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Hi, this is Alex. Today, I’m going to show you my website projection
for, so my SEO agency.
In fact, the idea is quite simple. When you go to create your website,
you will have two possibilities. Either, you go directly to the
battle, so you connect directly to WordPress and start creating
Your website: first possibility. Either, you take a step of
and you make a projection of your website,
outside of WordPress to imagine what your website will look like.
Typically, I will choose the second possibility because for me,
finally, it seems to me much more relevant. Why is that? Because in the end,
we can believe that when we throw ourselves directly on the creation of his site,
we will save time. In reality, not at all. In fact, when you make a
projection, it will allow us to ask ourselves the
good questions. For example, what type of content do you want to have on
our homepage… how do we think the
users will be able to navigate… what is going to be easiest for them…
what information seems to be a priority…
what kind of illustrations we want to put forward…
what are the types of police… In short, there are many elements from a point of view
design and from a navigation point of view, that it is necessary from my point of view,
to dig before taking action. Is it that when you create a
If we don’t ask ourselves these questions, can we improve it later on? The
answer is yes. Simply, I prefer, at first, to say ok,
I would like my website to be like this, because for such
type of reason, for navigation reasons, for the reasons
of UX therefore, user experience. In short, there are several levers that make my
point of view, it is much more relevant to make a projection and in
plus, you’ll save a lot more time later on, because by
For example, there are a lot of questions that we will have to ask ourselves immediately. By
for example, what kind of uh…don’t know me, what kind of do…
what type of font… what type of color you want to use…
what kind of branding… And for example, asking the question of branding is really
important to do so when making a projection,
because we will be able to have a much clearer vision of the
more global on the whole of its site. So, rather than going directly into
in the technique right away, well, we’ll
take that step back and say OK, I’m starting from a blank sheet of paper, so what
should I, what do I plan for my website.
That’s exactly what I’m going to show you for my website today. For this, I will
use a software called illustrator, which I use in particular for
make my illustrations. You don’t have to do anything
to use this. You can use for example Google Slide which is free,
short, or even Word. Use something that you feel is most appropriate and
that you have control over and really, I highly recommend that you do
projections. Because it will make you earn
a lot of time afterwards. Enough of presentation, we
get into action, I’ll show you now. So,
the idea here is quite simple. It’s that obviously, I have my site
that exists at the moment, so Here, I simply
taken, so this is a demo that comes from my theme, and now obviously,
I will have to rework this site, to make it mine. But of course,
when you have this information, what I advise you to do is
rather than jumping in and out of quotation marks
directly on the site, take a moment to try to
visualize, in any case, to project what can look like
your site, even before you do it for real.
Doing this can be extremely useful. Especially, if ever,
you want to make changes, it’s easier to do it via
for example, illustrator, or you can also do the simulation on
Google Powerpoint from Google. In short, it is much simpler and then, we realize.
Simply because in fact, the realization, it will always be a little more
complicated and a bit more painful to perform and therefore, rather than
directly on the website, I advise you to feel your way around instead
on another support. So that’s it. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do
today. So here, you see, I have my
colors for my company. This is a simulation
of what my homepage will be.
And so, I will start by
to think about how to do, to make a website that is
attractive. The first thing to do, at the very top of course, I will
have my menu. And so this banner, typically then I think it’s going to be,
maybe this color, maybe that color.
Then, I’m going to do two menus actually. So a first menu like this,
so a first menu like that, where, actually on this first menu uh… So,
hat I would like to indicate is that it is indeed the e-mail, so
it will be, and that, I make grow.
Okay. So there will be the email at the top, and then there will be the phone,
so 06XX…okay. Then, so underneath that, what I’m going to uh…what I
is to integrate my logo, of course. So indeed,
I’ll take this logo and put it on the top left corner,
that it’s a reasonable size. Okay, that’s good.
And then at the menu level, so for the menu, what I’m going to do,
is that I have already thought about an architecture, the architecture of my site.
And how will my menu look like? So typically, and I will
have in the first part social agents, with uh sub-parts so: sector,
value, reference, hiring. Then services, training, blog and free audit.
So this is how I’m going to structure the site. So, we’ll put this
in capital letters. So SEO agency
first, then we will have the services part, then we will have a part
training, a blog part and finally a free audit. Okay… So this is what we’re going to do,
is that, to make it stand out, I’m going to put it in white,
and insofar as finally my “Call to Action”, it will be… There is at the
both my email, my phone but also free audit.
What I’m going to do is I’m going to create a button in a color that’s a little
different here, to push people a little more to click on, say, this
link… “bring to front”. And this I will put on,
I will put in a slightly different color
free audit. Ok, maybe in bold too. Median… Bold… Ok. And this,
maybe it would be interesting to round off the angles a little bit… Ok well.
Then, so once I have that, maybe I’ll cut back a little bit on the
logo… Okay. So, what I want to find right below here is a little bit
the same as on the site at the moment. That is to say an image like
that, so quite, quite large, where I will be able to put several types
of information. So that’s not it…I’m going to close the pages that I use to
nothing…ok. So, we’ll recreate another rectangle
at the gray level. So this is a color, I don’t know if it’s integrated in my palette
besides this color there… So,
that’s something I’ll add.
Will the white not be background, it will not be white, it will be something
something a little gray…tac
So we will have something like that, and in
done, so I’m going to put forward these images like I don’t know which one yet…
Ok then, let’s take, let’s take this one say.
This I will group…hop
Okay. So what I typically imagine is to have a text that will
come here, and this image also comes here, in animation. Okay. So, let’s see
see…text…and so in small text to, to catch the eye,
we could imagine something like <>
…something like that…tac. And we’re going to increase the size obviously.
We will try to increase our traffic.
I’m going to take inspiration from, I think, something like that. So then with two
buttons, by the way it’s a button a bit like that hop, that I’ll take back,
and so it will have two parts. There will be a part where I would like to
Promote my blog,
and another part where I would like to highlight the services I offer in SEO.
Okay. So actually, I think that just like that… So, maybe
that indeed, I could put below a slightly smaller text:
Discover our methodology and our advice.
Well, check out our methodology and tips…maybe actually, here
plays on the colors, maybe,
maybe it can be something interesting…
Well, I’m going to leave it like that for now and, I’ll save…okay.
Then what can be done….
how did they do it here… They did alternations. Okay.
So the first part, from my point of view, must be something that
is related to the agency…maybe I’ll take this
color there by the way.
Do I make a separation like this, or do I
I go straight to…we’ll make a little separation…tac
Ok…so, so this part here, it will be related so to the agency.
So, uh… Twaino: SEO Agency.
Ok…this typically, maybe this, this can be pretty good.
Ok so it will be the equivalent of a title, and below that, what is the size?
We’re going to be SEO specialists. And this will be
the equivalent of a subtitle in fact.
Ok…um… so after here, I’ll have to add some text,
tac, something like this…and then maybe something like this…
Okay. So this, maybe it would even need to be broken down into 2.
Of course…
Okay so, it would really be in this home page.
In the first instance, we really have Agency SEO. This will be the first one,
first element let’s say. Then, then
I’m going to put in maybe a little more color. So then there will be the
We’ll put this in white already.
Okay, services. So, what I would like to check, SEO
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Okay. I’m going to put the two together: SEO and SEO Audit. Okay.
Okay. I’m going to put the two together: SEO and SEO Audit. Okay.
is that I’m going to do a quick little sentence… Maybe what will be interesting is
to center, center it all…
center it all, and then underneath,
perhaps << Our services ><…<< Our SEO services ><…<<. Okay. And so for that,
I will do
Is this going to work or not in terms of…
in terms of colors.
That’s not bad…that’s not bad I think.
we’ll put this in white,
“Natural referencing” like this… I’m going to center…
Ok so, natural referencing ok… Then, the other part is fine
be therefore linked to the audit, << Audit &lgt;.
Then, we will put things that will be related to the web writing,
<< Web Writing >>, then, << Illustrations and Infographics >>.
So this will be our different services that we will offer. Would it be
interesting or not to put precisely
a methodology part… Maybe it could be interesting.
Yeah. So, I’m going to take this down.
So << Our Methodology >>. Our methodology or process… The steps…<< The steps
of an SEO campaign >>
Okay… so,
<< When setting up an SEO campaign,
we follow the following process ( two points) &gt
It’s just centering this… Align…Artboard… So, for that then what we’re going to do,
so we’re going to do a little…tac…
So this will be step “one”.
Then, well, it’s less…perfect. Tac…
step 2, and then…we’ll play with the drawing here first.
Step 3
Okay. So, what…, what are these steps going to be?
It’s going to be, so step “one”… so step “one”.
…step one, so it will be here, then we will have step 2 and step 3. So the
first, it will be the fact, to make an audit (something essential in SEO).
To fully understand the issues of the site,
you have to understand what these problems are. And it can be of several kinds
types of problems, related to the technique for example, and therefore for that it is necessary
understand. Then…then, this something that will be of the order of
of the benchmark,
I’ll just put “<>…it will be clearer than
benchmark, optimization. What is effectively once we have settled the
technical problems or problems related to the website. Then, we optimize
content and improve what works well to make sure that
it works even better and then,
optimization… tac… And step 3,
so it’s << Creation >>, or <> Strengthening >> for that matter.
Shall I decrease the size of “Creation and Reinforcement”… “Optimization”…ok. So this
auditing is typically technical auditing…content auditing… In short, there are
several forms of audit to be implemented.
Then, we already optimize what works well. Make sure that it
works even better, it is what allows to have the most effective results.
quickly. And then “create and strengthen” to uh…to make sure
to have content or things that will make, that will improve the SEO
in the long run. Okay. So that’s good.
Is that…so,….
so let’s see if we can feel it in white or not? Maybe not, but we will
with this. I’m going to have to change, because I don’t like the fact that it’s
in grey… well Marina will not be very happy…
Okay. Maybe here,… So they’re going to be based in Paris, so maybe it’ll take something of a
a little more Parisian without falling into the cliché. We’ll put this here…
So we group and then we reduce. Now that’s not bad…okay. So let’s see what this
gives. So “Twaino”, “SEO Agency”, “You want
increase your traffic?”
“Discover our methodology”, “Our advice”, “Blog”, “Services”, “Twaino : SEO Agency”,
“Specialists in natural referencing”, “Based in Paris”, “Methodology of a
SEO campaign”. So first, step 1 “audit”, followed by “optimization”, “creation
or reinforcement”. Our services, therefore “natural referencing”, “audit”, “writing
web”, “illustration and computer graphics”…ok. So this
it’s not bad. I don’t know if the color of the white here, if I’m going to
Keep it that way or if I do something a little more colorful…
Well, I’ll leave it like that for now.
Then, at the level of training.
Although… in terms of training: << Our SEO training >>. So, there is
will have two types of training… This will be centered too, or maybe not
by the way… No, maybe not. I’ll do something like this. Our
training…so there will be two things…
so there if we could put << We accompany the professionals and the
in their SEO training courses > Anyway, there clearly
It needs to be… I need to think a little more, with different
painted pellets. Typically, therefore, the elements should be a
not very selling. Is this him, the painted dumplings? Is that it? No, okay. Then I don’t know…
now we are going to use something else like << Structure >< Formation Exigeante ><,…
Anyway. I need to find different types of elements to add
Our SEO trainings, and so on, there would be several things…
ok. So there would be on one side then,
<< Online training >>,
and then below, << Conference >>.
I’m not really convinced by what I just did…
We could add this guy here…
Yes, I’m not very convinced by what I just did.
Well, I don’t like it very much, so I’ll leave it for a while,
it should be…it’s going to have to be improved. Okay so, our training,
knowing that obviously in fact, with this, the idea, with this homepage, is
to make sure that people navigate. So that’s why, for example,
when people will press audit, optimization, creation and
reinforcement, on natural referencing, it is typically at the level of the services.
So each time, I will have pages that will be associated with content
on it. So, to really get people who are interested in
the SEO can find their happiness. And so, it is to be as much as possible reallyt
as clear as possible. Ok. So training, then blog.
This is good… So the blog part…well the blog part,
I’m a little embarrassed, because I actually still have, so I structured this from
in the following way. So it’s a bit scary, but basically the idea is pretty much
simple. At the level here below, at the level of the blog,
it’s pretty simple. But it is simple and not simple at the same time.
Basically, so at the blog level, there were several things actually. First,
so yes, there are the SEO aspects. The SEO aspects,
Let’s just say that this will really be the heart, the heart of the…of the content. But this typically,
In the case of content, it will bring together several things. So for example, we
will have aspects at the Robot level.
Then, we will have things in relation to the << On Site >>. Next,
we will have things at the level of << Off Site >>,
and also things at the UX level, so the User Experience. And I
think that, in my opinion, in the first instance, I will really structure
only in this way. In fact, of course, in each part there is,
there’s really a lot to… to integrate into it. So I already have some ideas
about how to structure it. But actually, what bothers me a little bit,
is that there are also things I would like to do typically on WordPress.
Knowing that all of this actually, it can be grouped with one other thing, so it’s really,
So marketing. So it’s marketing already and,
without even marketing, there is marketing. So be it <>,
or from the <>. Yeah, that typically
that’s the way it is./div>
Then there is marketing, there are two things here. Can we really
Integrate WordPress into the marketing effort? Not really either. So
then, well, in marketing, there are also many things. And SEO typically, it’s
from that. And there are some subjects for example, I made some videos
on the creation of the website. It’s still, it’s still another topic actually.
Website creation. And, there are some WordPress elements that are also related to the
SEO. So I’m kind of in between. Maybe I’ll do
like this. Website creation, maybe wordpress like this, knowing that
all this obviously, if I move all this, it’s related enough,
much more general to business creation.
So in terms of the structure, I’m not clear yet. It
would need to be explored further. But I think that in the first instance in all
I’m really going to focus on, let’s say, SEO.
Yeah, I think I’m going to make a section, an SEO section like this hop,
so that brings together these different aspects here:
a site creation part, web site, with wordpress…
Well, for the moment I’ll go with something like this, anyway.
So, it will look like… So, << Blog >>… That was what the size was… it’s 40.
So that was good. So here we’re going to put SEO, and we’re going to center it.
And so, at the SEO level, we will do the same principle as here.
change the color…
ok tac tac tac, and so I’ll take… I’ll maybe stay on something
like this… Too big…
Okay. So that, first section, that would be a part that’s going to be titled,
so << Robots &lgt;>, like that… another part that I’m going to title so << On Site >>, the other,
<< Off Site >> and finally, <> UX >>. Maybe UX won’t talk to people and it’s more like
<< User Experience >>…ok.
Ok…knowing that… In fact this part “natural referencing”, I would like
perhaps put it forward a little more.
So, hop…tock… so let’s see…
Okay… and then, like this,
This is going to grow a little “natural referencing”.
Okay… and let’s bring this up a little closer.
So let’s see, so “Twaino”, “Agencies”,
…, “SEO Agency”, “You want to increase your traffic”, very good.
“Twaino”, “SEO Agency”, “Natural referencing specialists”, “Based in Paris”,
“Methodology of an SEO campaign”… I think I don’t like that.
Méthodologie d’une campagne de référencement”… Je crois que je n’aime pas ça.
this ?
So let’s see now. “Twaino”, ok…
I think that here it lacks pep.
The story lacks pep… Anyway, what I want is something that is a little more…
a little more pleasant.
and then maybe something like this.
Is it better this way…I don’t know…maybe it’s a little better.
That’s why it’s worth putting it in white./div>
Okay…I don’t know, that sounds a little better. Uh….
after maybe it would be interesting, and that’s that it lacks fun.
so, what else do I have in cartoon…
Right now, I have two women who are on their phones…
We won’t comment too much. We’ll leave that. Well, I’ll see it later.
So then, so blog training, so blog…
maybe we’ll… Do I settle for that, or do I…or do I
that I add “website creation and wordpress”…
Yeah, I’ll add it anyway…
Yeah I’ll add, so << Web site creation >>
<< WordPress >>, shall I indicate other…
Yeah that, that really needs to be dug up on my structure because I don’t
I’m not…I’m not clear yet. It will come, but for now it’s not
the case at all. Ok so, and finally, last part so, free audit.
Did I…what do I have in store again… Not much… I have this
lady here.
So what I’m going to do is, in any case, the last one, the footer,
I want it to be this color in every case. So, it would be nice
to have a part so, here “audit” and then “contact us”. So what I have to do is to have a part here “audit” and then “contact us”. So what I
is that I’m just going to take that back.
So I’m going to record anyway. Okay.
So tac, so audit,
<< SEO Audit >>. So, “SEO Audit”, how did I split it up again, is that
I split that part up. No, I didn’t necessarily split it and take
notes last time.
How did I split this…
Make up no… audit, audit… yeah. Indeed I put, I did
two types of audit but I’m not sure it’s relevant.
I will keep only one.
If I do something like this,
I don’t know if it’s going to do anything… No,
it’s not very good like that.
Indeed, the fact of making nuances like that, it can be some
something interesting. Here for example, why not…yeah have…
So, so SEO audit, I put white for this color there…
Yeah I’m going to put some white on. Okay so, I’ll just maybe put a little
button in fact. Tac
In fact I’m going to do two parts I think, because in fact there are
will have…I’m going to try to do two types of audits. There will be an audit
which will be automatic… No, I’m only going to leave one for now. I’m not going to complicate
things. Okay I’m going to put “Audit” like this. Because if I
starts to complicate things, it’s useless..
tac… Audit… ok.
And then, contact us;.
So contact us here, then there will be << Phone &lgt;&lgt; then, << Mail &lgt;>
so << >>, and maybe underneath actually, I
add a small form,
a small form with email.
Then, name… subject… << Name ><, then << Website ><.
Then << Object <<, and then << Text <<,
and then text. Obviously, it will take longer. Ok, with a little button at the end to put
That sounds good to me, and indeed, we could add the
two ladies here.
And then, so the footer …the footer I take it back.
So, maybe a part
<< Recruitment & >, maybe a part << sitemap >>. By the way, first, sitemap, then recruitment.
What can I put… copyright actually, copyright…
copyright… then “Twaino”, then “sitemap”, well maybe… Why not, then
“recruitment”. What do I have here…
Yeah, it’s not a big deal… Well, I have to think about it. With a network part
social actually at the bottom, a bit like here by the way.
Okay. So here, let’s see…I’ll do a quick…so what does it look like, then
save. So, “Twaino”, “SEO agency”, “services”,
“training”, “blog”, then “free audit”… So this, from my point of view, is missing,
it lacks some pep… Maybe it’s a bit better as
that but yeah, it lacks pizzazz. “You want to increase your traffic”, “discover our
methodology and our advice”… ok. “Twaino”, “SEO agencies”,
“natural referencing specialist”… This is good. “Methodology of a
SEO campaign”… When setting up
of an SEO campaign, we will follow the following process: audit – optimization –
creation – reinforcement… Ok then, our services : natural referencing – audit –
web writing – illustration and computer graphics, then our
training, so: online training and conferences…ok.
Then blog so : Robot – On Site – Off Site – User Experience – WordPress
and websites… ok. SEO audit…ok. Then contact-
we… Okay,
it needs to be improved. Clearly, I think I’m also going to have to
redo certain drawings or illustrations, especially for these parts
here that are a little… they are a little sad
from my point of view. So you have to uh, I don’t know, improve it somehow or
of another. Perhaps by, putting there precisely by
for example, gradients like that.
This is the first approach, at least at the level of the homepage.
I think that overall, well there is the footer here which is to complete, but otherwise
Overall, we have, we have quite a few things already.
Yeah, so there you go.

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