From 7000 to 8000 visitors on Twaino in 5 days

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Hello, my name is Alexandre Marotel. I’m the founder of Twaino, a search engine optimization agency.

And so today, I want to make a little video to show you my latest figures on Google Analytics

for my agency Twaino.

You see, finally yesterday, I got my 8000 visitors per month to my site. So now I’m at 8097.

On Monday, April 6, a few days ago, even eight days ago, I was at 6987. In other words, less than 7000 visitors.

In eight days, I’ve had 1,000 visitors per month on my agency site. So overall there is a real trend, a real growth, interesting and positive on my agency’s website when you look at 180 days. And all this is really the result of an SEO campaign that I have been running since the beginning with my own site to get results with my own agency.

Let’s look at some of the details of that traffic.

For people who follow me a bit, there are not many surprises.

I took dates, from March 1st to April 6th, and when I say few surprises, it’s that my site has traffic that comes mainly from the organical search. So people who will type queries in Google, who will potentially fall on my service pages, on my homepage, who will fall especially on my blog posts and who will discover for example my illustrations, my videos,… in short.

All this will potentially make people who are on Google and who are searching, end up on my website Twaino. So this is really my most important part.

Knowing that it’s really the way to show my expertise in SEO. Because if I didn’t have enough organical search here as an SEO agency, it would probably be a concern. Maybe credibility issues. So there you see, I don’t advertise at all, there’s no advertising. There’s no email either, so I don’t do email links yet.

The other big part of my traffic comes from direct. In other words, people who will type directly into Google “”.

That’s the key component let’s say.

So the key component is really the organic search. Knowing that my SEO results are really linked to white hat, that is to say that I respect Google’s rules.

It’s not necessarily easy in a market that is ultra competitive like SEO, because not all agencies respect the rules. Therefore, they can try to get good positions in the search engine.

So it’s a bit difficult when you play by the rules. And you see finally, even if it’s difficult, I still manage to get interesting results on my site.

You see, this is my site. The way I do it is by SEO campaign. That’s what I propose to my clients and that’s what I apply myself for my site. With a simple methodology : first the “Audit” step, then “Optimization” then “creation/promotion”.

This is the way I usually work.

If you’re interested in results like mine, don’t hesitate to visit my blog.

It’s a free blog, on which I’ll have a hundred articles that will be proposed mainly on SEO. Well, there’s a little bit of marketing too, but overall, it’s essentially about SEO.

And so the idea for me is to try to popularize, democratize as much as possible this field to potentially help people who also want to acquire customers via organic traffic.

Another point.

On my site, you see here, there is a section called “Videos”. And so there, you’re going to come across some videos that I may have made on my YouTube channel. There are quite a few of them too. I’ll show you step by step how I built my site from the beginning. Because in fact, my goal with Twaino was to try to be as transparent as possible with my audience about the numbers I can get.

You’ll see for example at the very beginning when I started building my site and I had zero traffic. On my YouTube channel or from my blog here, you’ll be able to see a little bit too, the whole history of my agency and how I’ve been able to get those visitors over time.

If you’re interested in SEO but don’t have the time or the inclination to do it yourself, of course, don’t hesitate to call on my service.

And if you want to see, if you type “Twaino” in Google Maps, you’ll come across the different reviews I’ve gotten from my clients. That’s a positive thing, if it makes you feel better.

And that’s it!

So if you’re ever interested in an SEO service, don’t hesitate to contact me at 07 86 06 39 48. I can also be reached by email, so

The way I proceed is that when potential prospects contact me, I always propose a preliminary audit which aims for me to understand a minimum in any case, what are the challenges of the website of the potential client, to make recommendations and an estimate that will be as reliable as possible.

For that, in fact, it is quite simple. I have a potential list of elements that I will verify, check and according to that, in relation to this methodology that I present here, I will say OK, on the “Audit” part, I must work such number of days, on the “Optimization” part, such number of days, on the “Creation/promotion” part, such number of days too.

And of course, at the end, it allows me to have an amount and therefore, to make you an estimate that will be as reliable as possible, in any case as relevant as possible, in relation to your business, in relation to your service and in relation to your website.

So here it is, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m also reachable on linkedin.

See you soon!

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