How to uninstall a plugin on wordpress

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today, I’m going to show you how to deactivate and then
uninstall a plugin or an add-on on wordpress. So here you see we are
is on my site so First of all, I’ll have to go to
i’ll have to go and type wp dash admin. And so typically you see
here on dashboard there is a view that is a view that is proposed by a plugin
and it’s something that I don’t like so it’s the plugin that I’m going to uninstall
the plugin that I’m going to uninstall. So to do that, you go to
in extension, installed extension. And there you see, here there is
all the extensions that are installed on my wordpress. Typically
to update, to activate, deactivate or delete add-ons,
extensions on wordpress, everything happens from here. So typically
the element I want to remove is wordpress starter. So it’s going to happen in
two steps in fact. In the first step, you can deactivate
and once it’s deactivated, you can uninstall. Why is it
interesting sometimes to simply deactivate? Simply because,
it can happen at a certain moment when you have a lot of plugins that there are
some kind of conflicts between the different plugins. By
therefore, rather than uninstalling everything each time, well, you can simply
simply deactivate the plugins one after the other to see where there is a problem
there is a problem and where there is potentially a bug or a reason why your
why your website is crashing. Okay so what you’re going to do is you’re
just press disable here and you see now that it’s disabled, we can delete
disabled, we can delete. And so obviously we’re asked for a
confirmation. So wordpress starter has been
Here is a short video that was quite quick. I hope it helped you
and see you soon for the rest !

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