How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress site?

Video Transcript

Hi, this is Alex. Today I’m going to show you how to install Google
analytics for your wordpress site.
The way to own it, it’s going to be the following. Google analytics, it will allow you to
it’s a free tool that is offered by Google and that will allow you to follow
to follow in a more precise way what is your level of
traffic. What are your traffic sources, what are your conversions. So,
it’s really an extremely powerful tool. So to proceed,
we are going to go on your wordpress site, so mine in particular,
And on, I had the opportunity to install a theme
called Avada. Avada in its settings has a section where you can access
you can have access to what we call the tracking code.
This is in the Avada settings. So, what we are going to do is that I am going to
i will go directly to google analytics.
I’m going to get a code so this tracking code. What I’m going to do
simply do is that I will take this code from Google Analytics and I will
integrate it on my site with my Avada theme. There will be a specific
specific part that I’m going to show you. Let’s get started! So first thing to do
do, we go to the site and I have to go on my console so then,
i’m going to go to an Avadar, theme option so here, you see there are many
and you can see here in advanced so advance code Fields traking.
So this is what, you have to click on. Here, there is a part called
actually tracking code and so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to
we’re going to go and get the information from google analytics and we’re going to copy and paste it
here. So, for that, we go to Google Analytics.
If you don’t have an account, of course, you have to register.
Then, once we are here, you go to the administration, create
a property, so we’re going to create this new property
for this site. So it will be called Twaino. It’s
https,, sectorial category. So, commerce industry, is there
would there be anything in the way of consulting,
not really. We’ll put internet and telecom, that’s pretty vague.
Then the time zone we put obviously, France and then get
a tracking ID.
And you see now, here we will have this code that we will copy and we will
and simply paste it here. So in the tracing code, in this part here, once it’s done, we’ll
once it’s done, we save it.
So let’s see if it worked.
ok so here is the manipulation is done obviously as far as
we don’t have any information collected yet. Obviously all this
home, personalization, etc., hearings, everything is empty. And so, I really invite you
you really invite you if you ever have a website that is safe on wordpress
and websites in general to really install google analytics, you
you see it is a manipulation that is not very complicated to do that will
really allow you to get a lot of information about your website and
especially in terms of your traffic. So as you could see,
finally setting up google analytics for your website,
is both quick and simple so I advise you to do it
you to do it especially since google analytics is a tool that is free and that will be
free and which will be ultra powerful thereafter. It will allow you to
allow you to see the sources of your traffic and the quantities the volume of
traffic that comes to your website and therefore I strongly advise you to
set up as soon as possible.
Google analytics, it’s good there is another tool that I like to use
also, it’s Google Search Console. In a future video, I will have the opportunity to
show you how to synchronize Google analytics with google search console which
analytics with google search console which is going to be another extremely powerful tool
powerful tool, especially for SEO, in order to follow which keywords are the most important, the most
important, the most traffic generators for your website.
That’s another topic. See you soon for another video.

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