How to make an analysis of the competition?

Video transcription

hi, this is alex, today we’re going to see
together how to make an analysis of the
actually understand the competition
it’s something that is absolutely
essential, why not simply
because most of the time you are
in a given sector with people who
are your competitors here works
in others it’s a safe bet that
it also works for you so
the objective is really to
be inspired by what works and the
others and make sure to
reinterpret the thing and apply it
for your own business too
the other element is actually
also to see what doesn’t work
what doesn’t work at all with the competition is
obviously make sure that you deviate as much as possible
as much as possible from this kind of
situation, so understanding the competition
see what others are doing in the
market is something that is
really important for that there are
several tools there is in particular a
tool that I like called ex
chef is also and it’s ugly and
so these two tools there they will
allow you to do several things
they will allow you to follow
the organic traffic of the competition
actually often done on most of the
most of the websites you will see
that there are certain articles certain
content that particularly attracts
traffic is the goal with this type
of tool it was going to have to finally
other websites and what is it that
concretely attract the world and the
traffic to this website and try to
obviously to put in place
for example a similar content that
may be on a particular format and
so try to get as much inspiration as possible
and look globally at what
others and put it in place
and implement it at home as well
for example you can make a choice
for example to look at the top five
pages that get the most traffic
and try to create similar content
same thing with the keywords there are some
keywords that will attract a lot of
people to the sites
and well finally your goal is going to be
be to see what his keywords are
there and if ever they are accessible
to launch yourself and create content
content in the same style in short
replicate the strategies that will be
winning to make sure that you
win in your turn as well
another tool I like it’s called
it’s called Jewish bildt and so build
riffs it will allow you to
see what tools slash the
sion that are used by the
competition for example if you ever
enter the url of a competitor
you will be able to see for example
which are the plugins that use which
type of cms that are the elements
especially related to monitoring understand
the tools of the competition and well
finally it will also allow you to
to set them up and potentially to outbid each other
potentially just to outbid each other
on them and consequently to have
other tool that I like
i like it is called watts france
where and so this is a tool is
typically that will allow you to
look at which ads have been
have been made by the competition and
same thing same principle
if there are ever ads that work
well for websites that are on the same domain as you
the same domain as you do not hesitate to
try in any case to inspire you
slash for them to replicate what
works well to make sure that
for you the results are good
so one element actually
so it’s more of an aside, let’s say if
you are a start-up
never ever try to
replicate a strategy implemented by a large
set up by a large group, you’re going to get
you will be destroyed
why not simply because in fact
in fact when you are a large group
and when you are a start-up
obviously the means are not the same
the same, so for example
when you are a large group
we can have a branding logic
in other words, make sure that you do
advertisements or simply put your logo
your logo this kind of thing in other words
in other words the return on investment for this
day campaign
it’s completely different from that
of a start-up that’s going to try to
to get an immediate return on
ok so don’t ever copy big
groups if you are a start up it’s
a mistake that’s major another thing
that you can follow when you
want to look at the competition
is for example the number of backlinks
indeed but notably failed
that does that but there are others there are
others too but overall you
will be able to see typically if there is
a real strategy of acquisition of
backlinks and according to that you will
you will see what is the effort that is put
by the companies in relation to
precisely to
it’s backlinks and according to that and
well finally you will be able to
adapt your own strategy and for example
for example if the competition has a
backlinks strategy of 50 backlink
bar per day and you are at
10 overall you can understand
that there is a kind of disproportion is
so you’ll have to put a lot more
of effort much more important on
this kind of area other area not
other element rather of the authority of
domain or domain authority in English
it’s an element so it’s a
measure that is used by third parties
third parties not directly by google but
it’s always interesting to see
what is the authority of your website
compared to the competition is
overall the goal of the beast
is to make sure to increase
globally on our domain authorities
because the more you have an important
domain authorities that you will succeed
to get in on a lot of things
another site that I like is a tool
which is called similar web sourcier
millar web it’s interesting
simply because in fact you will
be able to access in particular the
traffic sources
for example if it is traffic in
reining paid traffic if the direct traffic
in short, so many elements that are
interesting to look at you will
also look at the keywords
which are organic keywords
what brings traffic for the
the competition what are the sources
also from a point of view of the media that
bring back traffic and that they are also
sites that want to be
similar to what you think your competitors are
competitors and therefore it will
allow you to grow between
quotes the mapping the competition
so that’s it for this
video, I hope you found it
you see that globally the
competition is something that is
really important to look at and
overall there are many tools that
will help you
which can be a bit complicated
when you do a competition analysis, in particular, you must not get lost in
competition, you mustn’t get lost in
because there are many levers
a lot of elements and it can go
in all directions, but what I really recommend
really recommend is to
to use one or two paid tools
for example if you can use and
very proud mme raîche it’s really top
after there are other things that I could
show you that they are free like
for example similar web obviously
in terms of reliability we are a little bit
below but it can be if you start with zero
start with zero budget it can be
one of the good tools anyway but
but globally be careful to look at what others are doing
what others are doing on your market
your market
it will allow you to adapt and go fast
adapt and go fast in fact on the
decision making and globally in
in a world where everything goes much faster
faster at the moment and if you
miss out on what the
art competition globally you can really
you can really screw up your business completely
your business out of it so
looking at what other people are doing
what other people are doing without being
completely obsessed with what they’re doing
simply because when you’re
focused on what the competition is doing
on what the competition is doing you can forget
your own personality
the company and its own branding and
even your own marketing strategy so
look at it but not too much, see you soon
for the continuation

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