From 10K to 11K visitors on my site Twaino

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Hello. I am the founder of Twaino Agency.

Today, I’m extremely happy to present you my numbers.

So there you see, I am live from Google Analytics for my agency’s website, so Twaino SEO Agency. You can see right now, there is one person who is present on my site.

And so what I’m going to present to you are my latest results.

180 days ago, I had 2700 people coming to my site per month. Well today, we are at 11084. So a nice progression that has been made over time, as we go along, with some low moments here during the Christmas vacations.

And here you see, a real plateau that I managed to surpass. So now, it has really accelerated in the last few weeks. We are really on something dynamic that is extremely positive in terms of the traction of my site on the web.

Another way of looking at it is that I’m going to show you how I acquired this traffic.

Here you see, I took a period of one month, from April 5th to May 5th.

And if you follow me a bit, overall there is not a huge change compared to that, namely that 86% of my traffic comes directly from Organical Search. So what that means in concrete terms is that people are going to type queries into Google, Google is going to offer results, it’s going to offer websites, and in those websites, well, Twaino appears. And when Twaino appears, people will click on it and go directly to my website from there.

So the Organical Search is really the transition from the search engine to a website. And that’s exactly where you can consider that the SEO campaign that I have set up is really effective, because it really allows me to have results.

What I mean by that is that if there was a lot of advertising, you could say, well, he’s getting a lot of traffic because he’s paying for advertising.

The thing is that when you stop paying for this advertising, no one comes anymore. With Organical Search, people type in, they have a need, they have questions and so in a natural way. That’s why we call it natural referencing. People go from the search engine to my Twaino website.

The other traffic vector will be direct traffic, i.e. people who will type in directly. A little bit of Social too here and Referral. But it’s extremely minor, so it’s less than 2% for each.

Well, linkedin is good for branding, I use it a lot for that. But in concrete terms, it’s not a real vector for me to attract traffic to my website.

Another way to see all this is from Google Search Console.


So you see, on Google Search Console, there is also a real upward trend.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

It means that my site is appearing more and more in the first pages, and also more and more in the first results, and as a result, I’m getting more and more clicks.

So that’s something that’s extremely positive. It’s another way to see the information from Google Analytics.

Another way also to see these results is from a tool that I really like called Ahrefs.

I clicked here on organic search and there you see, there is a real progression in terms of organic traffic with a site that didn’t exist a few months ago.

So there you have it, by working hard, trying to have a real “sniper” approach, really targeting the right themes, finally it allowed me to have this traction on my site.

You see, I have more and more pages of my websites that are present in the top 1 to 3. You see, it’s constantly increasing. Same thing, position 4 to 10. And of course, the biggest thing is my pages that are in results 11 to 100. So here we have a nice progression in relation to that. This is an extremely positive signal.

Another way to see it is at the level of domain authority. Domain authority for you to know, it allows to see the global reputation of a website on the Internet.

And so these scores that are from 0 to 100, you see here on my site Twaino, I am at 17. So, it’s a constant progression. When you start a site like I did a few months ago from 0, you start with a domain authority of 0.


It’s something that’s going to progress over time when you’re just doing an SEO campaign and trying to do things as cleanly as possible.

So, I also want to say, my domain authority, it’s never going to skyrocket, it’s never going to be extraordinary overnight, because I don’t actually buy links.

So the purchase of links and the increase of the authority of the site, there is a real causal link between the two because for Google, the backlinks allow to increase the authority, I’m going to get there.

And so here it is, as long as it’s not my approach, it’s not my methodology and above all, it doesn’t respect Google’s rules, I don’t buy links. So my site authority is growing over time, but it’s much slower than if I had the bad idea, at least in my opinion, to buy links.


So there you go.

Just to remind you, my agency is Twaino SEO agency.

If you are interested in these figures, if you like them, if you are wondering, if you think “well, why not?”, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to answer your needs.

So I have a service that works as follows.

It’s that I actually specialize in SEO.


In other words, I only do natural SEO. No advertising, no social media, no community management or other activities that are important on the web. Obviously I only do SEO, I think that’s something that’s important too, because sometimes it goes a little bit off in my opinion, in terms of the services that other agencies can offer.

I think that’s not necessarily a good thing. Anyway, I try to stay in my niche absolutely. All this to say that the approach and the way I work is really in SEO campaign.

So an SEO campaign is in 3 main steps.

On the one hand the “Audit” part. So in particular “technical audit + resolution of technical problems”, then “content audit” and then “Benchmark”.


Second step, “Optimization”. If you have a content or if you have a website, obviously the priority is going to be to improve what is already existing in fact, to try to get better positions with what already exists.

Third step, “Creation/Promotion” so content strategy.

As far as I respect Google’s rules, obviously, content is something that is very important. And in fact, the objective for me will be to target, to finally target themes, keywords, which will be accessible for your website according to the authority of the site.

Okay? It’s something that is really strategic, you really have to have a sniper approach to it.

So there you go, if you ever need social proof, don’t hesitate.

So, it’s a bit of a mess on my map, but you see here, I’m in the 17th arrondissement, so in the northwest of Paris.

And why do I say that? I say that because in fact, you can see my positive reviews. I have 17. and 5 stars. I also have positive reviews on linkedin.

So there you go.

If you’re ever interested in my service, feel free to look at what’s been done, the notes that have been taken on the work that I’ve provided, and maybe it will give you even more confidence in what I do.

So there you go, feel free to contact me. I am reachable. You can call me directly at 07 86 06 39 48.

I can also be reached by email, so

Also on linkedin.

So don’t hesitate to send me a private message and of course, we can see how we can move forward together.

Another thing.

In my “Site contact” section, I have a calendar that allows you to make an appointment with me so that we can talk about your site problems and make sure that the results I get for my own site become yours.

See you soon!

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