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Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together the different websites that
will be my competitors in the SEO sector.
Let’s go… So for this we will simply do a search
sEO agency. So obviously, as you can see, I’ve already
you can see, I’ve already done some research, which is normal and so the
first on google is a company called Eskimoz
so they’re extremely good at SEO, and so I’m going to open
several links. The idea in this little video is to show you
how I do it, simply because in fact when you create a company, most of the
most of the time you don’t start a company from nothing
company from scratch. You’re always in an environment, always
in a context. Therefore, looking at the offers
of the competitors, the way the competitors communicate,
is extremely important. Knowing that at the moment
i don’t really like to talk about competitors because they have already existed
for potentially several months, several years. Whereas I don’t exist at the moment
i don’t exist at the moment. So rather than competitors
i would say that it’s more like players who are on the market.
So the first company when I type SEO agency is
a company called ESKIMOZ, and so their communication is indeed
communication is interesting. First thing they communicate on
is natural referencing, so it’s interesting. In terms of communication
they have a communication which is
around the eskimos. Proximity with our customers
Ok! SEO agency. Let’s see what’s behind it…
Natural referencing, then, our services: natural referencing, social referencing
social, google penalty, web writing. So I’m not sure why they chose this idea of
they chose this idea of eskimos… Maybe because eskimos /
penguins. Because if you don’t know, there are algorithms
algorithms called penguins and so maybe it’s a direct reference to that
a direct reference to that. I guess so. Okay, so to
sEO, natural SEO. Let’s see, so they have videos.
A video more like. There, they’re doing some explanations on SEO
so it’s a long page. Indeed
it’s important. Ok, then they also do a training part, followed by
this will be for the customers, actually. And then a blog part.
Indeed, there is content, that with very good quality content.
So that would explain their first place in google. So the last time
i had the opportunity to see, indeed, that it had a part called site map that allows a much more synthetic
which allows you to see in a much more synthetic way what is the structure of their
structure of their website. Ok so 1 2 3 4 5 6…
Ok, I have the impression that they have about fifty, between 50 and 60
blog post. So which is good but not huge
but which is good. Knowing that everything depends on the
length of their blog post. But, I think that since they are
an SEO agency, they know how to optimize. It’s not that long
their blog post.
At least on this article it’s pretty short. Https
What is it and how to migrate your website? So this is
an article that is even more surprising because see it talks about https and
finally their site and not secure. “So what is https”, “the
protocol”, if it is an article that is quite advanced. Which sounds interesting. Okay, so this
typically, in fact, they are quite important players at the moment in the
at the moment in the SEO sector.
So concretely, they do things extremely well. So they are the
first player and insofar as they are the first, it will be a company
to follow. The second one is called, so one of the things that
one of the elements that interests me is that first of all, if we compare the two very quickly, the fact that
the two very quickly, the fact of having this information on top is something I like, because
i like the fact that we have this information on top, because it makes it easier to communicate with
people and they have a link magnet with a CTA,
click to action which is a free audit. So this is typically
something that is extremely positive that Eskimoz does not necessarily have.
So effectively, and then, you see we can analyze the site directly
it is rather well done.
And there, they enter only homepage directly on aspects of advice.
ok, the AMP, they have a frequent question part too. Well ok! Blog
so this is a fairly historical player
they have been around for a long time. I look very quickly in fact their content …
If they have a lot or not, because it is an important element. For
me anyway, because the way I’m going to do it is
i’m going to create content as well. So 1 2 3 4 5 […]
Ok, let’s say they have about 50
articles I feel like. A bit like Eskimos by the way.
Contact. Ok ! SEO agency, SEO training, Blog
Indeed, the structure is relatively close to Eskimoz
but their link magnet in any case, the call to action with a free audit
free audit, here it’s also something I’m going to implement on my site,
because in fact it’s a very good way to be
contacted by potential prospects, which is not the case here.
Then the web agency. On the other hand from a
point of view, let’s say, in any case communication, they are on something
which is much more classic.
I don’t have the impression that there is really an image that emerges
particularly from this site. In any case, compared to Eskimos, Eskimos has
a brand image from my point of view that is much stronger.
Then the web layout. Ok, first position on Google.
Indeed, they really make very long page
homepage or homepage.
Here, it proposes a tool, it is an element that seems to me extremely interesting
that I’m really going to put in place as well. They have a blog part, of course
obviously, training as well. They have a tool part, that’s interesting
that’s interesting. So let’s see their blog. The SEO of death. They
have 20 pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. So that would mean they have about 150
blog post, it’s possible. Let’s see this blog post. So here for example
we are on blog post which is extremely short. Besides, it’s quite
surprising that they didn’t push… Here, maybe I came across an
article that wasn’t necessarily very well done. Let’s see this one that was
updated, I have the impression anyway… Yes, here we are on something
much more advanced. Ok ! Anyway, since we’re dealing with
on SEO specialists, they will obviously do things
extremely correctly to be the best referenced in google. So of course
obviously there is, for example in terms of structure we have
something that is in the order of very very good. Ok! Then, SEO agency
Hackers. So natural SEO agent on measure. Netlinking
So this is typically an image that comes from an
image bank. In fact, image banks are regularly
regularly because when you are used to them, in any case
this image I think I’ve had the opportunity to see it about
about 10 thousand times I think on the internet.
It is absolutely everywhere… So they do SEO, SEA, E-reputation. Ok
Join us, the tools…
Contact, our agencies. They haven’t developed their blog part at all
it seems to me, at least I don’t see it. No, it’s surprising by the way because they rank
and they haven’t developed that part. Well, that didn’t
prevented them from being well ranked. There is no such thing as
something that is of the order of a free audit,
it’s a little surprising. So, let’s see next, here our SEO agency
Digital gas pedal, OK.
Expertise, e-reputation, SEO audit. Conducting an SEO audit is
the basis of a solid SEO strategy. Yes, it the reason.
Study of the positioning. Okay okay, good. This is a good
website actually. After that I think that there are things that
should maybe be a little more advanced. But they have 16 pages, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 12. Well, they have a
more than 150, so that means that the content is
That’s good! Rankwell, international SEO agency. So actually
when I compare it with everything else I’ve seen so far
just in terms of design, we are on something
here which is still largely above. Then we’ll see if
we are really far above. In any case from a point of view of a point of view of
UX and design point of view, which is extremely well done. Ok, our
services, technical SEO, technical phase, technical SEO next step. Contact
the blog part is a bit weird…
Another article, so let’s see. In fact the Blog part we do not fall on
all the articles, we fall on the last one.
There is no way to see, no. Well, I don’t know how many blog posts there are on it
service, legal notice.
Okay, next, SEO agency, natural referencing.
Okay, contact, blog, e-reputation. They have
references, with MAAF, M6. Ok ! It’s a homepage that is quite
long. It’s also good to put the different
different members of the team.
ok the blog. So let’s see the blog.
SEO, web culture, onsight, offsight, SEO event
It’s interesting to see how they structured it.
But in their blog they also put the team part I feel like.
Which is a bit weird. Ok so this is sylvain introducing himself.
Ok, why not. After that, I’ve rarely seen a
presentation like that, but then, it can be justified.
Are there others? Are there more than three pages or not? It doesn’t seem to be.
Indeed, if there are three pages and a good part of them are presentation articles for the team, I think that’s a good idea
i’m a little surprised if we have three pages and a good part of them are presentation articles for the team.
Well okay, it’s a little surprising.
And there is very little content finally. Their
blog in any case is quite devoid of content. On the other hand there are
a lot of comments, maybe from people in the team too. Ok
And finally the last one then “first position”. This is something that is a little bit
a little bit messier from my point of view, in terms of the
first page. This for the moment, a form like this, it’s interesting
Okay, it’s to send the form
directly. Okay, a long page that’s also pretty self-explanatory. Agency,
our SEO and SEA solutions. Content marketing. Then the blog of our experts
So there, they put the phone number in front, it’s good I think
in any case. So what do they put? How google manages the natural referencing
of its own websites. Ok, let’s see for example on this
article, if the content is dug. Yes, we have
some digging, yes.
if I go into glossary. Let’s see. Referenced definition, so this
is good, the definition part, it’s something I’m going to do
because actually in SEO sometimes we can have a kind of jargon and
and it’s something that can be relatively painful for people who want to learn
want to learn SEO. So having a glossary part is
important. For the time being, they have a lot of pages, 26 pages
ok, about 250 articles.
yes, after that the articles are quite
short. CAS fitness clients store a blog as a webmarketing lever. There they
put case studies, I think.
Yes, that’s right. Why not, it can be a good idea too. Ok so here it is
the different actors that rank well in
google for the term SEO agency. And so obviously, insofar as
then I would also like to have my website present on the first page of
first page of google. Well, I’ll have to make sure that I create
to create quality content to satisfy the readers and to create a real
readers and create real trust with my audience. And
therefore to hope to be in the first places of Google.
Knowing that obviously the competition will be quite tough
insofar as, for example a company like they have been on the
market for a few years now. So for about ten
years I think. So I don’t know if I can find… Well, for 20
years, so that means that these are players who are relatively
are relatively historical and therefore not to try to have a nice place in Google, you’ll have to
in Google, we’ll have to make sure that we take the good ideas and
the good ideas and also make sure to improve its content compared to what exists
content compared to what exists. And for example, in terms of design
i’m not necessarily enthusiastic about what’s being done
enthusiastic about what is being done. The agency that I like the most is really
this one, in terms of design, where we have a really beautiful site
site that is really beautiful. Afterwards, in terms of actions and clicks, I think that
for example, I think that offering a free audit or having a tool that
that allows you to audit your website for free
it can be something extremely effective, which is not necessarily done
here for example. So there you go. In short, there are several elements
or but potentially it would need to be picked up
to build a website that is my website with a real personality of its own and of course
a personality of its own and obviously in the next videos I’m going to show you, it’s
videos that I’m going to show you, there will be a communication aspect. So
in the comm, that I’m going to create, I already have ideas
i don’t hide it from you, I already have ideas in my head on how I want to approach the
i already have ideas in my head on how I want to approach the thing to try to do something that
position myself in a slightly different way. Knowing that, afterwards, at the level of the service
the different websites that I showed you are SEO agencies, my company will be
agencies, my company will also be an SEO agency, so at the level of
of the service. We will be on things that will be
relatively similar, almost identical in fact. So
after, obviously, the customer relationship, the way we serve the customer, that’s what makes the
what makes the difference. But at the level of the service itself, there the
different companies
on the whole, what I’m going to propose will be quite similar. So
the objective for me now is to create my website.
It was important for me to show you before that they are
it was important for me to show you before that they are different actors, what are the different competitors,
even if once again at the moment I don’t exist so there is no real competition, but in any case
competition, but in any case these are the different actors that are important
are important, that it is really essential to know
know, and if you start a business, always take the time to step back before
take a step back before jumping straight into the battle, to really understand who
really understand who is in the market? How are they doing
to satisfy customers? What is their website structure?
Is it possible to do something better than them or not?
And sometimes, you may think that it’s simply the amount of effort
effort to succeed in having a website that works or having a business that
business that works in a specific area
well, it will be too much. Potentially it’s going to require a
funding that’s going to be so huge that it’s not necessarily going to be worth it. So
really educate yourself, look at the different competitors, the different
websites. How they have structured their site is also important, because it can
important, because it can also inspire you on the way you will proceed to organize
you are going to proceed to organize the information, because globally, if
these are sites that are first in google
it means that there are things they do well. So
the idea is to try to pick up on things that work very well
things that work very well and on top of that bring a real
added value on other SEO aspects and other aspects of
communication. So that’s it for this
video. Next video, I’ll talk to you about communication. See you soon…

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