How to collect more emails?

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Hi, this is Alex. Today, we’re going to see together how to collect more emails.

Indeed, what I recommend from the start, if you have a website that you are starting for example, you started a short time ago, try to set up the collection of emails as soon as possible

Why? Well, simply because it would be a shame to deprive yourself of visitors or at least potential e-mails that you will be able to use later to increase your income, for example.

Therefore, the earlier it is set up, the better. The more likely you are to get e-mails from people who are interested in your content or what you offer.

E-mail is still an extremely important means of communication at the moment

It is particularly powerful to convert into income. It’s also quite inexpensive, so if you’re starting a business and you don’t have a crazy budget, it’s really powerful for that

It can also be automated, semi-automated. So it’s extremely important too and finally it will allow you to create trust with your audience especially when you will regularly post your quality content

You will be able to contact this list again to tell them about the content you have created

So that’s something that’s important. So all that is great. But in concrete terms, how can you get more emails? First possibility, exit popup.

Indeed, when you are on a page, you have read an article for example, you are about to leave the website, you are about to change page for example on the same website, you can have what is called an exit pop-up. Which is actually an element that will allow you to fill in your information, your name and your e-mail ok.

So it can be in exchange for for example a subscription to a newsletter or a pdf or a free checklist. In short, the different modalities, the objective is to really push visitors to register their emails

As far as tools are concerned, I recommend two There is SumoMe which works very well, and there is also Hellobar. And then, another way to do it is to propose additional content content

You may have seen this. In particular, magazines often offer this kind of format. Well, in the end, you can read the first 15 or 30 lines of an article. And then, if you want to continue reading the rest of the article, you have to enter your name and your e-mail address to have access to this premium content

So that’s another way to get emails. It’s not necessarily my favorite. Another way to do it is to organize draws

Sometimes you can offer your product or your service for free and for that there are plugins that exist, notably KingSumo giveaways which does that well.

The only drawback is that if you don’t have any traffic at all at the beginning, it’s a giveaway that won’t really work very well.

So you can in terms of alternatives, try to do a little paid advertising to allow you to have visibility and especially to collect these emails.

Another element, and for me it’s probably one of the most powerful elements, is the fact of proposing a tool.

Indeed, when you offer a tool for free to your visitors, well finally your visitors can get for example a personalized numerical report on their website or can use your service and so this is something that is interesting because finally you will be able to it is a kind of exchange of good process

And the visitor really gets value. So this is something that is particularly useful and on my website,, I want to integrate an SEO analysis tool in which, when visitors enter the URL of their website, automatically there will be a sort of mini audit that will be proposed, which will be sent to them in exchange for their e-mail

So there you go, creating a tool is something that is extremely powerful.

So that’s it. I have presented different methods to get more e-mails on your website, so you have seen that in the end, for me, there are certain approaches that I would prefer to compare to others.

For example, the fact of actually proposing a tool for me, it seems to me something extremely relevant because there is a real exchange of values between the visitor and the person who proposes the tool.

The draw, why not too. After that, it’s true that it’s all the more important because it works all the more if you have a significant traffic generation from the start.

If you ever start, from the beginning it’s hard to get a lot of emails. So what I recommend in this case is to advertise either on Facebook, rather on Facebook by the way

The extra content strategy, I don’t recommend it very much. So the fact of putting 30 lines of an article and then being able to enter this information to see what happens next, I think that in the end, from a user point of view, it’s not necessarily the best approach

I don’t necessarily like that approach anyway. But otherwise, the most common approach is clearly the exit popup

So it’s simply because it’s really easy to set up and you can offer in exchange either a pdf, or products, or services, or promotions.

And so for that, you can use SumoMe or Hellobar as a tool. Here you go

see you soon!

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