How to configure your settings and permalinks in WordPress ?

Video Transcript

hi, this is Alex. Today, I’m going to show you how to properly set up
your wordpress. So for that, what you’re going to do, so you’re going to
go to your site and you’re going to type wp dash
admin. This will allow you to go to this page. And then, on this page,
you will go to settings. And here, you will have different types
of information. Typically as I did another video where I show you how to go to the secure URL so
show you how to switch to the secure URL so with https. But here it
is not the case, so we’ll make the correction. I also have a video where I had the
the opportunity to show you how to create your email correctly. So here,
we’re going to correct it. Ok, language of the site, so French. It
i don’t know what time zone we are in. So we’ll go to, at this
up it seems to be, it’s 6:12 p.m. here, so
5:11 p.m. We’ll do a test like that, then
so in terms of dates, I prefer this date, I prefer this date, rather than the
i prefer this date, rather than the American date. And in terms of times,
i’m going to take this format here. I’ll press record.
So, for some reason, I was disconnected. The local time is
18 h 02. It seems to be working fine. Okay, start of the week on Monday
that’s fine. Then maybe I need to record from somewhere else.
Oops, I’ll go back. Did it take into account the
changes, it seems it did. I’m going to hit save anyway. And then I’ll
go to permalink and don’t take this type of URL. What you’re actually seeing
actually in terms of your URL structure from an SEO point of view anyway, it’s
far from being optimized as far as automatically,
wordpress had proposed dates. And then, your article is not
optimized simply because in fact, when Google reads this URL, it will also read the date
will also read the date in the first place in fact. So finally, it’s not
the most important element right now. So what I would advise you to do
i advise you by default, at least for the time being, is to click on this one
so publication type ok. But then you just have to save. So here it is
your wordpress configuration, it’s done now. So the settings
are correct so it will allow you to start serenely and we will
and we’ll start to change the content and the form of the website little by little.
But from a parameters point of view, we are good. See you soon!

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