How to buy a domain name ?

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Hi, this is Alex. Today, we will see together, how to buy a domain name?
So the idea is going to be quite simple, in this video, I’ll show you
how to buy my domain?
Why am I making a short video on this ? In fact, you can buy your domain name in two ways
domain name you can do it in two ways.
You can do it either via a service like for example
godaddy. The job of godaddy is to sell domain names, so it’s a
sell domain names, so these are really sites in quotes that are dedicated to
are dedicated to the purchase / sale of domain names.
Okay, or you can do it directly through your hosting.
Both ways have let’s say advantages and disadvantages.
For example if you buy, I want to
buy my domain name, so typically it will be
And so typically, this domain name, I can either buy it via
godaddy. For that, it’s quite simple, you go to godaddy, you type in
your domain name that you are interested in. You put search. you see
“the domain available, be the first to buy it”. So there, if I put
add to cart, obviously if I pay, it will
allow me to have the domain name. The other way to do it is that you
you can choose your hosting, so
typically the hosting I’m going to choose
is going to be SiteGround. And so, on SiteGround, you will be able to
you will be able to buy your domain name directly on it and have your servers directly on the same interface as well
so, you can choose your hosting, I’m going to choose SiteGround and I’m going to choose SiteGround. So, if you buy a domain name on SiteGround, you can also have your servers on the same interface,
if you buy directly from Godaddy,
you’ll have to face a little problem that’s quite simple to solve, but when
simple to solve, but when you don’t know anything about the
internet, it can still be something that poses a problem, which will be related to your
be linked to your DNS, the DNS is a code that you will have to integrate directly into your hosting platform
then directly into your hosting platform.
What does this mean in concrete terms? It means that right now
now, if I buy my domain name
on go daddy. Godaddy will bill me here, but in any case, I’ll have to transfer my domain name
have to do a transfer, to make sure that my domain name ends up on the hosting
on the hosting and so typically what I’m going to use here
will be SiteGround. And so to make this gateway between the two, there is a
code, which will be the DNS that will have to be integrated
directly into SiteGround, so it’s a little extra work to do
to do. If you buy your domain name directly from
SiteGround, you don’t need to do this little manipulation at the DNS level because it will be
dNS because it will be managed directly by SiteGround
automatically. I usually have both cases. On a personal level
i have some domains that are on godaddy and there are others that are directly
on siteground. In this specific case
i will make my purchase directly through SiteGround. The advantage of
purchase directly on SiteGround is that it allows you to have a single
billing. Because otherwise, here you will be billed every year
on go daddy and then on SiteGround. Here, it’s really for the
for the domain name itself and here it will be for the
hosting. Finally, for the Twaino site, I would like
want all of them to be grouped together on the same service, that is
of SiteGround. So overall, these are the two main possibilities for
buy your domain name. So typically, if you want to do on go
daddy, add you to the cart, you just have to register,
it’s pretty simple, it’s a really good reference GoDaddy. So feel free to
use this service.
So, I’m going to go to “My Account.”
So, on the other hand, SiteGround and I’d rather tell you that too, is for
to tell you too, it’s a service that’s in
english, so if you really have a lot of difficulties with English
don’t necessarily take this hosting. You can do the same with other
you can do the same thing with others. I have been using
Site Ground for a long time now and I am very satisfied with it, but if you ever have
but if you ever have a little trouble with the language of Shakespeare
then you should use other types of hosting, such as
OVH does that very well too. So, let’s go to “Go to Cpanel”. Then “sub
domain”, “Register New Subdomain”, it seems to me that it must be here, hop!
No, it’s not here. “Redirect”, “Domain transfer”. Ok, so here you have
choose domain”, so “Twaino” and we’ll take the dot com that’s
available. So, you see in fact, normally if you are registering
for the first time on SiteGround, you can both register your domain name and
register your domain name and then take the hosting service.
This makes things really easy, actually, if you’re just starting out. Okay! So
so “ is available” so it works, it’s available. Domain name
domain, Ok! Price period for 12 months. Ok, this is good, this is my card. “I
confirm”. “Pay Now” ! Ok so “Thank you for purchasing Site Ground services”. So it
worked correctly, the transaction was completed correctly.
Ok, so that should be it now. Let’s see…
So… Twaino domain name, OK!
Perfect, so it works, we just added
the domain name that I’m interested in and on which I’ll be able to start
on which I will be able to start creating my web site. You
you see, it’s a manipulation that is between quotation marks quite simple, quite easy to
to do. Simply, when you start buying the domain name, try to anticipate
to anticipate in fact a little bit what will be the easiest for you. Godaddy
overall, it works well. If you are really a big fan of
Godaddy, why not. For example, I know that I really like the
hosting, so having the domain name, plus the hosting, and all of that being
domain name, plus the hosting, and all of that being bundled together in terms of billing
together, that’s something that I’m more interested in. By
therefore, I decided to buy my domain name directly through
SiteGround. After that, it’s kind of up to you. Here
it adds an extra step, but it’s not complicated in itself, but it’s a little bit more
a little bit more complicated, let’s say. That’s it, I’m done with this
i hope you’ll enjoy this video and I’ll see you soon for the next part
the construction of my website, and therefore of my agency, see you soon

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