How to launch a website without a budget?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today we’re going to see together how to launch your website
without a budget. So for me, if you want to launch your website
from my point of view, there are really two things that it is essential to know.
Firstly, it’s SEO, secondly it’s content. Why
sEO? Well, SEO is ultra important because if you don’t have a minimum
have a minimum of knowledge or a minimum of basis in it, you risk creating content
you risk creating content that will ultimately serve no purpose.
For example, if you have a website and you don’t set up your
your website correctly so that google can index, well crawl and index
your website correctly. Finally, it will be useless. So you must have
a minimum of basis at least at the beginning from my point of view to launch his site
website properly. Second point the content,
indeed a content, on your website you must have pages and you must have
must have articles. Without content, it’s an empty copy in fact. By
therefore, no one will go to a website that is going to be empty.
So it’s going to be for you, it should be a priority for you anyway if
you want to launch your website and if you want to have traction at some point, it’s going to be
at some point, you have to create content. Because obviously
in fact, when people go to Google, say okay, they go to Google
why do they go to Google? Because they have questions, they’re looking for something.
Your objective with your website is to bring answers to the questions that people ask
answers to the questions that people have.
If you bring detailed quality answers, it will work for you in the
the medium to long term. If you ever think ok well what
questions that people are asking, then you can go to the facebook accounts
you can go on the facebook accounts. You’ll see the amount of questions
that there can be on Facebook groups dedicated to your business.
Or you can also go on “” to see
actually what kind of questioning you can have on what kind of
type of industry. There are so many questions that you’re going to
have to choose from, so what I recommend is to choose the questions that are the most
the questions that are the most popular, for example those that have created
that have generated the most responses or have the most views. In short,
see what works best. And then the goal is to
make sure that you create content that is unique and different, well that is
different earlier and very detailed and that allows you to answer these questions
answer these questions that people are asking. Just tell yourself that in fact,
when an answer is given and a question is asked earlier,
it’s quite possible that in a few weeks, a few days,
a few months, other completely different people will be asking
exactly the same questions. And so your objective will be to make sure that you
to answer and anticipate this question and to do so, bring the best answer
the best answer you are capable of. The better your answer,
the more detailed and precise your answer, the better it will be for you because
because finally, you will succeed in capturing little by little this organic traffic
with these questions from people who agree. So once you have this
quality content, what I would advise you to do is to try
obviously, is to try to share it.
For example on facebook, twitter, and linkedin actually, you could
say ok well, I’m creating my content now so I’m waiting for it to rank well
ranked in Google. Indeed, it is something that is feasible.
You will see results in the next six months or a year.
However, you should know that what is interesting when you share
on social networks is that it will be a kind of gas pedal in fact,
it’s a real boost, an element that will allow you to immediately
immediately to have a visibility. So it’s interesting for
that, I advise you to share as much as possible the content that you will create
especially because if it’s quality content, you can be proud of it and it
and it can interest people ok.
Another thing about content creation. For me in fact? there are
several ways to create content. You can create your content on your website
content on your website but also on other websites. For me in a first
for me at least, it is very important to build what I call
the fundamentals. In other words, create content on your own website
for the time being ok. Later on, we can do what we call
guest articles to get visibility on other websites.
And in the first instance, really try to spend some time consolidating
your website because finally, it is like each
article, it’s a bit like stones that you’re going to add to your
your building. Therefore at the beginning, rather than going in all directions,
concentrate on your website and make a lot of quality articles. And
ultimately, that’s what’s going to get you traffic to your site in the next six months
to get traffic on your website directly. Afterwards indeed,
another element that is interesting is the fact of doing guest articles
guest articles. That concretely, it simply means that you will contact
for example other websites and you will ask them if you can create
content for them that they will publish on their own site.
What’s the point? Well the point is, probably, you’re
you’re going to get what’s called a backlink. In other words there will be a link on their
website that will link back to yours. So that’s positive overall. And
overall what will be important too, well what will be interesting with
guest articles, is to try to target websites
obviously that will have an audience that is similar or even very
very close to yours in any case. So it will allow you, it will allow
you to be known by an audience that doesn’t know you
know you in the immediate future. And therefore to increase your circle of
of influence. Another way to do this than guest articles, you can
actually write, including making responses on groups
facebook groups to get visibility. You can also answer on Quora
and therefore on Reddit. There is a lot of reliable content
that can be posted on this kind of platform and there are many
questions that are asked and therefore, the more relevant your answers will be
relevant that you will tend to help people the more these
people will ultimately be grateful to you. And they will
curious to know what kind of content you have produced on the side
content. Another element is the podcast or the youtube channels, so
videos, if you have the possibility to participate in a quick way in interviews
for example, to participate in interviews, it’s something that can be very interesting
interesting because finally you will be able to establish your status as an expert
establish your status as an expert or at least make your brand known.
Make your product or service known. And so, this is something
and so, that’s something you have to work towards.
So that’s it, I’m done with this video
interested. So you’ve seen finally, it’s
possible to launch a website with a budget of practically nothing.
But you should know that it’s much more difficult to start a website
with no budget than with a minimum budget. However, just because it’s more
that it is impossible. In my situation for example
with my SEO agency Twaino, I am exactly in that situation. And I have a
budget that is almost nothing and so the objective for me is to create content
to create content. That I try to make sure that it’s
quality content. And so here I am in exactly the same situation
and in my case, for example, that doesn’t prevent me from
for example, that doesn’t prevent me from making infographics, from making images, from making videos and
to write my content myself in order to have this visibility afterwards
this visibility afterwards. As I indicated during my presentation
presentation, in my case at least until now, I am really trying to consolidate the
trying to consolidate the fundamentals of my site.
For the moment, I have about twenty, I write about twenty
articles. I’ve made about 20 videos too.
The objective is to consolidate this content and then why not go and propose articles
why not go, well, propose guest articles already on my own website.
It’s going to be something interesting and also go outside to write
other guest articles on other sites knowing that I know that on a fairly regular basis
i know that on a regular basis, I publish answers on some facebook groups
facebook groups, precisely to help the SEO community or also to help the word community
obviously to help the wordpress community.
In short, I make sure to be on different types of
sites to help as much as I can the people who need it
need it. So that’s it for this video, don’t lose hope if you
don’t lose hope if you don’t have a budget, you can still launch your website and succeed
your website and succeed on the internet. It’s just going to take longer, it’s going to be more
complicated, but not impossible. See you soon!

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