How to edit and correct Youtube transcripts?

Video transcript

Hi this is Alex, today I’m going to show you how I edit,
edit my transcripts, or my subtitles directly on my videos
Youtube videos. So I made a video to show you how to
upload a video on Youtube, and I also showed you how to have this section, here
to have this section, here “automatic French”. And once you have that,
automatically Youtube will propose you here
all the transcriptions or subtitles that the search engine has managed to find
the search engine has managed to find automatically. And so, obviously, this
text, it will be interesting. It will be a
base, let’s say, but it won’t be perfect. So the objective for me will be to
to take this text, modify it so that it is correct and there is no
correct and that there are no approximations. And that there is also a real
work on the level of punctuation, which is absolutely
absolutely not the case with this type of format. So for that,
I’m going to click on edit first.
You can see now that this is grayed out and so
the objective for me is to make the changes for the whole text.
So, as you can see, in the end, the fact of putting in place
and correcting the different transcriptions is something that is extremely time
is extremely time and energy consuming;
but in fact, the better you do something, the more likely it is
be used for Youtube but also potentially for other things, for example
other things, for example for your blog.
So what I would advise you to do is to really take some time to try to
to make corrections that are as precise as possible because
it allows you to improve the overall quality of your video and then you can
on your video and then you can reuse this text in other
this text in other registers.
So it’s interesting too. So there you go, see you soon!

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