Go from 5000 to 6000 visitors in less than two weeks

Video Transcript

Hello. I’m Alexandre Marotel, the founder of the Twaino agency.

Today, I’m making a little video to show you my latest figures and in particular, the fact that I have reached a milestone.

On Thursday, February 6th you see, I reached 6000 visitors, well 6039 visitors per month on my site.

So you see, the last video is actually quite…

I made a video for you a short time ago. On the 27th…

january 27th. So there is a real acceleration. I was just at 5000 visitors, and so overall here we are, we are on a real nice acceleration in my site. It’s even more obvious now over 180 days.

As you can see, it has a tendency to climb quite a bit, and this has compensated for the mixed results, let’s say, during the Christmas holidays.

And you see, 180 days ago, there were 320 people coming to my site per month, and today, we are at 6000. So overall, all this is the result of an SEO campaign that I led, so on my own agency.

The objective for me was also to show my credibility and legitimacy, by obtaining results in natural referencing with my own agency. For me, this seems to be an element that is, in quotes, normal and basic in fact. So here’s another way of saying it, it’s that in terms of Organic Search…

It’s basically organic search on my results.

There’s a little bit of a drop off there that’s normal. It’s on Saturday and Sunday. You see, it’s actually quite dead overall. On weekends, when you’re in B2B, there’s really not much going on. These are things that are logical.

So now, my figures are for 30 days. So there you go, it kind of goes back to what I just said. There you see, organic search. People come to my

site, by typing queries in Google, finding my site, and clicking on it. So, it’s about 74.5%. That’s really the bottom line. I don’t advertise at all. Not that advertising is a bad thing, but I’m an SEO agency. I only do SEO, pure SEO.

And so there you go, it’s important for me to show that SEO works, and so you can see that with these numbers here. A little bit of direct as well, so people who type in my site www.twaino.com.

And a little bit of social too. So overall, it’s a little bit of linkedin but see, it’s extremely minority. 3,8%. So it’s really quite small actually. Right? Another way to look at it is with Google Search Console. So there you go, it’s the same thing. We see the trend, the big trend, and the big trend we can clearly say is bullish.

So something calm. These are the figures for three months. So overall, it was a little calmer three months ago and now there is a real acceleration with a lot more impressions, and a lot more people who will be led to click on the results in Google and therefore end up on my website. Knowing that here, these figures as always with my SEO agency, it is purely white hat that I do. So no exotic practices at all. Besides, that’s why my figures globally, can be maybe a little bit slower than some dreamers, who will tell you that you can have traffic in a month.

For me, I try to be as transparent as possible about what I do, that is to say that I respect Google’s rules.

It also means that globally, well, we are exposed to few or no penalties from the search engine

penalties that come from the search engine. Therefore, it means that my results are maybe a little bit less spectacular, but it’s really in the long term.

So, it’s for companies or people who really want to have results in the medium to long term, and not growth based on sand in fact.

So there you go. And also, I don’t buy links or baklinks at all. So you see, we can still have results today, in 2020, precisely by implementing a growth, by implementing an SEO strategy, with solid foundations. And so, this will allow you to get results.

So if you’re ever interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

By the way, it can be me or my agency Twaino. There are plenty of other players out there. There is a lot of talent in SEO in France.

There are agencies and freelancers. So don’t hesitate. But above all, the important message is that SEO works,

It’s a real good vector, precisely to make acquisition. The return on investment or ROI, is extremely good, with SEO

So don’t hesitate to invest in SEO, and you’ll get results, as long as you find people who are capable of setting up campaigns in the right way.

So there you go! So, don’t hesitate to contact me, don’t hesitate to invest in SEO, and see you soon…

I hope… well, the way it’s going, I think the growth is pretty good, so maybe in a week or two, with a bit of luck, I’ll have my 7000 visitors on my site. We’ll see, but right now it’s pretty… it’s pretty good anyway.

So there you go, see you soon!

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