How to start a consulting business?

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Hi, this is Alex. Today we’re going to see together how to start a business
consulting business. So at the beginning obviously then, if you’re in
freelance or if you decide to start your own consulting business, of course, the
obviously, the beginning is difficult because you will have absolutely
no audience, 0 revenue and total non-existence on social networks.
Of course this is normal. So what’s going to be difficult,
it’s going to be to go from 0 to 1 and therefore to start.
The short term objective is to get customers so to generate
revenue. That’s got to be your number one priority
one and so that’s what I’m going to show you now. So how do you go about
to get your first customers. First of all, well, what I would advise you to do is
is to target companies that have cash, especially companies that have recently raised money
that have just raised money recently. And so why is it
interesting for companies that have recently raised funds? Because, for example, if they are
for example, if they are small companies, for example startups, and
well, it’s going to be a lot easier to reach them first of all and
and then you’ll avoid falling into the ultra-complex process of large
groups. And besides, when you start at the very beginning
when you start with the big groups, most of the time, you can forget because
it’s so complicated to approach a large group when you have just
or when you’re a freelancer. Don’t really count on
on big groups at the beginning. Instead, rely on small structures that
will be much quicker to answer you.
And above all, what I advise you to do, create quality content
for these structures or for these companies.
They are your first customers, so take the time to either
for example to make emails or explain how you can help them
help them. Make pdf and visuals, make videos
videos, in short, absolutely personalize your communications in order to really seduce your
first customers. And explain to them concretely how thanks to your
expertise, thanks to your knowledge and finally their company will be able to
improve and therefore have a little more
well even more attraction. So once you’ve created that content,
what I would advise you to do
is to contact as many people in the company as possible and also include the
investors as well. If there are investors, well ultimately their goal is,
insofar as they have placed, they have put money on the table for a company
company, their objective is to see that company prosper
company prosper. So if you want to explain to them
explain to them what your service is and how you can help that company
company to grow globally, they can be a real lever to get that new
be a real lever to get that new client.
Another element, another way to do it, start a blog.
Indeed, this is one of the best ways to get organic traffic
to get traffic, so to bet on the “content marketing” at the level of the leads, it is the
channel number one is content marketing, so definitely focus on that
on it absolutely. That’s why I always tend to tell you to create
a blog and create content regularly with quality content
because it will allow you to gain visibility and to have more and more
visitors, more and more leads and consequently more and more
customers. Another way to do this is to present a webinar
you can present a webinar for example. This can be a very good generator of
this can be a very good generator of customers, especially if you deliver quality content
And then you can use this webinar once you’ve either trained or explained certain aspects of your business
have either trained or explained certain aspects of your business, you can then either
either offer a free service to get the e-mail of interested people, or directly try to sell
interested people, or directly try to sell your paid service.
So, another way of doing things, which requires a budget that is a little more
important even much more important. It is the creation of a tool.
Indeed, when you deliver a tool,
finally there are visitors who will come to use this tool.
Finally, you will be able to exchange the results of this tool for an
e-mail for example, and that’s interesting.
For example, in my case, what I would like to do with Twaino is
is to give the possibility to people who want to go to my
website and to put the URL of their websites and thus to make a tool that
tool that allows you to automatically analyze the SEO performance
performance of a website. And in exchange for this report or its results
visitors will have to put their emails to get this result.
So, it’s an exchange of good practices between quotation marks. Creating a tool is
something that is really effective and can really be a very, very good
traffic generator. So think about it, if you have the budget do it. Another
element, another way to record a podcast,
actually a podcast today can be a real
good business opportunity. You will be able to meet
you will be able to meet the leaders in your field and consequently, the more you will have
people who will listen to you finally this audience will be interested in what you do
what you’re doing and therefore you’re going to have a much better chance of converting
to convert them into customers. So, it’s a very good generator of
of podcast. Same thing with videos, it’s the same
principle. It will really allow you to create trust and interaction with your
trust and interaction with your audience and so by offering quality content, you’re
quality content, you’ll really be able to show what you’re
what you’re capable of. And so, it’s going to be much more conducive to increasing
your sales. In any case, if you start,
start with a niche, start small, start specialized
simply because in fact if you are a generalist, it’s not a good way to differentiate yourself
way to differentiate yourself. And so, start on an activity that you
do better than everyone else, better than anyone else. And then,
you’re going to be able to grow and potentially take on two types
activities, but first, start in a specific sector
specific sector. This will allow you to be perceived as the specialist in your field
your field. So that’s it, I’m done with this
i hope you’ll be interested in this video.
So you see finally, if you want to create your consulting business
or if you’re in the freelance business, obviously the start is what’s
is the hardest part. Getting your first clients is the hardest part
also. So for that, what I would advise you to do is
is to really first target customers who have cash at the beginning and who have a need but who
cash and who have a need but who don’t necessarily know. So, for example, companies that have raised
example, companies that have raised funds, so startups that have raised funds recently
recently, it’s typically a company that will have in any case
to have growth and therefore propose an activity or in any case your service to this kind of
your service to this kind of company.
It can be a very good way to do it. Besides that, obviously having
a blog is important. It is even essential from my point of view if you
if you are comfortable, make podcasts or videos.
These are all additional elements that will allow you to gain in
visibility, gain authority and therefore increase
your number of customers and therefore your income.
See you soon for the rest!

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