How to create a professional email address with SiteGround?

Video Transcript

Hi this is Alex. Today I’m going to show you how to create an
email address for your business.
So, the idea is quite simple, we will create a professional email.
Specifically, my website is called and
so, what I’m going to do, what I want to have,
is to have, for example, an e-mail address that is the following Ok, so for that, what I’m going to do,
first of all, I’m going to go to SiteGround and in SiteGround
there is a possibility, there is a module that allows you to create this email.
And so, this is what I am going to show you now. Knowing that in the
emails, there are two possibilities.
The first possibility is in fact the fact that your email is accessible
from everywhere, for example from the Internet in general, so it’s what we call the
what is also called webmail. And the other possibility is that it is
accessible from your mail application, here for example on your macbook
pro on the mac. But it will be exactly the same type of
settings for the phone as well.
So that’s exactly what I’m going to show you now. So step one
SiteGround. So, we go to login, we log in and then we go to
“my account”, and then we go to “go to cpanel”. Then you
then you go down, and at some point you’ll find mail. You will
click on “email account”, from “email account” you’ll type in
you’re going to type in contact, the @, and then you’re going to look for
your site. So,
it’s exactly the same as here. Then, you will enter the password you like
password that you like. Of course the stronger it is, the better it is
the better. If you don’t have any idea you can generate a
password directly here. Once this is done you can
create account”, you can also increase the quota so typically depending on your formula on
depending on your formula on siteground, you can have more or less
spaces on your email. So there you go, the account was created
correctly, so here hop, I’ll just look for
and then, if ever. You can change your password,
you can also change the quota and when you press. You have
two options, so either access via web mail or configure for
the email application, so that’s exactly the two possibilities that
that are here. So I’ve already shown you first of all access via web mail.
So here to have access via webmail, you have the possibility to use three
types of interfaces. I advise you to use this one, and now your
mail address works. So for this we will do a quick test, so “test” “test”
Send. You see here, your first email that you are sent up will be here.
So once it works via webmail, what we’re going to do is we’re going to
configure for the application. So for that, you’re going to launch your
mail application. Then you’re going to click on “mail”
“Add an account” => “Other mail account” => “Continue”
So here, we will put Twaino; and then
the password that you indicated earlier.
So it’s impossible to check the name and the password of the account,
so this is simply because you will need to fill in
finally, the fields that are here, so “incoming server”, so
and then here, we’ll just copy and paste.
“Connect” here we don’t need to activate the notes.
So we’re going to put finished. And you see here we have Twaino.
So everything is synchronized, the synchronization will be done at the level of your webmail, so if you
your webmail, so if you send a message or if you receive a message
you’re going to receive the message here, but you’re also going to be able to
but you can also consult it there. So it works perfectly well!
So that was the easiest way to get an email address
from SiteGround. So I hope that this video has helped you, you
you liked it. You see, it’s extremely simple
using the different steps that I’ve been able to show you, so go ahead and
you, so take action quickly, it’s quite simple in the end
simple in the end. See you soon for another video…

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