My very bad SEO results?

Video transcript

hi it’s alex it’s been a few weeks now
a few weeks ago that I let go of my
launched my business so and so high
the agent swing to the point as is in fact
what I want to do with you
is simply to show you what the results are
the results at the moment in the
search engine to send simply
i typed agency here or in google and
so my agency is here at the arranged if
hot one o then that’s fine
obviously I am in google but here
we’re going to go down to something that
will be much less pleasant which will
be the page and there you see finally
my agency is simply very very far
from the first page insofar as we
i’m on the 12th page
for all that I have put a lot of effort
of efforts during this week
notably then to have a site which
that is complete that is fast and
especially to have a blog part where there is
a lot of content finally hainaut
so in particular quality content
so I’m not going to show you again
i have about 60 articles that I have
that I created and that are a little more than 3000
words each time or even much more
depending on the
i also have a youtube channel on which
on which I have the opportunity to post
so I have more or less the same thing
more than sixty videos that are available
are available at the moment
so you might be saying well
well, you’ve created all this content
it’s great but you’re only on the 12th page
only on the 12th page of google with your
agent what’s going on is actually
in fact that’s kind of the whole point of this video
of this video and why I decided
to make this video just to actually
to remind you if you are ever in the situation
the situation of creating a start up created
a company and where you have just
create your website itself
in fact it doesn’t matter who you are
the more it takes time in fact and so
you have to be consistent and
continue in the medium to long term like that
because in the end here at the
the only way to get results is
sure the medium
the long term, so here is the objective for me
is also to be humble about the results
of humility in relation to the results that I have
i have, will that prevent me from continuing to
from continuing to create content
the answer is no and in fact man
the object of my message is also
also at that level
if you don’t necessarily see
results at first when you create content
you create content and especially not
the result from an organic point of view
and from a point of view and ifo during the
first few weeks slash first few months
this is something that is finally
normal so don’t despair
don’t despair it’s going to be difficult at first
that’s why if it’s finally
it is something that is complicated to
to set up
simply because when you don’t have
a global vision of growth
or in any case when we don’t see
exactly when it is going to
we tend to get discouraged
to say yes, in the end, that’s all there is to it
it’s strictly useless and I’ve taken my website or
my website or and I stop creating
create content your content it will
pay your chip with a quality content
quality content the better
but never forget that it’s not done
on the short term in fact so really
it’s six months minimum six months one year
before you start getting
traction on your site
it’s sometimes huge it’s sometimes very
frustrating the only thing is that the
the only good thing to do is to
continue with method immo of
methodology and with consistency and in the
the long term it will pay off I can guarantee you
guarantee it
in short for the moment I am in my
agency is still 12th so very very
far from the first page but I hope that as time
but I hope that as time goes by
as the month goes by I manage to
page by page and increase my visibility
my visibility and therefore to have
more customers as well
i wish you good luck if you
are a website creator and see you

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