How to secure your website ? Switching from Http to Https

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today, I’ll show you how to secure your website
your website and thus obtain the ssl certificate.
Let’s go. So, the objective is actually to get this
ssl certificate. Maybe you don’t know much about it.
In a very simple way, let’s say that in the URL, you will
you will see either a URL where it says http like this or https.
When you see this s here finally, it means that your website,
it is secure. And this is an element that is extremely important to know
because it will have an impact on the way Google will see you in fact.
When you have a secure website, it has two impacts.
First, it has an impact on the user and it is also an impact on
Google. From a user point of view, so we’ll put user,
typically if I go on my site right now, you see that in
draft mode obviously. You see on my site,
it’s unsecured writing here. And when you click on the top left corner, it says
your connection to this site is not secure. That typically, some
users, those who go to a website and see that it is not
secure and well finally it raises questions about the reliability of
your website. So when we see a site that is
not necessarily reliable in any case, which does not appear reliable and well
finally, it’s not necessarily a good thing from a user’s point of view.
They might say to themselves, well is this site really good or not.
So it really has an impact on the user. It’s also a Google impact because,
google in the criteria in quotes to be able to rank better
in Google. Google now takes into consideration precisely the fact that the
site is secure or not. And between a site that is not secure and a site that
secure, Google will tend to prefer more the sites that are
secure. So, it is for these reasons that
today, I’m going to show you how to make your website secure and
so typically I’m going to do it in the context of my website so my
sEO agency called So for that, I’m going to
go directly then. I’m going to show you already how I’m going to proceed.
How to go from http to https.
The idea is quite simple, I will go directly to my
which is called siteground. And so on this hosting, I have
a service that will allow me to encrypt and therefore to have this
ssl certificate. Ok so, that’s what I’m going to show you now
show you now. So for this, I’m going to go to siteground. I’m going to log in,
i’m going to go to my account and then I’m going to go to C panel. Then,
we’re going to go down and we’re going to go to security and let’s encrypt. So the
little lock here, then we’re going to unclick, install new Let’s encrypt
certificate. And so, that’s exactly what we want to do and
so we’re going to choose our domain. The domain I want to secure is And so, we’re going to put encrypted ssl, install. So
the installation has been done correctly.
Now we’re going to update. It may take a little
a little bit more time okay. So what we’re going to do is I’m going to stop this
video and I’ll resume it once the training has arrived. So I just
waited about five minutes. And now, so when I update
my page, it loads and I go to page number 2. You see now,
it’s accessible let’s encrypt. So, here you have to select
https setting. So we’re going to forcehttp. And external
Links Rewrite, we’ll also force it here and then put ok. We’ll simply
check that it’s ok. So, everything is good at this level, so once it’s
done, so we’ll go here and you’ll see automatically
now the https is set up
okay. So, actually if we go to. Here, you’ll have to reconnect again
but that’s normal because in fact the url has been changed and you see that
now on all your page, you have actually the https which
is installed. And so now, we have something that is secure on
your entire website. So, it is extremely relevant both for
users but also for Google. So you see now, the connection
is secure. We have something, so the protocol,
the ssl certificate that is installed correctly,
so it’s validated. So there you have it, it’s finally
a video that was quite quick. The fact of going from http to https from its ground,
it’s quite easy as you can see. And so, I know that sometimes,
there can be little controversies among SEOs, for example, about
the implementation of ssl and especially the https format. Objectively, if you
are out of it, good for you. Stay there, but understand
one thing, it is finally a small update, in any case a small change on your website that can
change on your website that can really allow you to finally
to be better seen. Not only by the users but also by Google because
because Google has been making it extremely clear for several months
now even years. We know that this
is part, the security of your website is part of the elements
that Google takes into account to be well ranked. So do it, it is done
easily, and in the end it can really allow you to be better
to be ranked higher in Google. See you soon!

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