How to choose your company logo?

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Hi, it’s Alex, today we’re going to look at choosing a logo together!
Here we go… So what I would advise you to do when choosing a logo is to
really take the time to go on Pinterest and look at the different
different logos, which will speak to you. A good logo is really important because
because it’s really going to be your banner, for your business.
So choosing a good logo, it requires to take time and in any case to try
to try, not to do it in two seconds.
Because, even if you can change it later, it’s really important, it’s
is really going to be the representation of your company everywhere
everywhere. So take the time to think properly about your logo.
I, typically on the logo that I want to do so for Twaino,
i’m trying to play with the typography of the word itself. You
see, for example “Search”, with effectively like a search bar
search bar. I really like these typographies
like this one too, with “loading”, where you can see something loading
something that loads. Here, “fly” with “Y” a plane taking off. Morning with
effectively like a kind of sunrise, which arrives. I find it
extremely relevant, extremely interesting, and so I actually like this kind of logo, or
this kind of logo, where we mix a beautiful typeface with a typeface that means
a typeface that means much more than just a logo in itself.
So, it’s possible to do that, as long as you really have a name that is
generic. For example, you can see here for “power”. The fact of
replace the “O” by the little button to turn on or off electronic devices, it’s
electronic devices, it’s extremely well done. The thing is
is that actually for my company, so Twaino,
it doesn’t have any meaning in itself. So it’s a bit complicated to do the same thing, but I’m going to do it anyway
so it’s a little bit complicated to do the same thing, but I’m going to do it anyway because I still find it
interesting. And in view of what I’ve told you in the other videos about
communication, the idea with Twaino is to really make sure that we
really make sure that we communicate on natural referencing. So to have
something that is, in quotes, plant-based,
something organic, something natural. And so with Twaino, the idea
is to work on the “O” in particular.
In particular to work on the “O”, so I also worked on the “I”
to see what I could do, to make sure that it was good, that it was
that it was good, that it was not bad. So, to proceed, effectively
so I made, let’s say, a first version on my side, so of the logo and
and then I asked Mariana, my partner, who has a sense of design
who has a sense of design, which is much more precise than mine, to review it
and so, to work and think around it. So in fact to
Mariana, I asked her two things. I asked her on the one hand to think about
on the logo, and on the other hand to work on the colors. In fact,
these are objectively the two elements that I’m really …
Personally, she is much better than me on these two aspects.
So here we are, I asked her to work on these two
elements, so logo / colors. Because she has a sense of color that is
much more precise, and in terms of logos she knows how to do things much better
than I do. So what I’m going to show you now is the different logos
that I had created, at the beginning, before Mariana arrived. And so
twaino, I said to myself at the beginning, it could be interesting to work, for
interesting to work, for example, on the “I” and the fact, for example, of
transform this “I” into a little plant that grows. Or else put it directly
in the “O”, with a little plant that grows like that, I think that could be
nice. So typically, I saw something like that on the internet, so I was inspired by it and I thought
inspired by it and I thought that it could be
good. In terms of colors, at the beginning I started with something
something like that, so with a green, which is a little bit of turquoise
which is a little bit of turquoise by the way. Already, it’s the different attempts so
i tried, with several types of fonts.
it was a font that looks a little bit like the Twingo, by the way. So
that I discarded, but, uh, so there you go, that was really at the beginning anyway,
different things that I was working on, so obviously in
this kind of case, spend some time working then there’s
different things to see on a logo. Mariana, well, she’s not very comfortable
doing videos, so this is me talking about it but clearly she
but clearly she could talk about fonts, or fonts in English for hours, and
hours, and overall she’s able to see what’s a professional font much better than I can
a professional font. In short, depending on the image we project for the
image you project for the company, she is much better at choosing the best things, the
the best things, the best ideas. So she had the opportunity to look at
so, she had the opportunity to look at what I had done, and then it came to fruition. So
she worked on her side and it resulted in this logo
there. So effectively, on something extremely “clean”, with at the end
the “O” which is actually a kind of small plant, a small tree that will grow,
which is in line with the communication I had indicated
with these ideas of organic growth, and therefore of something that
is “green”. So with a font that she chose, so there for the time being,
when Mariana starts to choose the fonts, there are hundreds of them
hundreds that are reviewed and corrected, and so what I’m going to ask her to
do. […]
Well, I’m going to do another video I think, is that? No! I’m going to make another video
where I will review with you the different colors,
actually, that she chose because it’s really, the two elements that I
i asked her to do. So your choice of logo is an element that is extremely important, and the second
important, and the second element that is extremely important is the colors
also. Because in fact, do it at the beginning before you even
before you even start your website, before you even start anything.
Sit down, and tell yourself ok, my flagship colors are: “this one”, “this one” “this one” and “this one”.
Anyway, it’s really important to do that, because otherwise, it might
go all over the place, in terms of your color chart, and that’s
of colors, and that in the end, make something that is not necessarily
excellent. So take the time to make a logo that speaks to you,
really get inspired by Pinterest for that, because Pinterest can really
be a really good vector of ideas. Yes, for example there “Pig” with at the end the little
pig’s tail at the end, it’s really well thought out, so take the time
take the time to do that. And in the end you’ll get a logo
that will be, at least I hope it will be something that represents you
that represents you, that represents the company that you want to create, and that you like
that you like, that’s really the most important thing. So that’s it, I’m done for this
video, see you soon.

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