From 6000 to 7000 visitors on my agency website

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Hello. My name is Alexandre Marotel. I am the founder of the Twaino agency, a natural referencing agency based in Paris.

So this is my site. Today, I want to make a little video to show you the results I got on my own website. In particular the fact that I reached my 7000 visitors.

Here you see, on Monday March 30th, 7199 visitors. Knowing that 180 days ago, I was at 1478. So there is a progression that is quite interesting over this period, so over 180 days.

With a nice increase at the beginning, then a kind of slowdown/decrease during the Christmas period.

So this is relatively classic/normal in the BtoB sector, and then it started to rise again. And for the last few weeks, there was a kind of small stagnation, a kind of plateau on my site, and for a week now, it has started to increase again.

Knowing that obviously in the context, we are in a period of confinement, a little anxiety with the covid 19. So it’s not necessarily the easiest period. But for all that, my site continues to progress little by little.

So, in terms of…the traffic channel. If we look at the details, for example from February 29, 2020 to March 30, 2020, you can see on my site, as usual I would say, we are on 86.8% of Organic Search.

So an amount that is quite important/very important, which is normal because I really tried to put a lot of effort precisely, to get a good successful score.

What this means in concrete terms is that people find my site from the search engine, so they type a request in the search engine, and they come across the Twaino site

And so they come directly from the search engine. So that’s it. That’s something that’s important to me

I’m an SEO agency therefore, I need SEO results, and so naturally, it’s something that’s very positive for me. And so, I tried to put a lot of effort into that.

Then live 11.6% of people who type in the URL directly. And then, social/referral, we’re really on something that’s on the order of anecdotal, so with very little traffic that comes from that way.

Especially since at the moment, I tend to communicate a little bit less than usual on linkedin.

Then, overall, I never had big scores related to social, and the goal for me is to really make sure to have good results in Organic Search.

Another point. You see, there’s no advertising here, there’s no element… There’s newsletters or email links. So effectively, I don’t do any advertising, no Google addwords, no Facebook advertising or that kind of thing.

Not that it’s useless or that it’s an absolute evil. It’s just that I’m an SEO agency, which specializes in natural search engine optimization, and therefore for me, it was important to get results precisely with SEO

That’s it. As for the problems linked to newsletters, it’s actually something I haven’t yet implemented on my site.

I’ll probably do it as part of the redesign, but for the moment it’s not the case.

Another point. The numbers that you see here, obviously these are the numbers that I got purely by following Google’s rules. So it may seem like an anecdotal point, but it’s not the case in fact, because I could have potentially obtained results much faster, by implementing black hat practices, therefore not respecting the rules.

The thing is that for me…this is exactly what I do with my own agency, but also with my clients

My goal is to have a sustainable growth, okay? And so absolutely avoid a penalty risk. And so, that means that I try to set up a methodology, at least the cleanest one possible, to allow my clients and my own agency to have a nice growth over time. So there you go!

Another point, if you ever want to learn a little more about SEO, especially if you don’t have a big budget, you can go directly to my blog. On my own blog, I had the opportunity to make my hundredth blog post a few days ago.

Indeed, if you go there, you’ll be able to see that I have a lot of content on it, with complete guides, especially that can be extremely detailed. My contents can be between 5000 and 25000 words

So these are things that are extremely detailed. For example you see, “Google’s ranking factors”, a complete guide on backlinks…

In short, there are many things, many elements, for people… If they really want to learn, by the way, I also made a complete guide to learn SEO, either for free, or for a fee, or with the books.

So there’s a lot of stuff. You’ll go and have a look. I’ve done a guide that’s pretty comprehensive on the subject.

But the objective really is, if you ever want to know more about SEO, and you don’t necessarily have the budget, well you can go to my blog and learn more about the subject.

Another point. If you ever realize that SEO allows you to have a nice growth and therefore a good, a very good return on investment, well you can call my agency directly if you do not necessarily have the time to do it yourself, and you have a little budget

So there you go, we could work together. The way I work is with an SEO campaign with different steps like that. It’s something that is extremely structured, extremely well-tried, and that allows you to have concrete results, with figures to back it up

So these are things that I set up with my clients, knowing that in terms of the typology of my clients, they can be companies that are starting up

So for example start-ups that don’t necessarily have a website yet, and that are going to create a website in the next few days/weeks, and therefore need from the start to start with good SEO practices, to get results as quickly as possible.

Other types of clients that I can have, of course, are clients who are much more established, with websites that can be much older, with companies that are much bigger as well. And so, they have a website that is not necessarily optimized correctly

Or I also have cases where finally, people want to do website redesigns, and so they call me directly, because indeed calling an SEO when doing a redesign is something that is ultra important, ultra essential, because it will allow you to optimize your site correctly, to get the expected results as soon as possible.

So that’s really the kind of service I offer with my agency. And it’s extremely well defined. I base all my… my analyses on figures. So I try to work in an extremely methodical way.

And by the way, you can go on… on Google Maps. In fact, we’ll go there right away. And you’ll be able to see typically the number of journals. I now have 17 reviews for my…for my agency, and you see, I have 17 positive reviews, so with five stars. So feel free to go and see directly, what people are saying about my services, and what they think about it. It’s an element that can be… If it can reassure the clients, I also have reviews on linkedin. So there you go. So there you go.

So, don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever want to. The next step now, of course I don’t intend to be satisfied with my 7000 visitors per month

The objective for the next step, it will be to make a deep redesign of my…of my website, because I don’t like it anymore. So I really want to try to rework both the design, the marketing, but also to orient my site much more towards conversion.

So there are a lot of things. It’s a real work in progress that I’m going to start in the next few days/weeks, because it takes time. But the objective is to reinforce what is already there, to increase even more, obviously, the performance of my site in the coming weeks, months

So there is going to be a lot of work in relation to this, that I will start.

So don’t hesitate to contact me. My phone number is here. It’s 07 86 06 39 48.

And otherwise, I’m more reachable with my email, so << >>. And here, there’s even a form.

So anyway, you can also contact me through linkedin. I’m getting a lot of contact right now through linkedin, so it doesn’t bother me at all.

Anyway. Use the platforms that seem to be the most convenient for you, and in any case we get in touch without any problem

And especially last point, you see even in contexts a little complicated as at the moment, with the covid 19, well with the SEO finally, I continue myself in any case, to have growth

So don’t wait for growth, or at least for the economy to be on the up and up, before you really invest in SEO. I don’t mean that to absolutely sell a service

You can use my agency or another agency whatever. But really, because when it goes away, because it’s bound to go away, the economy at some point, well there will be websites that have worked, that have gotten ahead during this period, quote unquote a little bit of latency, and so overall, they will have the ability to trump the top positions in Google.

So I would tend to advise you not to miss out on this perhaps delicate period. Indeed, I can understand that.

But to really capitalize on what you have already put in place on your site, to really try to build something that will be a machine to attract customers afterwards.

So there you go, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need. See you soon for the rest!

For the 8k I hope! In a few weeks, we’ll see how things will evolve.

See you soon!

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