How to import a demo theme on wordpress ?

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My Avada theme contains several designs, several of the words that I’m going to
i’m going to be able to import into my site. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you
show you now. The advantage of this type of theme is that it finally
gives you the possibility and a much larger scope to decide what kind of
finally decide what kind of website you want to create
you want to create afterwards. Let me show you.
So when you have your wordpress site, you will install a
theme. That’s what I did in the president video. This theme,
is broken down into several sites let’s say of demonstration. For example, in
my case, so I installed Avada. So there is a theme that is the most
sold theme. You see here click. Here you see, these are all the
demonstration websites that you can install directly on your
wordpress site. And that’s much easier because for example, if you
photographer or if you are a lawyer, if you have an activity in finance, if you have a
if you have a hotel and typically, you can be inspired by the themes that are proposed
directly from the themes that are proposed, or at least from the demos that are proposed, and install them
and install them immediately on your site.
This will really make things easier for you because it avoids
because you don’t have to start from scratch. So typically, what I’m going to do is
i’m going to do is that there was a demo theme
which was linked to Avada, which is called AvadaSEO. And
what I’m going to do is that I’m going to take this theme, AvadaSEO and
so I’m going to install it directly, import it on my site
so, okay. But, that’s exactly what I’m going to
show you now. So for that, you’re going to go to dashboard,
then you go to demo and you see here, it’s exactly the same
list that we have here, okay. So, obviously, I forgot to tell you
but if you click on this one for example, you’ll see the representation
you’re going to get the representation. Well, it’s a bit long because when I put the video on it always tends to be
i put the video on, it always tends to take a little longer to load.
So here, typically, what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring this
theme so this demo on my own wordpress. That will allow me to have
a good base. So, I’m going to close this, and so typically, the theme that I’m interested in,
well, there are several and the classic one, Avadaseo so the one I’m interested in
to install, it’s going to be this one. So, if you have any doubts you can do a preview
you can do a preview and if not you can import.
So, for that, there will be some elements that will be
be requested to be installed, especially Contact forms 7. It is therefore
an add-on or a plugin that allows precisely, which is a contact form.
So in any case, it’s something I should have installed,
Slider revolution, and so that’s typically something I’ll install as well.
This is a little longer, so this is typically slider
revolution is what will allow you to make presentations that are a little more dynamic
presentations a little more dynamic, let’s say. So, it’s something I don’t know, on the
so, it’s something I don’t know, in the long term, if I’m going to keep it because sometimes it tends to really slow down the speed of
because sometimes it tends to really slow down the loading speed. But let’s say that in the
let’s just say that for the time being, it’s something that I’m
going to install. And then the other thing that I’m going to click on,
So that’s importing the content. So the idea is to really import
all the content. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to do
necessarily have to do the same thing and you can just
for example just install the blogs.
Well just the aspects for example such option or widget,
i want to have also the posts, the different pages, the portfolio, the images, in short I will import absolutely everything
images, in short I’m going to import absolutely everything.
And from that, in fact, it will allow me to have, for example, the size references for the
for example, the size references for the images and then if I ever
i’ll delete it as I go along, ok. So I’m going to click on
all and then I’ll press
on import. So actually, it’s something that you have to
to read, it’s just, they’re going to inform you that when you do
that when you import demo themes like that, it may replace,
it will even replace all the information that was already on your
website. So in my case, it’s not a big deal
my site is empty at the moment. But of course, if you
already have content on your website, be really careful because otherwise it
otherwise it may erase your content that is already on your site.
So here it is, it’s actually being imported
ok. So it’s done, and so normally, if I go to the site now
to the site,
now you can see that is exactly this site with
the different pages is now from this information I’ll be able to make
information, I will be able to make the changes I want to make
i want. And that again, it’s really practical. Because in a few
clicks, it allows you to have a site that is obviously
site that is obviously not adjusted at all but that is functional with a structure
a structure that is very resistant and it’s much easier
much faster to work on something that already exists than to start from scratch
from scratch. And so here you see
typically this, the plug-in that I’ve installed which
called contact seven or contact 7, it doesn’t allow me to contact directly, to allow
to be able to contact, to allow me to be contacted directly via a form like this one
form like this one. So it’s extremely interesting. So in this
video, I really had the opportunity to show you how to bring
a demo to your website. And so, with this Avada theme, finally you
seen, you can choose several typologies of design, several typologies of navigation
typologies of navigation, so that’s why this theme is quite popular
and quite appreciated by the users.
Generally speaking, I always advise you to start from a theme or a
rather than starting from scratch because when you start from a blank page it’s much more difficult to
it’s much more difficult to project yourself. By
therefore, try to take a demo for example that is the closest,
even if it’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s as close as possible to
what you want to achieve. And then take that base and adapt it,
change it. That’s going to be exactly what the next few videos are about. In
the next videos, I’m going to show you how I do
to modify my website little by little to make it look much more
it looks a lot more like what I want it to look like. And finally, that I
be able to create my agency website, so SEO, so Twaino
with a real brand image is a website that has a real personality.
So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you next. See you soon!

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