How to install a theme on WordPress ?

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Hi, this is Alex. Today, I’m going to show you how to
install a theme on wordpress. Let’s go !
So, install a theme on wordpress. For that, we will already start from
obviously from wordpress. The theme in two words very quickly, is what will
you can actually customize, arrange let’s say the design aspects of your
design aspects of your website. Ok so there for example, at the moment
so on my site, Twaino, I’m going to come back here. You
you see, the site is not at all designed correctly.
So there, I have a basic version so, there is no
modification. So obviously, a theme like that is not relevant.
And so, I will have to fix the design of the site.
Therefore, I’m going to make some changes in this direction.
Modifications in this sense, it’s really related to the theme. So for example, if sometimes you want to completely change
example, if sometimes you want to completely change your way of communicating
communicate through your website, the theme is really useful for that. And
it’s something that you can change quite easily.
After all, it can change your structure a little bit or the way you present information obviously
information obviously. But overall, it’s something that is
done in a fairly simple way. As far as the themes are concerned, we will obviously have
two main categories. There will be themes that will be free on one side and the
paying themes on the other. The free themes, there are some that are extremely good, there are also some that are
good, there are also some that are paid, which are extremely bad. What you need to know
to know in general, there are a lot of themes ok. So I’m going to
so I’m going to show you some places, some platforms, especially a platform called
platform called themeForest or envatomarket.
Where you will be able to find a lot of themes that are sold.
And that typically, in front of such a choice,
sometimes it can be a little difficult to know which one is the best.
One of the ways to choose your theme, there can be several ways then
first of all, obviously, there are minds that will be design.
Don’t take a theme that you don’t like at all because it is above all
your brand identity that you will develop on your website.
So the design is something that will be extremely important.
Another element that will be important, it will also be related to the speed of
loading speed. In terms of themes, there are themes that are extremely heavy
and which are not at all optimized to go fast.
So sometimes, we can have themes that from a design point of view are
beautiful. But if they are things that will load in five or more than ten
seconds in any case, you shouldn’t go for this kind of thing at all
because we’re trying to do something that’s not going to make sense at all. So you have to avoid
Another important element is the fact that the theme
must be absolutely responsive, so globally at the moment most of the themes are
most of the themes are responsive. It means that it will
work. It’s going to fit both on the phone and on the
tablet and also on the computer. It may sound a bit obvious to say it like that but there are still
to say it like that but there are still some websites that are not at all
responsible. And the problem with that is that as more and more people connect to the Internet, they are
more and more people who connect to the internet from their mobile phone and
cell phone, well, that makes the
the user experience extremely poor in the end. So, that’s why
that having a theme that works on all platforms
it’s really important. After that, there can be other elements to speed
typically, that includes, there are some themes that are heavy.
Especially in terms of javascript requests, so it can be
extremely consuming and therefore it can slow down your system,
which is not a good thing. So here it is, between the two, so free, paid
there are really some free themes that are very
and some paid themes that are very bad. There’s not really a, you have to
you really have to look at the customer reviews to see what they mean.
The thing that I would always advise you to do with the theme is to
theme, is to always take themes that are relatively reputable
relatively well known. Simply because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a theme that nobody
otherwise you’ll end up with a theme that nobody uses. And that means that in terms of
support, it can be extremely poor or non-existent. So
finally, you’re going to be forced to call on professionals to make the slightest change
professionals to make the slightest change or the slightest piece of code
on your website. So, it all depends on your budget.
But if you have a limited budget, I really don’t recommend it. First of all,
if you really have a limited budget,
you can’t afford things that are purely custom,
it’s impossible. All of this requires a pretty big budget, let’s say
large budget. But on the other hand, actually try to take a theme that already has
a lot of reviews that has had a lot of approval from customers. This is something that is important
something that is important. So these free themes or these paid themes,
so we’ll start with the paid themes. The paid themes, you can
on this type of platform for example ThemeForest.
And there what I typed on the internet, I typed in particular the best-sellers so
the best sellers for wordpress themes.
Typically, the theme that we are going to install together, it’s a theme that is a little
old but still number 1 in sales.
And it will be Avada. Avada, I bought Avada,
for three, four years now, so three years. It’s a theme
theme that is a bit old now but that works extremely well and that I have the opportunity to
the opportunity to create several websites with this theme. So, we will go with
this theme. After, there are things much more
recent now but that can cost a little more too.
So here it is, it really depends on your budget. If you have a little bit bigger budget, I could advise you
if you have a bigger budget, I could recommend you other types of themes
but let’s say for 60 dollars, you can have a theme that is
extremely solid and that will allow you to really create a site that
that’s going to be professional. To get a better idea of how your website is going to look, with this type of
your website is going to look like, with this type of theme, you see every
there are buttons that are preview buttons, that will allow you to see what it will look like
that will allow you to see what it will look like in reality.
Typically with something like Avada, well you’re going to have several
possibilities. You see here, all these are websites that have been created
by Avada and that are going to be available to you okay. So me,
typically when I create my website, I think I’m going to
install this model. So it’s called AvadaSEO, so it’s pretty much
so it’s a good fit. And so here we put a small presentation
presentation and then we have the classic website
website. So the idea is to really import the
type of content and then work on it because obviously, it’s much faster to work on something that
obviously, it’s much faster to work on something that already exists
rather than starting from an empty page
let’s say a blank page. So there you have it,
the way to do it, it’s going to be quite simple, this is what I’m going to show you
now I’m going to go there. I’m on my site, so
and so from, I’m going to go here and I’m going to go to
i’m going to go to, either dashboard or theme. We’re going to go directly to theme.
And then I go directly to my theme. If you had gone to
dashboard, just go to appearance and
then theme and you’ll be back on it. There are different elements that
you see there. The fact that they already have three themes that are installed by
your website by default when you install
install Avada. When you install wordpress. And
so typically what’s installed right now is a theme that’s
called Twenty Nineteen. And you see, there’s two others that are here. And
so, if you look at the live preview here,
you’ll see that finally my site as it was before will be
be completely transformed. And now you see Twaino SEO Agency.
This is what my site looks like. So if I activate it, it allows you
extremely quickly to see a result. And if I hit here, so
on preview live for the last type of themes,
now my website would look like this okay.
So, the idea now, well what I’m going to do is maybe before I
going to do maybe before I show you something else quickly. If
if you press here, on add, you will be able to actually
fall on other types of themes that can be either free or
paid. And so if you have a budget that is really
budget, you can install themes that will be difficult to customize
be difficult to customize. But they are going to be quite design in the end so
that will work very well. So there is a possibility to sort out a theme that
you can sort out a theme that may fit you and you can here?
filter out something that you’re going to like. You see we have 4000 that are available here.
So it goes from blogging to e-commerce, to education, in short, depending on your
depending on your needs, there are really a lot of possibilities,
a lot of choices in the themes that are offered.
So we’ll come back to the theme and what I’m going to do is, a few years ago now, I was
a few years ago now, three years ago, I bought this theme which is called
i bought this theme called Evada which is the most sold theme in the history of
in the history of themes, at least on wordpress. So,
it’s something that is in quotes the order of reference. After that,
it’s true that at the moment, there are things that can be a little more
up to date, let’s say. But in any case in view of the price, we have something
that is extremely correct, that works well and that I know extremely well
extremely well too. So for that, I bought the
the Avada theme and when you buy the Avada theme, you actually reach a point where
when you buy the Avada theme, you actually get to a point where you can download the
full package. So, that’s it and the idea for me
will be to install my theme, so I’ll go here and I’ll click on add a new theme
here and I’ll click on add a theme.
Then, I’ll click on upload a theme. So this, either
you choose, or you click directly to choose the right document
or you can actually upload it. So we’ll take the
avadazip file,
it’s good. It’s here and then I press install.
So the theme has been installed, so if we put
live preview,
and you see already, the shape of my website has
completely changed already okay. So we’ll close here and I’ll
put here activated. So there you go, then actually, so the installation so
there will be updates to do simply because my theme that I bought, at least the document that I
i bought, or at least the document that I uploaded is already old.
So indeed, there will be updates to do immediately,
there is also a key that will be important to integrate here.
This key, you will receive it either by e-mail or by creating an account
an account, so as far as I already have this information, I will integrate it
this information, I’m going to integrate it and I’m taking the liberty of hiding this
page simply because in fact, the code is not invisible, so I don’t want it to be
so I don’t want you to see my code.
So that’s it. So that’s it now my account
is installed correctly. So, I’ve integrated my registration code and
so you can see here, I have something new
new that has just appeared on this part of the site, namely the Avada module
avada module that will allow me to control and make changes to my content
in my content, okay. So what we’re going to do first of all, now that it’s done
now that it’s done, we’ll go to Go Manage Plugings because with an Avadar
and on some of the themes actually, some add-ons or
some plugins may be more or less mandatory. And you
see here for example, typically, I have to install something that
called merge body and merge core and merge builder. So these are things
that I’m going to install. If I don’t install them at the level of the
if I don’t install them in my theme’s visuals, it won’t work very well.
So now go to the site. So now
my website, so obviously at the moment, it’s still
still completely empty. But in any case, Avada is the theme and installed
correctly on it. So you see finally, it’s not so complicated to
set up a theme on wordpress just take care of several things
things. First of all, when you are going to choose your theme, try to take
something that is a relatively reputable theme simply
because in fact, it will allow you to avoid problems. For example with
for example with the support. Especially if you are starting with wordpress and you don’t have
you don’t necessarily have any knowledge in code and you still want to have a website
still want to have a website. And have a website that looks good,
take a theme that has a reputation where there are many downloads, because
because eventually you’re going to be able to either go to the forums or
contact the company directly and they can help you to
they will be able to help you set up your wordpress theme in a much easier way.
In any case, the wordpress theme is an important element. You must
try to choose a code, well, a theme that has a relatively clean code and make sure
relatively clean and also make sure to have a theme that is
relatively fast to load. If you take themes that are going to be
be too heavy, the problem is that it will have an impact on the
it will have an impact on your whole website. And from a
user experience point of view, it’s going to be bad and from an SEO point of view
it’s something that I don’t recommend at all. Me, in the context of
so my site Twaino, so for an SEO agency,
i decided to work with a theme that I know well called
Avada which is the most downloaded theme. Some people like it, others like a little
me. Me until now, I have always been quite satisfied with what I could
with this theme. So overall, it’s something that I would
recommend it to you. After the themes, globally there are some
other themes that are extremely good too. But don’t worry. I’ve had the opportunity
the opportunity to make other videos to introduce you,
which are the best themes and which ones will allow you to have a good performance
you to have a good performance and especially good visuals
finished for this video. See you soon !

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