How to create illustrations with Adobe illustrator?

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hi it’s alex
today I will show you how
I do to create images for my
website so here then see and especially
and not as you do
our brand and each time I
put a lot of pictures
of computer graphics related to the subject
which are treated on my website so
these are things I try to do
things that they are really at the
relatively original in any case
so it’s creations that are
unique creations
so for this I will show you
in fact the way I proceed to
At the end you will have this type of
the image also where something that is
which could be relatively
resembling therefore we have actually
it’s elements that I created and I
even for that in so far as
our main pages for the site we
know are completed now I will
to attack the second page which is therefore
that it is a fishing that will be called
area where I will actually put
inside is different the differents
typical clients for whom my
service and if oh my service too
editorial illustration you will be
particularly useful so this page
at the beginning I have no jets no give
I have no information but it will
I will indeed have to create
including visuals in relation to for
to decorate let’s say this page so to
What I do is that I
works to suffer from illustrator so
this option
here it is
the images I created yesterday by the way
I made recordings for you
show how to do it and from this
that I’m going to do now is that
I’m going to work on this one because
that at the level of the images that I wish
create so there it is a so I do
target lawyers then dentists
and cosmetic surgeons
there will also be ophthalmologists so this
that I advise you to take a
image you like on the web
we for example me it is a photo there
who has just shot stocks
that I don’t want to use in steps of a
obviously but that I will
work on these types of photos because
that I find that she is she is not
‘our news and do is that a
when you have a picture you like
you have what those selected here
so it has to be filled in
transparent and the line must be
or in black and then you will
pressing will simply
started to do we will start with the
so I’d like to start with the
aspects that seem to me the most
difficult where the elements that are
more forward so there this machine is
quite complex final I think I
will still simplify it a lot
well I’ll start with the hand hop
so if you just want to do it is
that we will follow the lines
then in the sense that
your style of course you can
either have a lot of details are
limited details
I personally prefer when
it is not very detailed in the end
since the problem is more varied
several elements on the one hand because
it saves me a lot of time
on the one hand and on the other hand where it also allows
to have something that is very much
more purified and therefore it’s a lot
better from my point of view because
finally even the people who are going to
go to the site go not
necessarily detailed all of your
images so have an approach a little
more minimalist ten years is some
thing that I prefer hop
so there we will finish the douars
morning and then once for example
his wish of the lines that are here that
are not quite complete
you can extend them and hop
then we will take the line here hop
so this is the sleeve
then certain
You may think that it is a
a little slow to practice like that
indeed they will be right
them it is much slower to do this
that I do at the moment rather
than taking a picture that is already
after the element that it is still necessary
to say about this is that
indeed it is more consumers
in time but in the end we find ourselves
with something that will really be
your brand and therefore with your
brand colors and also thingses
which will be unique
a drawing like this you will find
nowhere pabo except if someone
copy you of course but if so
you will not find it anywhere and at the
final it is true that it changes everything
what you can sometimes find on
the image banks what the bankss
10 games and of course the principle is
a very good thing
the problem is that in the end all the
world uses them and that’s a little
problematic is there because here is the
word when I look for example like this
an article on a subject and I see
four times the same image that comes all
image bank then free of charge
it’s a bit of a problem, but then I can
understand that we are not all the
opportunity to invest in images
what it can quickly cost
that’s why we are all
more at the very beginning that I started to
decided to create my images of
this way because the
financially it was necessary it is necessary when
even to have access to images of
quality it is very expensive enough
quickly so
so this is how it’s done in
making drawings as will know the
do it now
it was and still is a
very good alternative for me and it
Above all, it also allows us to give an image
a really special brand
what to remember with google at
finally the goal is to really make
to create content that they can use to
are really unique not a
reproduction of the same fifteen photos which
come from the same magicians so
it’s a little it’s a lot
more than ali what I am doing right now
to do so, after all, it all depends on
your time the investment you make
want to put in your website or
no in fact and therefore the
to tell you I do it’s shows
just from the mouse I will
no trackpad or benjamin not tracking
let’s just say my mouse on my
mac but I don’t have a jets pad tablet
anything like this extra if
you need why not it is
simply that I actually learned to
do a little with them with what
I had and so is so finally I
I got used to doing this type of
of illustration or drawings directly
via the mouse, so after that it’s a
little according to your of your
of your preferences and the type of
your budget too
I don’t like it is what it takes
it is really always closed the
the lines like that because then we will
we will paint the inside of these
places there so if ever the ide do not
are not closed properly will if
you never fence properly
the spaces it may be a little
everywhere so it will not be aesthetic
so take the time to close its
lines to have a rendering that is the
best man
then again we will do the face
because I like to do it too is
always tried to start from a line
for example where do I go from here
directly because it saves me like
that to mend then of the others
lines thereafter
so this is my way of doing it hop
to avoid wasting too much time
ok no we will finish the shot is so
I forgot to tell you everything mme
effectively then to change the
the angle of for example here so I
maintain and you see the bar that is
long and shrinking hic
in fact it is when I hold and then I
then change the direction of my mouse
it allows me to have a
then perfect was a big word
our case one year which is correct which
looks like what I see on the picture
so see here from the start so we have
something that will look like it
so the big piece is going to be this
be the machine
Yes I already finished this dan this
hop because indeed known names
and my social services
you propose there will be
including a social samu for then the
doctors in a general way
let’s say and especially our asses
rally dentist there will be the ophthalmos
I come back briefly to all those professions that
finally need to have some
visibility is that the internet can really
help to develop their activities
to develop their business and therefore
the idea is to create a one page image
on my site that is attractive enough
for them and that they tell them
that they like champagne page of
sales tax will be passed on to
strictly speaking but a page
which finally makes them say ah well
this site is interesting but it is true
that I need to make some du
referencing it can be a good
strategy for me and succeed in
convince in this way
so it’s the 5 years
I had the opportunity to test
to do a lot, especially on a
another of my sites that is related to the
men’s fashion that is called who
is called
all the drawings are mine
who made them in fact that for example
if you go to this point it’s oh this
this is also my site and so on this site
typically I made a blog part where
actually bahia different articles
articles has many
for example if we take if we take
this one on the straps so you
see there typically this document here
so the photography I do with
parties from the 2g makes the
same way so I’m in the process of
proceed at the moment so it
allows you to have things that
are going pretty good and are
interesting so it was all
what I have drawn too so I will
invites you to visit the site and paris if
you ever had the opportunity
to go there and you will be able to see
a lot of creation that I have been able to
perform the same way but it wants to
perhaps inspire you too
We’re going to put it back like that, so
things to cash in better than before
minimum attention to detail
to make this kind of creation since
in the end this is what makes the whole
so not too much detail but not too much
details either I will show you
of the images
finally I have completely
planted and I planted myself in particular at the
beginning because indeed I put
too many I put too many details
and finally the typology of the five
I do not really correspond with
the thing there are many many
details so after all
depends you will also find your
style by making day of drawings and
potentially here you will find
put your personal touch by
in relation to its purpose ok so there
now there typically there is no
and there are many details
so what I had to do and what
I absolutely limit
to prevent it from being too crowded
and that and that it finally becomes not
really aesthetic so this is
mandatory to
here is
ok so it seems a little bit there I
think that this son for example I have not
indicate it all that will be in
here I will not indicate this either
that it will pollute so what I will
I’ll go from there
tac here is
I did not choose the simplest design
to present you this
that it is indeed a little longer
because of the amount of details the
prefecture all depends in fact there are
drawings sometimes it seems that they
can appear to be very easy
but in the end, it turns out to be rather
complicated now well I know how
choose the images to make sure
that it also fits with them with the
style of decision that I create a lot
is the choice of the starting imagest
correct it allows effectively not to
to avoid worries afterwards it has
really everything in the background here
I’m not going to the guy because I think
that it will pollute
that why not tac that why not ok
is therefore the element for Mr.
rests his in time a little more
this red color I do not know if I
will put it for the ap on the device
funny machine
I don’t know if it goes up very high but I
put it hop this way alain by
example of a good way to choose
its images is to watch in particular
if they are cut or not avoid
to take things that they are too
cut has sometimes we have no choice but to
avoided taking things that hes
be cut too much because otherwise it would be
means that you will have to
Perhaps you can imagine some aspects of the
drawing and sometimes but it’s not
it’s not necessarily optimal down all
will depend for recognition of the parents
of the saints but if you are really
beginners limit to the maximum
so this is their pose my time
hop so let’s see again without
this infernal machine
ok well then I’ll keep my mouth shut
machine itself tech
ok then
I made a housing point here
a little complicated this machine here is
the angle that I don’t like here I likee
well vacations is always a bit
rounded off after the same thing to all depends
of your style but when they angle them
are too sharp, so I like it
that’s why it’s always
to round off as much as possible the angles of its
drawings ok so here we come
places where the ophthalmologist is
to look into his machine
tequin is simplified here to too many
this too
a bread
5th good
in the habit of things it has
simple enough there for the blow to
the blow
not the case tac that I removed g8 seront
easy to take
ok so let’s see how it goes
ok well it’s a bit scary but
actually there are two three elements
to add already it is necessary that I finalize
here take up like this
then here I put it like that even
thing I do ultra simplified opes
this round part of the grape variety exclude it
here is
well actually it’s always
interesting to take a step back
for a step back
because sometimes too many details in this
that kills me the detail and in the end I know
more which is the background to skiing and what
is not then ok so there
this is a vacuum
let’s see what it looks like
ok well for now maybe it will
I’ll have to make some separations
particularly at the level of the
colors perhaps that indeed at
this part for example in black you make
I’m going to put it in front of you
hop then for example do some
something like this a little tac tac tek tek
field hockey then here I simply
close here I will close also head
close here I will also close the head
indeed here I will perhaps
also put a bit of a tech vacuum
to give a little volume
well for the moment I think we’ll
stay on something like this and I
I will draw but I will
then talk about the rest to see what
it gives
so we’re going to finalize it here like this
then this is the table always
on a little rounded
probably to avoid hurting the
people who put their heads up in
the device a loaf of bread and then here it is
so now to tackle the gentleman
and so we’ll leave from here then
carried out
I did not have the opportunity to say but in
the different drawings I make I
not necessarily put then the eyes
typically I don’t necessarily add the
eyes of a world is healthy mouths
it can happen but it is quite rare in
so really I’m trying to make these
simply there are several reasons for this
first of all, the idea is to
do things that are relatively
generic and therefore
and so here I was assuming that I have
is the first reason is that it is
the second reason is that finally
to make the eyes it is rather complicated that
takes a lot of time in fact so in
spending time and energy
it is possible to make eyes that they
be that they are relatively
realistic even if and besides it is
another aspect is that
the objective of my drawings is not
necessarily that it is realistic to
is that they can be used in a variety of ways.
recognize that it is nice and pretty etc.
etc. but there the objective of realism is not
not necessarily what I am looking for
and so that’s why I didn’t
necessarily the eyes and the mouth
it depends in fact sometimes on some
drawings for example drawing that I made
just before on this one
for example the fact of not having a
it would have been a bit strange in fact
so that’s why I added but
but it’s not it’s rarely the case
one bread same thing
the good hair I could give of
the texture much more but it goes to
would require says not it is much
a lot of time I know that I have
already had the opportunity to see the people
who made deposits on the internet
retractions on illustrator and
indeed all that is I want
beard is we can have a rendering that
is very good but here for the blow it
I would have to have a mouse not beaten
a mouse a tablet for the
make correctly with a pen a
pen for tablets
because there the fact of making to the
mouse it’s quite limited in
made I can make lines correct
on the other hand make for example without line
well it’s going to be quite long in fact for to
the mouse in any case man
I don’t like that
no, I have to make it go a little bit further
the more we have
effectively with the creation of
monoxide therefore the bet of the images as
it gives with notably clothes
it’s the things I want to use from
do so on numerous occasions
tak a little straw
in all the alterities with the shirt
in the fixed and a denim shirt in
depending on the design if it will be to
design with much less of a lot
less complex, especially at the level of
the machine etc.
it could have been something that
I could have put forward will
potentially create too but there
in view of the situation and
in view of this machine which is quite
I don’t want to add another
detail or additional details
Which might be a little confusing zing
as the English would say
ok so I just here it is paris
in my opinion the pass the separation we will
say that it is made from there thens
what does it give it’s not bad do
was not called as planned
it’s better with round bread or even tech
something is missing
cis here – you add is also
a line because it seems a bit of a
plaid that I miss this
line there too hop with whom
It comes to the end like this of the drawings
I often go back and forth between
real and purely drawing here is missing by
example of the lines there for example
here the age it is necessary that I close 7
this place here since I’m going toe
ok so let’s see now what
it gives ok shirt it’s a bit weird
here but I think I will not
necessarily be able to do better afterwards
here goes well there
looks good anyway I will
talk about the thing and we’ll see if we ever
there are worries or not so for that I
what I like to do is go back
from another page really we can
use layers 1 when you are
when you want it, I’m not
necessarily something I’ve done
but it would be potentially
recommended I’ll tone it down a bit
hop in the thing to do we will
group all the lines together one
once these groups and you go on
objects life paint guy
so once we have that, I have
already a palette of colors that we have
defined with marc and has therefore for
company all hainaut
and so I’m going to make this film and
so I will use this palette of
colors for effectively that there are
a kind of coherence indeed
between all my drawings see all my
drawings overall there are found on
finds exactly the same colors
so it’s important to do so
what I’m going to do though at the
skin level typically g I have
always the same types of skin color
but except when people are
are mixed tac but there for the blow
so we will make this color of pau
ok ok then
so that’s not bad, then what is
that we are going to leave them moment it is necessary
be a little more creative already at the
blouse it was left in white or some
thing a little gray is that it is a
a little too burnt out
hop ok then the machine can be a
your grey hop hop without having this knowledge
put back a little black that’s not bad
then we will put here black black black
black also here let’s admit here black
ok well then we’ll put some
colors so a little more pop that pops a
a little more for example here we will put this
for the shirt
les chemises du monsieur sa couleur de
cheveux donc on va faire quelque chose
de marrons hop c’est un peu plus clair
pour la demoiselle hockey ici tech
je vais reprendre la même couleur que la
charge promettent de cette couleur ça
aussi ok
est ce que peut-être que là ça manque un
peu de couleurs up chose de rose comme
ça pourquoi pas puisque là je dépends
pas oui ok donc là on a quelque chose
qui ressemble à ça est ce que j’aime
bien faire moi en tout cas pour tous et
nos c’est ce que je vais imposer pour
l’ensemble des images c’est gros ce tir
a polling et d’une part et d’autre part
changé ensuite hop les couleurs faut
qu’on ait quelque chose de comme ça donc
là on a quelque chose qui est pas mal
pour les ophtalmos globalement je pense
qu’on reconnaît de quoi il s’agit assez
est ce que je vais faire c’est que donc
je vais diminuer un peu ça et en fait au
niveau de la nive au delà des dessins ce
que j’ai commencé à faire pour relancer
en facile mais vous voyez d espèce de
bulle derrière les choses un peu green
parce que l’image de la marque ce sera
vraiment de faire en sorte d’apporter
notamment du trafic organique donc
organique nature verts naturels
bref il ya tout un code couleur que j’ai
essayé un code de marque que j’essaie de
créer par rapport à ça donc
donc on va continuer dans la même la
même type de mouvance hop voilà ça fait
grossir sans que ça pollue trop non plus
donc ça hop ça et ça on aime être
arrangé thank you back
à l’arrière-plan et sur l’a7 à cet
aspect là on va le mettre
quelque chose comme ça hop voilà donc
cette cette image pour moi en tout cas
elle me convient oui cette image de me
convient donc je vais sauvegarder mon
fichier illustrator et après bon il
faudra le forum jeu l’ex porte et une
fois que ça c’est fait l’objectif c’est
simplement de la porter sur wordpress
look une fois que c’est fait vous
apporter sa zone de wordpress au bon
et c’est bon donc j’espère que cette
vidéo elle vous aura plu elle vous aura
le fait de créer du contenu visuel
qu’ils soient un peu différenciant c’est
vraiment quelque chose qui va vraiment
justement bas vous différencier du reste
il ya beaucoup de sites web
à l’heure actuelle il ya beaucoup de
sites web notamment qui proposent du
contenu qui est un peu rabâcher et qui
vient de toujours des mêmes types de
plates formes et notamment des banques
d’image gratuite et finalement faire
quelque chose qui se fout qu’il vous
soit propre
ça va à la fois être positifs d’un point
de vue de notre marque mais aussi ça va
être intéressant parce que les les
clients les potentiels clients vont
vraiment se souvenir de vous par rapport
à ça donc c’est rap ça prend un peu de
j’espère en tout cas que le procès ce
que je vous ai montré ça vous a pas
vous n’êtes pas besoin d’être un
un grand artiste pour justement créé ce
genre de d’illustration il ya vraiment
moyen de faire quelque chose qui soit
proche de qui vous êtes et vers quoi
votre entreprise doit aller en tout cas
vous envisagez que l’entreprise allait
donc j’avais terminé à bientôt pour une
prochaine vidéo les prochaines vidéos je
pense que je ferai simplement un
enregistrement classique de ses dessins
en vous évitant tout mon blabla que je
suis en train de faire actuellement
à bientôt

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