How to update a plugin and a wordpress theme?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today I’m going to show you how to update your
plugins and update your theme on wordpress. So here we are on my
site so and I see that I have some updates.
Simply if you see there is a small logo like this and next to it it says
so if you click here directly, you can go directly to the updates
directly on the updates to be implemented.
Or you can go directly to the dashboard. From
dashboard, you see here I have two notifications, so here for update
so 2 and here extension one. So on update, you will have both
so updates for the extensions
so it’s this one for example but also for themes.
That’s why we see these two here. If you have pressed exactly
here on the extension and finally you’re back on the page where there are
all the extensions that are currently installed on your
website. And so you see here the small banner, it means that indeed, there is an update to put on your website
there is an update to be done. So what I will do if I
back to this page, so update and so for that, it’s pretty
simple. When you have more than one then you can either select one
one by one the different extensions that you want to update. Or else
when there are several, you can select all of them and then you just
press update extensions.
So that’s it, it’s been set up well. Then you have two possibilities,
either you go back to the extensions page or you go back to
the updates of worldpress. So we’ll go back to the wordpress updates
wordpress updates and so same principle here but this time concerning so
extension, you can see that it’s empty now. And now, concerning the
theme same principle sometimes there can be several changes
so either you select on the whole that you select
individually and so the same principle we’re going to do an update for the
theme. So now, everything seems to be updated, everything seems to be correct. So
this allows me to show you another element.
So you can see that the updates are correct. On the other hand
on some themes, sometimes because of the version upgrade, because of the change or
change or update, there may be other plugins that are directly linked to the theme
that are directly linked to the theme that will also need to be updated again
again. So physically with Avada, it’s going to play here. And so you see here, either
you click here on begin updating plugins where you can go
directly here on fusion Patcher.
And so here you see that there are several
patches that we’ll have to apply. So we’ll just come here and there you’ll see
what is the purpose of the change. So we’ll put apply
patch and the second one also apply patch.
Ok so once we have applied the patches, it’s a good thing now we’ll go to begin updating plugins
now we’re going to go to begin updating plugins.
And so you see here, we find ourselves on this page
where it’s actually indicating which plugins are required,
that it is required to update earlier. So typically, it will be
Fusion Core and Fusion Builder.
So here, we’re going to put update.
Okay, and then go back to the plugin, to the page where the plugin is
installed and we go back here and we put update for the last one.
So there you go, you see we don’t have any more
to update. Everything is clean at this level so there you go, it’s perfect. So
i hope that this short video has interested you.
In fact what you need to know with the update of plugins or theme, is that
there are several things to know. Firstly, when you do
an update of themes, depending on the theme you use, it can directly
use, it can directly impact for example the update of plugins
that will be dependent on this theme. This is something that happens
typically happen with Avadar. You can also apply what we call
what we call patches. In any case actually, a pretty simple way
finally to know that you’re going to see notifications. And when you see
notifications, just go to the pages and then update,
apply patches or update the plugins, or the theme first.
Secondly, what I always advise you is that once you have
update your plugins, always check so it can be quick but always check what
quick but always check what your website looks like.
After updating your plugins and your theme. Why? Because in fact, it
often happens that to get the updates, it happens often already and especially
it will really allow you to see if there are ever things that have crashed
on your website or not. It’s part of life, having a website where
finally there are some versioned issues that will be more or
less tolerated. It can happen often. So it can
have an impact more or less important depending on the updates, but always take
always take no less than three minutes to go through your website, connect to an article, connect to
on an article, log in on different pages to see if it’s
running smoothly. And if you ever have any problems, well, you can
actually go back to your backup, and so go to
your backup, and so go to for example siteground to go back
to go back. What you can also do is
directly contact siteground in case you have a problem with your
hosting. So really the update is something that is quite simple. Me
i also advise you to do it regularly.
Don’t wait three years before updating your site because
because sometimes there can be gaps in certain plugins or themes or
plugins or themes or potentially flaws and so
so typically these updates allow you to close these loopholes quite quickly.
So that’s why it’s really important. Try to update
your wordpress site as much as you can and always check, what is the
always, what the result is to avoid having a website that
crashes. I hope this would have helped you. A
soon for the rest !

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