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Hello, my name is Alexandre MAROTEL. I am the founder of Twaino. Twaino,
is an SEO agency that helps companies to increase their
visibility on the Internet. How does it work? Well, the idea is quite simple.
It is that I launch an SEO campaign that will be played in three major
phases. Phase number one is the audit. Then phase 2, optimization and finally
phase 3 creation. During the audit, the objective is finally quite
simple. It is to make sure that I look at the technical aspects of
your website. Indeed sometimes, we can have websites that are not
optimized correctly. In particular at the level of indexing, at the level of
crawling, at the level of the speed, at the level of the file robots txt. In short,
several elements that will ultimately slow down the growth of your website
and slow down the number of visitors that you will be able to receive. By
therefore, the objective is to make sure to solve first these technical problems in order to
these technical problems in order to effectively and well have a
better visibility on Google. Then once this technical aspect is finished, we move on to the
technical aspect is completed, we move on to phase 2 which is optimization. For
that the objective is simple. It is to ensure that your content that
work well, work even better. Why? Because finally,
when we do a search in Google, the number 1 result will capture about
30% of the traffic. Result number 2, 15%. Result number
number 3, 10%. This means that thanks to
optimization of your content, I will be able to help you
to increase your ranking in Google. And so for example to make you go from
from result number 3, i.e. 10% traffic, to result number 1, 30%.
So that means that obviously, the increase in traffic is extremely important
important, especially if it’s a high volume keyword
a high volume keyword and finally you will have
a lot of people who will come to your website.
And that’s why it’s extremely important to optimize at first what works well for you
what works well to make it work even better
even better. To do this, we must focus on issues such as
of loadpage SEO, so typically there are elements at the level of
the structure of your content, the level of the content typology
of content that we can add in order to make sure that, for example
people stay longer on your articles or on your page.
In short, these are elements that need to be optimized and this is the phase
number 2. Then phase number 3, we turn to the future. We embark on the
creation of content. For this in fact for me anyway, when I talk about
content creation, I never dissociate content creation and SEO.
For me it is two elements that really go together in fact.
Why is that? Well, simply because SEO will allow you to
to see certain opportunities for example in the creation of
of articles. The objective of course, it will be to
to find articles or themes that will attract a lot of people and on which it is not
a lot of people and on which there is not much competition. And
of course, in the end, SEO allows you to find this type of opportunity.
That’s the first point. Second element, second point is to make sure that you
to create content that is perfect for both the users and the system, well
and also for the system, well for the search engine like Google so
with content that is perfectly optimized. So this is
now phase three, creations. So when I start a
sEO campaign, it’s really these three major phases that are
operated. Obviously these phases are adapted according to the type of business
depending on the typology of your business, the typology of your
your website. The different
competitors that there may be too. In short, everything is adapted, everything is of course
obviously customized to ensure that you get the most
visibility on google and especially to make sure that your website
becomes a real good marketing lever. In order not only to increase your
increase your revenue, increase your number of prospects, your number of customers, in short
become a real lever. So of course you can contact me on my
website so, TWAINO.COM. I am sure, you will find both my
i am sure you will find both my email and also my phone number
so don’t hesitate to contact me. And we can discuss directly your
your website, your ambitions for your website, and know concretely I will give you
and concretely I will give you the different levers and different
elements to make your website more and more attractive for your turnover
attractive for your turnover as well as for your brand in general
your brand in a general way. See you soon !

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