How to recruit in digital marketing?

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hi, this is alex. Today, we’re going to see together how to recruit in marketing.
So, first thing to say, this is something that is relatively
generic for me. I always tend to be suspicious of the resumes that people
sent to me. In fact, distrust is the least I can say
tend to not necessarily read the resumes that are sent to me. Because, sometimes there is
a sort of huge gap between what is on the resume and the
reality. On a resume, you can put anything and everything. And
it’s not recommended of course, but it often happens. So, I’ve had
occasion in the past, let’s say in the case of resumes, that never, that rarely
it’s never, it’s rarely resulted in anything good. So at the moment, I don’t read
i don’t read resumes anymore. In fact, I read resumes just to
the person’s phone number and e-mail. And quickly,
at least as quickly as possible, try to contact them. And in fact, what I’m asking
question I ask is quite simple. It’s not a question, it’s
i’m not asking for a lot of talk for hours. I’m actually asking for someone to show me
what the person is capable of. So, what I do is that if ever
i have the person in front of me, I take my computer, I go on my website, and I ask him
website, and I ask them specifically how you think you can help me on my
think you can help me on my site. How do you think, for example,
increase my traffic. How do you think you can increase
my sales. The person has in front of him my website,
all the codes they want, the different tools they want
also and based on that, I see that she and her path, what is the
process that the person, that the candidate wants to use. And there, it allows
and that really allows us to have elements of understanding.
First of all, it allows us to understand the person and the marketing on the one hand, and secondly,
it allows us to see concretely what the person would be able to do.
Why am I doing this? I’m doing this because in fact, most of the time,
in marketing, we can have people who are extremely good at theory and
who will be able to present things extremely well. And why not?
why not? The thing I’m looking for is people who will be able to do things too
capable of doing things too. So, to implement changes, to test.
In short, to have a practical side that is quite strong. Therefore, for me, it is
important to see if the person, for example, is comfortable or not with
certain tools. To see what the causal links are between
numbers that may appear on my site and the different ways
the different means to put in place to try to improve them.
Another question I ask is: do you have a website?
So just wait on the other point that I’m finalizing because
i didn’t get to the end. In this part, I’m not asking the person to become an expert in
i’m not asking the person to become an expert on my website in less than 30 seconds.
It’s not that at all. The challenge is simply to succeed in capturing
if, first of all, the person is going to use the right concepts on the one hand
the right notions on the one hand. And secondly, it will also allow me to
see if they understand the numbers they see
on the other hand. And so, to act according to that. It is radically different
it’s radically different from having a comparison with someone who is going to tell you broad generalities.
Here, we are talking about a concrete case and therefore about an action that will be
concrete as well.
Second point, which goes a bit in this direction, do you have a
website? When you do online marketing,
in any case, people who want to do online marketing and who don’t have a website, I’ll tell you that
website, I’ll tell you right now, it’s extremely complicated
extremely complicated if not absolutely impossible in fact. Because once again
because once again, we’re going to run into people who will only have a theoretical look at
things. So, if you don’t have a website or on the other hand, if you are busy with
of a start-up and that you have set up the site of a start-up and that you have
that’s another thing.
But concretely, depending on the size of the company, it is really
but in concrete terms, depending on the size of the company, it’s really important to have, to bring something extra.
And so, at the moment, at least for me, online marketing
is something that absolutely has to be tested. So, this is really
the triptych I’m talking about, it’s learn, implement, test. If you are
are able to do that in marketing, you’re going to be, from my point of view, the
king of oil. You’re going to be on top of the game. And
often the problem, I don’t know if it’s a
problem. In any case, the small point that I find
negative is with people who know about marketing and especially with people who are
people who work in marketing in big companies.
They are able to learn very well, they are able to test
very well. On the other hand, in terms of implementation, they are sometimes zero
score. And so, it’s not necessarily an element that
if the person has implemented it, it’s a bit of a must, it’s really the
top of the line. But often, this is a problematic point because,
finally, people who do marketing and especially people who have studied marketing in business school
marketing in business school don’t know how to implement it at all. And this
from my point of view, this poses a problem and that’s why, from my point of view, people
in fact, from my point of view, the people who are the best in marketing
are often people who went to engineering school. And who have
who have been trained in marketing as they go along, because they know how to
because they know how to learn very quickly and they know how to print and
they know how to test. And that’s an essential element overall.
Another element then, and perhaps moreover, this is the element
perhaps even the most essential of all,
it’s going to be the ability to find people who are going to be creative. The only
problem with that is that creativity is extremely difficult to test during an interview
to be able to test it during an interview.
Overall, then maybe we can all claim to be more or less
creative. There are some people who stand out from the crowd in terms of this, and globally if you manage to find a person who is creative, it’s very difficult to find them
you manage to find a person who is really creative from a marketing
marketing point of view and so he will propose new ideas, propose
new tools, new ways. In short, the thinking
in quotation marks outside the box, it’s really important.
In short, someone who has a unique angle and a different perspective,
that’s maybe even more important than the ability to
implement. If you’re someone who’s really creative and you’re not afraid to potentially
not afraid to potentially move the lines on certain aspects it can be really interesting
that kind of profile can be really interesting anyway. So there you go,
i just finished this video. I hope you found it interesting. The
marketing, I’ve already had the opportunity to say it in other
i’ve already had the opportunity to say it in other videos, for me at least, when you start a company, it’s part of the
of the elements that are the sinews of war.
If you start a company and you don’t know anything about marketing,
i’m not saying that your company won’t succeed, I just think that it will be fifteen times more complicated
be fifteen times more complicated. So, if you don’t know anything about marketing
you don’t know, surround yourself. There are people who do this very
people who do this very well. Overall for me, in marketing, I look for people who are going to be
i look for people who are going to be able to learn very quickly.
If they are able to implement, that’s great. If they are also able to
test, that’s really important. And the most important thing
of all, is to find people who are going to be creative. If you find people
who are creative in any case, it will be positive for you and you will succeed in developing your
and you’re going to be able to grow your business. Marketing is ultra important,
put a lot of effort into it if you are an entrepreneur.
It’s very important, see you soonMarke

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