How to install WordPress easily in less than 5 minutes ?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today, we are going to install wordpress. Let’s get started! You
will see this video, it will be quite, quick because it’s quite simple in fact to
to install wordpress. For that, what we are going to make, it is in a first
first, we’ll go to siteground.
So, this is the place where there is both, my domain name. There is also
also my hosting, the servers let’s say, okay. So, once we
siteground, what we’re going to do, we’re going to go to a section
which is called the C panel. And in this C panel, you will see, there are several
sections. And we’ll go to, I think it’s: Auto install wordpress.
So, the automatic installation of wordpress,
and what we’re going to do is, in this section, we’ll simply choose
the right domain name. And so typically, the good domain name in our case, it will be
our case, it will be So this is the agency that I am
i’m creating. So once it’s done, so
it’s something that will be quite quick, you’ll see
you’ll see. When we’ll type on the internet,,
we’ll have our site available. But of course
obviously, it’s going to be a basic site because I won’t have made any changes to it yet
modifications on it. I won’t have changed the images,
in short, it will be the basic version of wordpress. But this site will be
available and then of course, we’ll have to work on it
ok. Let’s go. So first step, so we’ll classify the step
one, two and then three. This is a bit of a check, actually.
Okay so step one siteground, so we’re going to put login so we’re logging in.
I’m going to go to my account.
Okay, and here, apparently, you can see here, it says
so domain service, domain, so that’s good.
Then I go to go to C panel. I told you the domain name,
just to show you that it was directly integrated
in siteground. And so, you see, there, we have the section called C panel.
So, next we’re going to go to the auto-installer. And so in
auto installer, you see, there are several possibilities and so we’ll
click on wordpress ok. So, there you see different sites that I have or in which I have already
now, we’ll put install now.
Then,, up it’s here. So
i’m going to put the version, so if the site has ssl ok, for the moment, I don’t have the
i don’t have the secure version yet, so I’m going to put http like this. So the name of the site,
it’s going to be Twaino, descriptions, so we’ll put SEO agency. So,
tac, administration, then of course they’ll tell you
what the codes are to be able to connect you.
So I’m going to put alex, let’s say, up and
hop, and then I’ll put in a password
that I’m going to remember.
Ok, so here it is Admin email,, why not. So,
select, we’ll put in French, it works.
Taq, classic editor, ok all that, it seems correct we’ll mark :
install. And we’ll put ok. Oh no, maybe not.
So, what I did, the two passwords, in the password
that I indicated, always keep it in mind. Well, if you forget it,
you can always change it via siteground.
But in fact, this is what will allow you to connect directly
to the site you have created. So, you’ve also seen, there are degrees of
security and so obviously the stronger it is,
the better. So, feel free to use upper case, lower case, numbers and
numbers and exclamation marks, that kind of thing to avoid having your website easily
your website easily hacked. So there you see the installation is being
being done. It’s something that’s relatively
fast. Okay and so now, you see, there are
there are two possibilities. Either or Twaino
with a slash wp dash admin okay. This is the official site, so if you click on it, you’ll see your
click on it, you see your site now, it exists. So,
if you log in, no matter where you are in the world and
and you type, you will directly come across the website.
Okay, obviously, at the moment this site is not optimized at all.
It is not very beautiful either, in short, there are many things to do
on it. But your site, at least your content, exists. The other
url you see here, wp dash admin, if you click on it
on it,
then we’ll put there exit. There you see, you are finally in the hidden side
let’s say of your website. Typically, the technical changes
or changes related to your articles, your content or your pages will be made
from this view, which is obviously not accessible to the
general public. So now your
site obviously exists in its current state. It’s not very useful, because you’ll have to
it’s not very useful, because you’re going to have to improve it, change it, and create content. But if you type in,
you’ll find my website.
So there you go, I’m done with this video. So that was a pretty
quick video. You can see that installing wordpress is
something that can be done in a few clicks.
So, don’t hesitate. It’s really, wordpress is extremely powerful it will
really allow you to have a website that is huge that will have
a lot of visibility. So frankly, I know that wordpress,
i use it a lot. And it’s really extremely powerful and I highly
highly recommend it. So I’m done here, see you soon for a
next video in which I will really show you how to set up your website and
how to set up your website and make it so that the site that is currently
not really functional, becomes functional. And be
really a good marketing lever for my business, for my agency. See you soon!

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