started with a domain name that is not necessarily historical and that has no authority as such.
Therefore, I started from scratch in fact and so the fact of starting from scratch
and starting to get a little traction will happen little by little
but overall at the beginning, well, it’s impossible to have much
visibility. So what I’m going to do is
i’m going to continue to create my content. I’m going to start now to get into
i’m going to start posting regularly on social networks
my content as well. And little by little, I’m going to succeed in acquiring a little more
visibility and a little more recognition on my content.
Another element too, is that I see now,
for example, I had the opportunity to post my first video on linkedin. And
this first video has allowed me, for example, to reconnect with people who were in my network and
people who were in my network and that I had not contacted for a very long time
a very long time. And so, little by little, posting videos,
posting content regularly, it will help you gain visibility,
to gain authority and potentially succeed in getting new clients.
The first clients of course, as you can imagine,
are the hardest to get. Once you have your first customers,
well, finally, you’ll be able to put your references on your website.
And you will have the opportunity to acquire it and have the chance to
maybe to be ordered. For example, the first customer that I got
referred me for the second customer. So you see, it’s kind of a circle or
snowball effect. The hardest part is to make the big enough effort
in the first place to actually launch or start your business.
If you’re able to start your business, and then grow your business, it’s going to be something that’s not going to happen
business, it’s not going to be a simple thing but it’s going to be a lot
easier okay. So if you’re ever in the
business creation, don’t lose courage during the first weeks, the first months
the first few weeks, the first few months are the most difficult. But if you hold on, if you
but if you hold on, if you stay the course, it will do it for you. See you soon
for the next part !

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