How to check that your website is well indexed in Google?

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hi this is alex today we will see
together how to check that your pages
on your website are well to excess
in google then why for that
precise way I will look at
in particular so my website so all and
our points like who is so my agency
here you I will check finally if
the indexation was done correctly in
google so for that it’s something
something it’s a trial which is quite
simple finally
you go directly in google and
you will type site of points and
then the url of your website
so in my case it will be site
de pointe wind au point com and when
i type if de pointe rhino points
as you will see here it will be
all the pages that are going to be relative
a good website so is the first
link don’t worry it’s going to be
google charts consoles which is a
service that actually offers
to look more precisely
indexing if you ever is not
google chat console you can do
directly site points to your
url servant to have access to the
different pages that will be
available on the internet in relation to
your website
why is it interesting to
to do this simply it will be
rather low it’s going to be something
relevant because finally you will see
will see what are the different
results that we can find and
typically, it’s been about a month now since I launched
now a month since I launched my website
i launched my website and it has
time to be crawled is
indexed in google and when we
build a site
indeed it happens at certain times that
moments that there are pages but at
certain pages in any case that were
there to be built there to
build your website
but finally that are not really
necessary and yet they are
indexed so present in google so
the objective in doing this type of
request so
for the indexing it will be to see the
pages that are not necessarily
interesting and that are still
present in google and pages that are not
pages that are useless and present in google
objectively validate it will be to
make sure to remove them
remove them because finally it tends to pollute
tend to pollute google with a
content that nobody is interested in
so overall it’s all the more
important if you have a site that is
quite huge
if you have a lot of pages well
finally it is not necessary to
regularly clean the pages that are present in
pages that are present in google to make sure that
to keep between quotation marks only what is
that is important and interesting for the
users and for Google in general
so here you see for example
so for my website
so my first page that goes up is
my blog
so I have a lot of
content so I’m starting to have
a little bit of content I have about twenty
i have about twenty articles so far so it’s
i’ve got about twenty articles so far, so it’s going up quite a bit, so I’ve got my
homepage my job service that I
i offer training and here is for example
example you see this link there it’s
typically something that I’m going to have to
that I will have to remove because when I created
my site
finally I used a theme and
in particular a theme of words that I
directly imported on my
for my site and automatically it
created pages in fact it is page the
here is by building the site
there are things that I could put aside
not necessarily hide or delete
and therefore at the moment
they are visible so on google
clearly it’s something that I’m going to have to change
have to change and so there the fact
to see the different pages that are
alex and actually allows sometimes to
to remember that there is content that
is present and finally that should
not be in the google overflow and so
typically this page if so news that
must be deleted a thing here for
career of the period if we go in
news here it is so typically that
it was so a page that had been
created by default with my theme which
to classify the different articles I could
that I was able to create but in any case I
but in any case I’m not going to tend towards
this page to this page does not serve me to
nothing to dispose but my articles
i have a create a page specifically
that is called blog with mass eye barisis
here for the navigation
here it seems to me it is something
that is much cleaner and that suits me
suits me so see it’s this way
typically it to do so I delete it
delete the career too so that was
there everything and everything is in English is
so overall I had jeans page
dedicated page for recruitments which
is this one by the way but so this one
that one, strictly speaking, I don’t use it
i don’t use it, so the same thing, this is my page
for recruitment
so typically I’m going to have to delete
i’ll have to delete that I’ll delete
all that is so like me what I
i advise you to do a
search in google look at the
different pages that appear and
when you see that finally this
content is not appropriate in any case
should not be in google
take the time to actually
delete those pages ok so there for
for example, layani aux carrières
this is a page that I created
besides, when you see this you see there
explains that I see that at the level of
my meta description levels
i’ll have to improve that too
we’re still at the very beginning so
of course I’ve been installing used for a while now
for a little while now but I’ll have to make a
i’ll have to make a pass
especially my pages in order to
optimize all this in fact
how to learn online marketing
saas is an article that I did
why and how to develop your
browning that too is an article
ok salah agency i would like to
actually it goes up a lot
better this is the same thing there archives
this should not appear
normally so I’ll have to
i’ll have to process this page as well to
delete it
tac same thing here this is a page
so and in English so the more you see
it’s quite easy to identify
because finally tired of the text
therefore but we see that there is no
content as such ok so
the same thing here
so effectively there I also have a
category page a category that I’m going to have to
i’ll have to remove it too
so there are some elements
to correct and so
finally when you type
this request
i really advise you to
look at all the pages that will be
and make sure that you delete the elements that
delete the elements that are not
are not useful for your website
really try to limit as much as possible
these polluting pages
because finally it can send a
very bad signal to google and from a
general point of view in fact the
users have absolutely nothing to do
to do with the principle that the
training that we will find on google
knew it must be information that
that will be useful for the users
but typically the pages of
construction pages of a site it’s not useful for
nobody therefore it is relevant
to delete them so that’s exactly
what I’m going to do I think will be
in a next video
see you soon

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