How to learn online marketing?

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Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together how to learn marketing
online marketing? So for this, I made a quick presentation
presentation, so on powerpoint in order to present you the different
elements that I found. So, first of all, are we still learning
online marketing at university? Or rather, should we
online marketing at university? In business school?
or in IUT? So I don’t want to get into the polemical
i don’t want to get into the polemical register, but from my point of view, the answer is clearly “No”.
Why not? Simply because in fact these channels, they are not necessarily
adapted. First of all, you can for example have manuals that are
completely outdated, a completely outdated manual is something that
something that happens very quickly in online marketing because it’s a subject that goes
it’s a subject that’s going such a fast pace and it’s a content that had such a fast pace with
speed with changes that can be so radical in a short period of time that even the
that even the book format itself, from my point of view, is not
necessarily suitable for online marketing.
That’s the first point, the second point, one of the risks with actually these
classic learning channels, is to fall on a teaching
that will be purely theoretical. In online marketing
the field is much more interesting and much more important in general than
theory. This is why, rather than having a teaching staff that is
purely theoretical teaching, it is much more relevant to have a teaching staff that is
teaching, it is much more relevant from my point of view to have professionals
professionals or in any case to have people who have had the opportunity to create
a website or who have had the opportunity to implement marketing strategies
marketing strategies in order to get feedback on these issues
to these problems in fact. So the objective for me is not to
to denigrate the teaching profession, personally, in my family there are many teachers, we are either
a lot of teachers, we are either teachers or in the medical profession
so overall, I have no prejudice against the teaching profession
i don’t have any prejudice against the teaching profession. I just think that for marketing
marketing, it’s really a subject that is
extremely complicated, if not practically impossible to teach with relevance in
relevance in the traditional teaching channels. So how do you learn?
One of the best ways, from my point of view, is going to be
to feed yourself with blogs. Blogs, especially those of important influencers, here are some of them
i’ve noted some of them. So, there is for example, backlinko, Moz,
Neil Patel, Gotch. So for the time being, these are resources
i will have the opportunity on my website to make an article
where I will also add resources in French, but know that
to be on the lookout, in terms of blogs
is something that is important, because you will be able to see the latest
you will be able to see the latest news, and especially in the data the Blogs that I have proposed to you
you, these are people who are going to test the latest
the latest news, and so it will really allow you to be up to date
allow you to be on the lookout. In fact, for me the best methodology to
learn marketing online, and that’s why, from my point of view, the classic
the classic teaching method in university or business school is not necessarily adapted to
is not necessarily adapted. Simply because in fact, you have to be
in this perspective of learning, implementing, testing. And constantly
repeat this process, because you never finish learning in marketing and
and above all what will be important is that rather than learning for the sake of learning
learning, we have to get into the hard part, and in particular into
implementation and testing. This is something that is very relevant
and that will really allow you to progress as quickly as possible
quickly as possible. So, that’s why having a website
is something that’s not optional at all, from my point of view, if you want to do
you want to do online marketing, you absolutely have to have a website. From
websites, I’ve had the opportunity to make some videos
videos to show you how to make a website.
Overall, today it’s pretty easy to have a website,
it doesn’t cost a lot of money, and globally if you are interested in online marketing, you
marketing, you absolutely must have a website to test. For
learn, implement, test, it’s something that’s essential. Another
is that more than just theory, with a website you’re going to get into practice
with a website you will get into practice. So you will be able to see the different elements that you will change
different elements that you will change, different changes and see what the results will be
see what the results will be. Another element
is “learn before to earn”, so learn before you earn.
Indeed, the learning curve in online marketing is
presented. And overall, run away from all the
people especially then on youtube people who will tell you that
you can make a lot of money in two minutes. Online marketing requires a minimum of time
requires a minimum amount of time, you have to really focus on it
to start getting your first returns.
Then, it’s a domain that is quite vast, that is quite huge
the amount of knowledge and information to assimilate
information to assimilate. Consequently, and moreover, this is a criterion that I always tend to
criterion that I always tend to… Which is for me the most important criterion of
entrepreneurship, be persistent. So, if you’re going to get into online marketing, don’t
marketing, don’t say to yourself, “Okay well I’m going to learn this, I’m going to read where I
watch a training course for 30 minutes and then I’m going to know everything
everything about it”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that,
you have to dig deeper than most people do
in order to be successful at being good at online marketing. So the
so persistence is really an element that is paramount.
Right, so “learn, learn and learn” all the time, I actually say that because the
i’m saying that because if you’re going to get into online marketing at some point, you have to know that it’s
time, know that it’s not a subject or a notion that is set in stone
is set in stone. Again, it’s constantly evolving, so if you
so if you say to yourself at some point. “Well, I know all about online marketing, now I don’t have
i know everything about online marketing, now I don’t have to learn anything” and well, your mindset,
your mindset is not the right one at all. You’re going to be in a non stop, so
in a beginner’s position is maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but in any case in a
position of learning new things and trying new methods
all the time. Another way to learn properly is to
to get in touch with people in your industry and
especially if there are people who are doing online marketing in blogs or videos, etc
blogs or videos, etc…
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them, and that can be something that
can be very interesting, it allows you to develop your network too, so
so overall I think it’s something that I would recommend you to do. And
even more so because, finally, even if at the beginning you are
a little novice or a little new, afterwards, by learning, by being
persistent, you will be able to increase your knowledge and therefore
bring some elements, some help to people who at the beginning
people who at the beginning may have been important influencers
but were not aware of the latest news
because in any case, you can’t be aware of everything that is happening all the time in online
in online marketing, there is way too much information.
Then, actually, this is something I believe in a lot
i believe in a lot. help others”, so it’s really what we call “pay forward” and
pay forward” and indeed the more you tend to help others, to inform them about
others, to inform them about things, the more they will
they will tend to help you too. So is there a
cause and effect relationship that automatically, the answer is no. But
but if you help a lot of people, you can at a certain point maybe have
but if you help a lot of people, you can at some point maybe get some feedback.
So don’t really count on it, but know that
so don’t really count on it, but know that sometimes, when you help enough, at least I’m
hope to believe that sometimes you can have benevolent souls who will help you in return
help you in return. Then, “focus on
learning rather than money”. Indeed, the money will come, spend
your time learning, focus on learning,
execution and testing and in any case if you do it with
with consistency. You will succeed in the end I guarantee it, and so the money will come
guaranteed, and so will the money.
To conclude, so how do you learn online marketing? The first point
point I had the opportunity to present to you is really blogs and influencers
and influencers. Indeed, there are several blogs, several influencers
that are really relevant. So I advise you to
follow them. Second point, if reading articles is not your thing
reading articles is not really your thing, you can also watch videos, there are more and more
also actually watch videos, there are more and more videos
on youtube, you can also see content on linkedin.
So overall, it’s really relevant to feed yourself with information and
especially the big advantage of video is that it will allow you to see
concretely how people are doing to implement certain solutions, and
solutions, and so overall it’s really
a good way to do it. Another element that I really appreciate
personally, are the podcasts. Podcasts are
perfect, in fact for example if you are in public transport or if you take the
or if you take the car in the morning, and you want to learn and at the same time
learn and at the same time you are doing a related activity, sport or
activity, sport or whatever. Well actually podcasts are a really good way to do that
a really good way to do it. And for me, it’s something
that I particularly appreciate, because it’s really thinking in
movement. So it’s something I like. Then twitter, so
actually, with twitter you can follow the influencers and therefore be
the latest information from important influencers. And
be on the lookout for news, it’s really something
something important. So that’s it, that’s it for this
video, I hope you enjoyed it. In conclusion, I would like to
really like to tell you that first of all, to do online marketing, schools or universities
schools or universities are not necessarily the most suitable methods, let’s say, from my
the most adapted methods, let’s say, from my point of view. On the other hand, having a website
is relevant, and especially learn to implement and test. If you have to
really retain something from this video, it’s really this idea that without
first of all you’re always going to have things to learn in online marketing and
marketing and above all, always be in the testing mindset.
Because ultimately, that’s going to be the most important thing
and that’s how you’ll be able to progress and rather than doing theory, you’ll really
theory, you’ll really get straight into
into practice. So this is my first video on online marketing
i hope you enjoyed it, see you soon for the rest…

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