How to delete Pages in WordPress?

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hi this is alex today i’m going to show you
show you how to do to
delete pages on wordpress
actually so landes but surely
sic in twin to the point as that is
so my agency has here up and so in
a previous video I have the opportunity
the opportunity to show you some
tasks that are currently so
indexed in google and which should
not be
and in fact it’s simply pages
that I was able to create during
the import of my theme on
wordpress and therefore the
sepaq has finally have to be
deleted and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you now
show you now see for example this page there
for example this page there
this page there too is the pages that
are currently present on my site
is indexed on google I want to remove them
remove them and so this is what I’m going to
show you now so for that
so you go to your site
not far in my case so it’s twin to the
point like and then I’m going to go to
dashboard where you can
directly enter double ep from admin
after car it then you go
you go to page all the pages
so there you see there are all the
pages that are currently created on
my on my site so I don’t have
a lot and so what I’m going to do
i simply sort by date
simply because in fact the
pages that are inherent love to my
theme are much older you
see these writings 2017 while of course
obviously I created my site in 2019
therefore the all these pages that
are here finally its old of which
some of them are old and I have
modified them as for example the page
for example the home page puts for example all the
elements here that you see in English
it’s pages that finally
should not be present so what I’m going to do
i’m going to do if I’m going to do them in a
first of all I’m going to check what’s on it
there on it we’re going to make you go from
sweat on the page you clicked on
the displayed
so this is typically a page
in any case the information is in English
and that is useless to me and besides
which is also indexed in google
so what you can do is either you
can go there deleted here
directly in corbas or go there
directly on modify you can
put here in the trash
if for some reason x or y you want
still to see this page but
that they are no longer indexed you
can simply go here to
modified visibility and you can
click on private if you do that
save you it comes afterwards
finally 7
this page will be deindexed will be removed
from google therefore it will not
will not pollute the search engine with
an information that finally
nobody is interested in
so it’s another way to do it
i went back on all the pages and
in any case I don’t know
finally this page interests me
so what I’m going to do if I want
simply press the ofppt button
so a page moved to the trash
if you made a mistake well
obviously you can undo here
then so I’m going to proceed the same way for the
the rest so 2017 game
re-sort by date again so what
we do this is typically a page
also that was proposed by my theme
at the beginning or else it’s not a
page that I had that I used so what I’m
so what I’m going to do I won’t use it
i’m not going to use it afterwards
so I’m deleting it too
so who are we the same thing
i’m going to delete all the
if later it turns out that the pages
that I am deleting
finally interested me I can in
in any case with my theme go and find
specifically look for this page
and one was back on
okay so that’s my English career page
well that’s something that not that
i have the opportunity to create so I
delete it is also muse I always advise you to
i always advise you to look at the content
the content that’s on it so there
it’s the same I can delete I always
i always advise you to look so
to display the contents of the pages before
to be sure that they are the right pages to
that they are the right pages to delete
it would be a shame to delete things that
to finally delete things that
should not be deleted
ok well that actually I will
delete also up google
words this is a page that should not be
should not be there
ok hop I’m deleting too
so are we going to do other things
in 2017
this will be my home page so well
obviously I’ll keep it
ok this is good and the other one here so it
was created and written in 2017
contact so this is actually
here with my map london where are
located that it is correct to take
appointments directly here
so this is perfect, so in the end
now I really have
the essence of my pages, so there you
see I have one, two, three moreover
this one is here in draft form
that I’m modifying it one two three four
five six seven eight nine jal currently
so nine pages on my on my site
after of course it doesn’t count
all the blog posts that I have
started to do so currently
so it’s been a month since
i started this site and I have about
about a month ago and I have about
twenty or so articles I’ve created ok
no you know how to
delete pages in wordpress
i really advise you when
you are going to create your site
in any case the process that I tend to advise
tend to advise is to really
make sure you use a theme and
especially to import a theme of words
which will allow you to save a
considerable time the only thing is that
is that afterwards you will have to
to delete the pages
pages that you don’t need
necessarily used because if they were not going
otherwise it may be indexed it will be
indexed in google and finally it is
not a good thing at all
therefore take a moment
to do a quick
check or a mini audit let’s say of the
different pages that you have on
your site
and if ever these pages are useless
don’t hesitate to delete them
in any case you will not be able to
depending on your theme in any case
in any case be able to re-import grape varieties if
ever you wish so I’m not
finished for this video
see you soon for the rest.

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